tunecore wednesday video diversion

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 2, 2015

Someone just informed us that we’re in December already. How did that happen? We’re still stretching our Turkey Day leftovers, so it’s entirely possible that we were napping. Regardless of how we got here, it’s still Wednesday, and there’s still a dope round-up of TuneCore Artist videos to be watched! Enjoy.

Mocassin Creek, “Low Life”

Chad Zumock, “Hardcore Hall & Oates”

Disciples of Babylon, “Karma”

Gorky, “Seminophagia”

Johnnie Guilbert, “Song Without a Name”

The Ellas, “Bakin’ Cookies”

Joe Weller, “Fire In the Car Park”

Nick Bean, “Wifi Wifey”

Patty Smyth, “Broken”

Chad Sugg, “James Dean”

  • Katelyn Benton

    Wrong link for The Ellas?

    • tunecore

      Oops! Good call, Katelyn. Fixed that 😉