tunecore wednesday video diversion

Wednesday Video Diversion: April 27, 2016

You’re by no means expected or required to believe that Wednesdays are awesome. We here at TuneCore know they can be a complete drag. That’s why we continue in our commitment to providing you with a round-up of awesome music videos to space out to and enjoy each week! So, onto that…

Fantastic Negrito, “Lost In A Crowd (feat. on Empire)
*Airs tonight, April 27th on FOX!

J. Lauryn, “Vibes & Highs”

Steve Taylor & the Danielson Foil, “Wow to the Deadness”

Matthew Mayfield, “Fire Escape”

50 Shades of Hay, “Old Fashioned Love”

Dear Boy, “Local Roses”

Jamesthemormon, “I’m Not a Rapper”

Crystal Caines, “Whiteline (feat. A$AP Ferg)”

Olivver the Kid, “World On Fire”

8ky & Sensato, “Guacamole”