tunecore wednesday video diversion

Wednesday Video Diversion: May 25, 2016

Happy May 25th! Did you know that the two musical icons Lauryn Hill and Paul Weller share this date as a birthday? Well, in their honor, we invite you to get completely lost in the mid-week afternoon haze that has no doubt taken over by now and enjoy these awesome music videos:

Ayo Jay, “Your Number (feat. Fetty Wap)”

Jessta James, “Introducing”

Ancient Cities, “Juice”

Adley Stump, “Don’t Wanna Love Him”

Fly My Pretties, “Turnaround”

Helly Luv, “Revolution”

Christian O, “Better Than You”

Cimorelli, “I’m A Mess”

Sincere Show, “Came Up On A Plug (feat. O.T. Genasis & Papi Chuloh)”

Keep Up, “Fear”