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Wednesday Video Diversion: June 15, 2016

Back in 1977 on this very day, the infamous Sex Pistols Jubilee Boat Party took place on the River Thames. The iconic punk band performed their hit ‘Anarchy In The U.K.’ outside the Houses of Parliament and some folks got arrested!


Wish you were on a boat right now fighting the power? Or maybe just working on your tan? We can’t help you there but we can help distract you with some awesome music videos:

Goldyard, “Beautiful Strings”

Philmore Greene, “feat. Thiana Chester”

Alisa Reyes, “Sexy Hot”

These White Kids, “F**k Some Sh*t Up (feat. Drunk Donald Drump)”

Unlocking the Truth, “Monster”

DANAE, “Direction”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Frederick Douglass vs. Thomas Jefferson”

Katrin Johansson, “One Last Kiss”


Beshken, “Faceless (feat. Gus Dapperton)”