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New Daily iTunes Trend Reports: What They Are + 5 Ways to Use Them

You can now view your iTunes sales activity even faster after you distribute through TuneCore.

Introducing: New DAILY iTunes Trend Reports.

What Are Trend Reports?

Trend reports show you unofficial sales data of your music on iTunes.  We’ve always offered iTunes trend reports, but now they’re even better.

Here’s why:

  • The trend reports are now updated DAILY (instead of weekly).  Use the calendar function to view sales as recent as 1-2 days prior and as far back as 3 months.
  • You can now view the trend data of your ringtones.
  • We’ve visualized the data.  See your sales in dynamic graph form.  It’s not just a boring CSV file anymore.
  • View your sales by metro area and really narrow in on the cities where your fans live.
  • Our easy-to-use, web-based tool lets you sort your iTunes sales to your heart’s content, right on the screen.

Now you can use these daily iTunes trend reports to get a good sense of how your music is selling, just 24-48 hours after your release went live iTunes. We’ve included tips below on how you can use this information to help your marketing efforts.

*Remember, this is TRENDING data, and not an actual sales report.  The money from iTunes sales comes into your account two months after the sale occurred (you can see this in your Downloadable Sales Reports under the Money & Reports tab in your account).

How to Access Your Daily iTunes Trend Reports

You can get to your Daily Trend Reports under the Money & Reports tab in your TuneCore account.

At the top of the page you’ll see Data Range, where you can select the sales period you want to view.  At this time you can select 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 months, or 3 months.

(Click images to view larger)


The Total Sales section provides a visual representation of all the trend data in your account. This bar graph lets you easily get a sense your sales activity.  You’ll notice that the graph will change dynamically to reflect the date range you enter, and you can you can toggle between Releases Sold, Songs Sold and Ringtones Sold.



The Reports section is where you can really get down to the nitty gritty and see how all your albums, songs and ringtones are selling.  There are four tabs to sort by: Top Releases, Top Songs, Top US Markets, and Top Countries.  If you’re looking for more information on a specific album or song, just click on the linked title (like Pump It Up below), and you’ll see that the bar graph changes to reflect the sales for that release or song.

 You can sort your reports by Top Releases:


Here’s what it looks like if you sort by Top US Markets:


…and by Top Countries:


Once you’ve filtered the data to find exactly what you’re looking for, just click the Download Report button and you’ll get a .csv file showing the trend data you specified by filtering the reports.  Download as many reports as you want to get the info you need.



For a more in-depth look at how to read your trend reports, check out our help section.

5 Ways to Use Your Trend Data to Help Your Career

So now that you have all this information at your fingertips, how can you use it to advance your career?

Here are a few ideas…

1. Let this new sales data help you with your upcoming tours.  If the numbers are showing you have a solid following in the New Haven-Milford, CT area, make sure your upcoming tour includes a show at one of the clubs nearby, or try for the college crowd at Yale.

2.  Once your shows are booked, look to see which songs are selling best in the cities you’re headed to, and plan a setlist your audience is sure to love.

3. After a show’s over, check your trend reports to see if people purchased your music digitally after you played a certain city, and use this info to measure touring as a sales driver.

4. If radio play is what you’re after,  use your impressive new release stats to approach local radio programmers and DJs with confidence.  Now you’ve got hard data that shows exactly where your fans are located and where your music is well-received.

5.  If you planned a major social media campaign for your brand new album, see how that paid off compared to sales following previous new release campaigns.  Learn what worked, and what didn’t.

There are so many other ways to use this new and enhanced trend data to help you manage the business aspects of your career.

Let us know in the comments how YOU use trend data…

So get started distributing your next release and use your iTunes Daily Trend Reports to continue growing your fan base!

#TCVideoFridays – April 12th 2013

We’re ending the week with a roundup of TuneCore Artist music videos.  Enjoy the music! (and the weekend)

Daniel Baron, “So Much More”

L.A. Girlfriend, “Code of Lovers”

Cobalt Cranes, “Some Are Blonde”

Kree Woods, “Just Go”

Clementine & The Galaxy, “Robot”

The Winyls, “Back Beat”

The Orbans, “Like a Liar”

Trevor Davis, “Larger Than Me”

Gospel Lee, “This Is (Who I Am)”

Hammer No More The Fingers, “Fall Down, Play Dead”

Do you have a video of a song you distributed through TuneCore? Tag us on Twitter (@TuneCore) and use the hashtag #TCVideoFridays with a link to your video.

New Music Tuesday: April 9, 2013

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

Grownass Man
The Shouting Matches
Over Land and Sea
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk
Talking Underwater
Kree Woods
Forget the Storm (Deluxe Version)
Tyler Hilton
The Sonics Boom
The Sonics
Rival Schools
Volume 8
The Supervillains
Lápidas Y Cocoteros
Violeta Vil
Clementine and the Galaxy
Clementine and the Galaxy
Love Lead the Way
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
Black Skin
Kevin Stokley

Download The Power of Independence: A TuneCore Artist Compilation

In the spirt of independent music, we put together two exclusive TuneCore Artist Compilations featuring artists that span all genres.

Both volumes of The Power of Independence are now available for free download on Amazon MP3 U.S.

Support TuneCore Artists (and independent artists everywhere!) and download and review the compilations on Amazon!


Download The Power of Independence Compilations Now

Below are the TuneCore Artists & tracks featured on the albums…

Volume 1:

CR Smith,  “This Way Home”

Bear Language,  “The Factory”

Jhonny Presley,  “Dancing (feat. Phoenix)”

JC Style,  “Come Home”

Frank Anthony,   “Live in My Bed (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”

CoR,  “So Cold (feat. Jayy Perry)”

Archie Bang,  “Rebirth (Of Ill)”

Komplete,  “Put It Down”

Radical Something,  “Step Right Up”

The Immortal Paperbag Boy,  “Azure Falling”

Fabrikante,  “Chanteoma”

Danilo Parra,  “Candela Viva”

Samurai Casino,  “Quien”

Diskotek, “Don`T Know Your Name”

Red Light Driver,  “The World Is Filled With Discos (Side A)”

OONA, “Kaleidoscope”

Celleste, “Superstar (By Myself)”

DJ Crazy Scott, “The Go Go Slide”

Javu n Jones,  “Yellow Beret (feat. Oghene Kologbo)”

Ediddysongs, “Miss Nigeria”

Billions and Billions, “Ghost View”

Sunny Sunshine, “Absence”

Gizmo, “Xenovex”

Ben Landis, “Breakthrough”

Jim and the Povolos, “Loved and Alive”

Conor Kearns, “Breaking Hearts By Breakfast”

Yesterday’s Remnants,  “Way She Walks (Da Dada)”

Emily Gold, “Running Back To You”

Nevada Color, “I Am An Animal”

Milwaukee Wildmen, “25 to life”

Black Hi-Lighter, “Chinese Gong”

Maximum Thrust, “Backyard”

Our Flaws Remain, “La Famiglia”

Chucky D, “Black Princess”

Yung Gukie, “Syrup in my system”

Irie J, “Frankenstein Seed”

Asha Sing,  “Mercy”

Kirby Maurier, “I’m Jus Sayin”

Campo, “Cumbio”

Patchworx, “A Casual Encounter”

Prozpekt, “How You Like Me Now”

Ready Demolition, “Climbing up Walls”

The High Fives, “Off Track”

SWF, “Black & Golden”

Phil Pendlebury, “The Mighty Fall”

The Playmore,  “Things”

Wolftacular,  “I Will Not Fall”

Brandon Kean,  “The Wrong Light”

Vrum,  “For Aino…”

Drop Forged, “L.H.C.”

Volume 2

Kids In The Street, “Everything About You”

RadioDriveBy, “Tied Up”

Hillside Hero, “Dreamkiller”

Jonny Rep, “Won’t You Agree”

Jargon of the Future, “Miracle”

Found At Sea, “Everyone Was Swimming”

Andersen Anderson, “I Don’t Know”

Sean Patrick, “Lead Me Home”

Josh Sawyer Band, “Country Life”

KC, “Kings & Castles”

Jessica Manning, “Goodbye”

Emily Shlesinger, “Me and You”

Trinetta, “Pack Your Bags (Club Mix)”

NSG, “Starlight (feat. Rayi & Dochi)”

Slate Stone, “Keep It 1thou (feat. Brisk & Gmo)”

Montez Cardwell,  “My Life”

B.C,  “Angel”

Dubzy, JakMan & Directs,  “Snazz 4 Life”

Emperor, “Paradise Is Right Here”

High-Atis, “Blow Yo Mind”

CRUZ, “I’m Lit”

Alcatraz, “Brostep (feat. Kawan Moore)”

Dj1, “Ohh Leila!”

Jose Mascaro, “The Thought of You”

Mindcleaner, “Hurricane (feat. Mel T)”

Tara Bianco, “Dance U Outta My Head”

Lars Bo, “Coming Home”

Anny Sky, “Max”

BourneZee,  “Last Man Standing (feat. Fester)”

The Y Axes, “Loop Machine”

The Soon-Another, “Autodidact”

June and the Well, “Your Magical Mirror”

The Future Exes, “She Got the Best of Me”

The Ending To This Story, “Oh Winter”

Warhouse, “Where Do We Go From Here”

Matt Moody, “Slash Across America”

Zen Rock Garden, “Soul Trigger”

Philos Moore, “Bound To Dream”

The Torpedoes, “Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry”

Spike Blake, “Sorrow Knows How to Swim”

Until April, “Lucy”

Ryan Crosby, “Do It To Yourself”

Greg Janssen, “Time Falls Apart”

Stuart Todd Whitworth, “One More Chance”

Underwater Tiger, “Scissorhands”

Wünderkind,  “Safe Without Me”

Ricky Ruiz & Jesse Chirino, “Perdidos”

Maria Ho, “Where or When”

pete smooth, “Soulful”

Michael Rywalt, “If I Could Fall”

#TCVideoFridays – March 22nd 2013

We made it to #TCVideoFridays!  Start the weekend off right with these videos from TuneCore Artists…

Naia Kete, “Crazy Glue”

Pamela Rodriguez, “Ligera Love”

Residual Kid, “Friend”

Biting Elbows, “Bad M**********r”

Parkington Sisters, “Deerheart”

N8N, “Bring It On”

Adi Roar, “All In”

Jung People, “Coloureaters”

Barei, “Another’s Life”

Kongos, “Come With Me Now”

Do you have a video of a song you distributed through TuneCore? Tag us on Twitter (@TuneCore) and use the hashtag #TCVideoFridays with a link to your video.

TuneCore Artists Live at SXSW – March 14th

Check out some great advice and comments from TuneCore Artists performing at SXSW today.  For more tips plus more info about where and when these artists are playing, click here.

Thursday, March 14th

bestfriendsBestfriends – “We enjoy the freedoms of being an independent artist, and you guys help us get our music out.”
coby_brownCoby Brown – “I’m going to play some music, see some friends, hear some great bands and have fun.”
erin_mckeownErin McKeown – “TuneCore is transparent, affordable, and incredibly easy-to-use. While I wait months to be paid by other distributors and labels, my TuneCore balance and accounting show up on time, every time. Selling my music through TuneCore is my most consistent and reliable source of income.”
jamal_roncarloJamal Roncarlo – “My first time at SXSW is for networking, and meeting people and DJ’s I’ve been doing business with over emails for the first time. Also to expose my talent as an independent artist and showcase what I have to offer my followers.”
the_fallsThe Falls – “This will be our first time at SXSW! SXSW presents a huge career development opportunity for The Falls to showcase their music in a new territory to industry representatives (including management, labels and booking agents) from the U.S. and the rest of the world. Attendance at the conference also presents us with an opportunity to learn more about the music industry, how people are tackling issues in this ever-changing industry and also learn more about touring in the USA and other territories.”
the_sightsThe Sights – “We’ve made a limited edition music sampler that we’ll be pressing the flesh with.”
the_stickiesThe Stickies – “Our band is going to different colleges and high schools in the Austin area, and playing acoustically for students with flyers they can take for our SXSW performance.  We’re also making several movie trailers to release to our fans, and potential fans, about the excitement of our SXSW show!  We are also the only band in Austin to make our own t-shirts, with spray paint, to wear for every show!”
yung_nationYung Nation – “For first time SXSWers, be sure to capitalize on the opportunity of each show played, network with anyone and everyone around you because you never know who you could be standing next to or walking past.”
We put together a Spotify playlist featuring all of the TuneCore Artists performing in Austin this week.  Take a listen!