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Wednesday Video Diversion: September 23, 2015

It’s the first day of Fall, y’all! The leaves are changing, school is underway, and the ability to be bored stiff on a Wednesday afternoon remains completely unchanged. Enjoy this week’s round-up of videos from talented TuneCore Artists and drift away on a digital cloud of audio visual pleasure.

Jay Rock, “Vice City (feat. Black Hippy)”

FLAME, “1st Freedom”

Section Boyz, “Lock Arff”

Omen, “LoveDrug (feat. CJ Hamilton)”

Angel Gold, “All Our Love”

DIZ and the Fam, “Love (feat. Jeff Taylor)”

Marc Mysterio & Crash Test Dummies, “Promised Land”

Kaj Kadence, “Difference”

ArtPeace, “Hi :)”

Lauren Winans, “Sexy Goodbye (feat. Ice Cold Jay)”

Latest News From TuneCore Publishing Administration

Summer’s out, school’s in, and the champs in our Burbank office continue to grind! Check out this month’s songwriter highlights, sync placements and more from TuneCore Music Publishing Administration after the jump.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.21.45 PMCarlos Sosa is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, and producer that founded the Austin-based funk band, Grooveline Horns. Sosa has worked with a number of Grammy winning, multi-Platinum selling artists including Kelley Clarkson, Jason Mraz and Maroon 5. He is a co-writer on multiple tracks on the highly anticipated, forthcoming Outasight album, including the lead single “The Wild Life” which can be heard in current Bud Light Lime commercials.

In addition to his extensive studio and touring schedule, Sosa has composed music for the hit MTV shows Pimp My Ride and Run’s House, and is composing original compositions for the upcoming comedy series, Con Man, starring Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Currently, Sosa is on a national tour with multi-platinum, country artist Zac Brown Band.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 12.21.30 PM17 year-old, Australian singer/songwriter, Sydnee Carter gained
mainstream media attention after
her impressive rendition of Daughter’s “Youth” aired on the 2014 season of X Factor Australia. She competed on the show for five weeks, and recently released her first album, Sydnee Carter, through TuneCore.

Carter’s single, “Under My Skin”, has charted on the Australian iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and has been in rotation on various Australian and New Zealand radio stations. Recently, her song, “Life Raft”, was nominated for a West Australian Music Award for “Song of the Year”.


In efforts to help the careers of TuneCore Publishing Administration writers, our creative team continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all visual media. Recent pitches include music for several TV shows including The Catch and HomelandDirty Grandpa starring Zac Efron and Robert De Niro, and promos for the NFL and ShoeDazzle.

Ray Donovan copy
Ray Donovan
Writer: Siranush Kocharyan
Artist: Sirusho

Hotel Transylvania 2 copy

Hotel Transylvania 2 (Promo)
“Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)”
Writer: Timothy Mingo
Artist: Silentó

So You Think You Can Dance copy
So You Think You Can Dance
“The Wild Life”
Writer: Carlos Sosa
Artist: Outasight


TuneCore stays current on industry news to make sure we’re the first to know how new legislation and deals will affect our writers. Here are links to recent articles you need to know about:

BMI Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenue For Year

The Evolution of Music Copyright Law and How It Affects Creators

Latest News From TuneCore Publishing

It’s been a muggy August here in Brooklyn, but naturally our Music Publishing Administration team in Burbank continue to comfortably work their tails off! Take a look at some of our latest news from our west coast team. If you’re curious about our Music Publishing Administration services, check us out!


Screen_Shot_2015-08-11_at_6.52.22_PMThe incredibly successful reggae band, Stick Figure, was formed by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Scott Woodruff. Since 2006, Stick Figure, has released five full-length albums including the TuneCore Music Publishing administered album, Burial GroundBurial Ground reached number #1 on both the iTunes and Billboard Reggae charts, and has gained millions of plays on Spotify since its debut.

After Woodruff formed a live band in 2012, Stick Figure has shared the stage with such reggae artists as Rebelution and Tribal Seeds. Currently, Stick Figure is joining Slightly Stoopid and The Dirty Heads on a U.S national tour and is slated to play the inaugural KAABOO Festival in San Diego this fall.


Cameroon-born, pop singer-songwriter and former member of Prince’s New Power Generation band, Andy Allo, released her newest EP and PledgeMusic funded project, Hello, in April of this year. Hello reached 143% of the goal amount through PledgeMusic, and Allo chose to donate 10% of the excess proceeds to the charity, Invisible Children. Her newest EP, which TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer, is the follow-up to her 2012 release, Superconductor, which was executive-produced by Prince.

In addition to being an accomplished musician, Allo also is both an actress and model and has been in various commercials and ad campaigns. Allo also recently surprised fans with an intimate, impromptu performance in a convenience store on an episode of TuneCore’s and Swisher Sweets’ Convenience Store Sessions.


In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative team continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all visual media. Recent pitches include music for November Criminals starring Ansel Elgort and Chloë Grace Moretz, several TV shows including Red Oaks and Dating Naked, and a trailer for the film, I Smile Back, starring Sarah Silverman.


Basketball_Wives_LABasketball Wives LA – Season 4
“The Wild Life”
Writer: Carlos Sosa
Artist: Outasight
“Hip Hop Jazz Drum Solo”
Writers: Robert Silverman,   Michael Silverman
Artist: Anthem Drums
Tembo_the_Badass_ElephantTembo the Badass Elephant
(video game trailer)

“Dopaminex – Dance of the Sugar plum Fairy (Hip Hop Remix)”
Writer: Med Shaw
Artist: Dopaminex


TuneCore stays current on industry news to make sure we’re the first to know how new legislation and deals will affect our writers. Here are links to recent articles you need to know about:

The Dept. of Justice Said to Be Considering a Baffling New Rule Change for Song Licensing

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Listen: TuneCore Chief Creative Officer Joe Cuello on Bompopradio

About ten months ago, a music industry vet by the name of Joe Cuello joined the TuneCore family as our first-ever Chief Creative Officer. His addition to the team marked a giant step forward for our brand as we seek to create more opportunities for our community of independent artists. Joe’s expertise and experience has already been more than felt since he’s assumed his role, namely as he spearheaded the development of the wildly successful TuneCore Live event series, our exciting Convenience Store Sessions, and our upcoming inaugural Indie Artist Forum.

Back in April, Joe hopped into Dash Radio’s studio for an awesome, business and music focused interview with Dylan Berry, host of the Bompopradio Show. You want real-world industry advice and discussion? Doesn’t get much realer than this! So get listening, TuneCore Artists, and don’t hesitate to take a few notes. It’s available as a podcast and can be streamed below:

Got thoughts on this interview? Discuss in our comment section below, we love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Interview: Jesse Cafiero of Split Screens Chats Publishing & Sync Licensing

Jesse Cafiero is the mastermind behind Bay Area’s Split Screens. Releasing a debut EP in 2012, Split Screens has gone on to release several singles and a full length, Before the Storm, last summer. The pop gems Cafiero create have been described as “sonic landscapes that take in the old and the new, the rough and the smooth.”

A visual collage artist, he’s no stranger to blending, layering and bringing together sounds in order to create something truly unique. As an indie artist, Cafiero took steps early in the development of Split Screens to make sure his royalties were being accounted for and collected. As a TuneCore Publishing Administration artist, he was thrilled to learn that we had landed his single “Close Your Eyes” in a 2015 episode of the long-running Fox series Bones! TuneCore is thankful that Jesse chose us for Publishing Administration, and we’re super proud of his recent accomplishment. We chatted with Jesse about his influences, his art, and the understandable initial naivety that surrounds a complex area like music publishing.

Tell us about you got started making music. 

Jesse Cafiero: I’ve been making music practically since I can remember, I started taking piano lessons when I was about 5 or 6 and did that until I started playing bass when I was about 14. A big influence musically in my childhood was my older brother who played a little piano as well. I remember hearing him playing a melody he had come up with and being fascinated hearing something actually being created. I was around 10 at the time and soon after started writing melodies of my own, though it would be a while until I started writing concrete songs.

You’ve played different instruments in numerous bands. What sparked the creation of Split Screens?

Split Screens came about soon after I moved to San Francisco from Boston in 2009. I had been playing as an upright and electric bassist for years and knew I had a separate side to my personality that wanted to get out in the form of singing and being in more of a lead role. It was a slow process for me making that change, I began Split Screens as a solo studio project and then after recording began to get a band together to bring those songs and arrangements to life.

Who do you cite as some of your earliest influences? Conversely, where are you finding inspiration in 2015? 

I’ve always been a big fan of psychedelic, classic rock. Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix were and still are huge influences for me; jazz players like John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner and Bill Evans shaped my academic years studying music. I gotta say I’m not as hip to new bands as I should be – in 2015 though, Radiohead still continues to impress me, their records are of the highest caliber of talent combined by incredibly hard work.

At what point did you start looking into music publishing administration options? What was your knowledge of this area beforehand?

I started looking into music publishing soon after my debut EP came out. I was busy writing new music that would be on my next LP and knew with all the songs combined that I had enough variety in the music to get more serious about having my music represented. My knowledge though of music publishing around that time was about the same as a good amount of indie artists starting out…not so much!

What interested you in TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration services?

I really liked the administration part of it, there’s an ease of mind to uploading songs and having TuneCore take care of the details and coordinating with my performing rights organization (ASCAP). Plus, I certainly was interested in the fact that they pitched your music for sync licensing, though at the time I certainly wasn’t expecting to get a network TV feature!

Tell us how it felt when you found out “Close Your Eyes” would be used in the TV show Bones. 

It was clearly the most exciting thing that had happened to me in quite some time and definitely the biggest thing that had happened to the band thus far. 

When Pete Rogers [TuneCore’s Director of Creative] first hit me up and said that there was a license request for “Close Your Eyes”, I was completely shocked. Just taking a second to think about how a song I wrote alone in my first apartment in San Francisco was going to be on a network TV show was about as surreal a feeling as I’ve ever felt. But as much as that first email was exciting, the sync wasn’t confirmed at the time, it was just ‘looking good’. So then I had to play the waiting game for a few weeks, managing my own expectations in case they chose a different song. When I got the final ‘yes’ closer to the episode’s air time the feeling was just complete relief!

How has the placement affected your career thus far?

It’s been pretty recent that the episode aired so I think that a lot of the benefits from the placement have yet to be seen. It has been really cool getting new fans from around the world and I’ve appreciated that they took the time to find us since it does take some effort from either using Shazam or looking up the episode. As far the means to creating new music it’s been an incredible opportunity. Having the chance to recoup my recording costs for the LP “Close Your Eyes” was on along with putting performance royalty money into the next EP is a big deal. During these times in the music industry it’s pretty brutal out there, and I feel incredibly lucky that this placement happened in the first place!

What advice or insight would you share with independent artists similar to yourself when it comes to the importance of music publishing?

For me I’m kind of the cliche artist that could certainly take some more time learning about the business side of music. The truth is though, if you’re making a record you’ll be proud of, you’re going to put your time and spirit into that and you should make it as easy as possible to collect some money from your effort. Having a team pitching your music is incredibly important, too! There’s so many factors involved with landing a placement, the song fitting the write mood, the mix, the scene, etc. There’s a lot of luck involved but having a publisher with connections certainly helps your chances!

How important to you is the ability to collect international/songwriter royalties?

It’s incredibly important, I feel like especially during this time in the music industry indie artists need to make sure they have every avenue open to make income off their music.

What is in store for you musically in the next year?

My main priority is to finish up writing some new songs I’ve been working on and then getting into the studio to work on the next record! We’ll continue playing shows in the Bay Area and doing short west coast tours, those are really fun! 

I’ve also been working on expanding my collage art and engraining it with another stop-motion music video. The one I made for our single “Stand Alone” (featured belowgot a great response and it’s always fun to meld visual art and music whenever possible!

Wednesday Video Diversion: August 5, 2015

Happy Wednesday! Is your afternoon absolutely dragging? Fear not – tomorrow is Thursday AND we’ve got a round-up of dope TuneCore Artist music videos to keep you entertained while the clock ticks.

Joe Weller, “Wanna Do (ft. Emil)”

Darlings, “Mein the Sky”

Denny Strickland, “How Far You Wanna Go”

Dan Griffin, “Bordertown”

Madyx, “Some Kisses”

Reed Deming, “Want Me More”

Courtney Act, “Ugly”

1WayFrank, “Make It Happen (ft. Kodak Black)”

Yulema Ramirez, “Lowkey Flex”

Bassjackers & MAKJ, “Derp”