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The Latest From TuneCore Publishing

Every month we give you the inside scoop from our sunny Burbank, CA office where the TuneCore Publishing Administration team is hard at work securing placements and making sure our TuneCore Artists are getting ALL the royalties entitled to them. Check out what’s happening in the world of publishing and see why it pays (literally) to be a TuneCore Publishing Administration Artist!


Lenny Macaluso is a classic songwriter with featured works in Boogie Nights, Kickboxer, and cult classic Star Wars satire, Spaceballs. The Philly-bred maestro began his career as guitarist/music director for Tina Turner and continues to have songs placed by the TuneCore Creative team in projects such as MTV’s Lenny Macaluso
 Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory. More recently, in the months following the Boston Marathon tragedy, Macaluso teamed up with longtime collaborator Stan Bush on an inspirational rallying cry for the resilient American way of life titled “Unstoppable”.

TuneCore Music Publishing is thrilled to be involved in the budding career of Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins who together form Cathedrals. The duo pens epic dream pop anthems and have seenJohnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins consecutive singles skyrocket to the top of Hype Machine’s no remix list. After releasing their debut self-titled EP, securing multiple sync licenses and signing with the power house Neon Gold Records in 2014, Hwin and Jenkins are well on their way to indie-pop superstardom.

Sam Outlaw, self-described neo-traditionalist country writer,  creates original music that seeks to capture the spirit of the classic country music he learned from his favorite singers: George Jones, Sam OutlawWillie Nelson, Gene Watson, Don Williams, Keith Whitley, Dwight Yoakam, etc. After Outlaw earned a slot at The Stagecoach Festival in the Coachella Valley, he spent the summer writing for his upcoming full-length album, Angeleno, produced by music legend Ry Cooder (Buena Vista Social Club, Neil Young, Taj Mahal). Outlaw will also perform at the TuneCore Live: LA event on March 31.


In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative team continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all visual media. Recent pitches include music for the upcoming TV pilot Lucifermultiple Lifetime TV movies, promos for The Brink on HBO and several broadcasts for Fox Sports.


saulBetter Call Saul
Writer: Jasper Wijnands
Artist: Shook
“Close Your Eyes” 
Writer: Jesse Cafiero
Artist: Split Screens
“Fascination For You”
Writer: Darron Grose
Artist: John Turk


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edit_logoArtists Taking Center Stage: TuneCore Announces 2015 Initiative To Further Support Artist Visibility 

Learn more about becoming a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration Artist and how we can help you collect 13 different royalties worldwide!

The Latest From TuneCore Publishing

When they’re not making those of us in the northeast jealous with their “75 & Sunny” lifestyle in Burbank, TuneCore’s Publishing Administration office is busy landing placements, collecting royalties, licensing songs, supporting songwriters, and pitching to music supervisors. In short, they’re helping TuneCore Artists advance their careers & making sure they get paid! Take a look at the latest from this month:


TuneCore Music Publishing client Cedric Muhammad is a composer, world economist and the former manager of the legendary Wu Tang Clan. With a specific focus on music and economic politics on the African continent, Muhammad is a contributor to Forbes Magazine Cedric_Muhammadand has been published in the Wall Street Journal. As a composer, Muhammad’s latest single “My African Violet (East African Remix) is a top radio track in Kenya and features reggae singer Christos along with the Kenyan rapper Khaligraph.

Erin "Syd" SydneyErin “Syd” Sydney is an American singer, songwriter and record producer originally from Vermont. Sydney has been professionally active since the late 1990’s as a performer with Syd, Hotels & Highways and The Pullmen. Most recently as a record producer, Sydney has collaborated with the multi-Aria Award winner Mia Dyson.

Christopher GreenwoodTuneCore Music Publishing writer Christopher Greenwood, who goes by the stage name Manafest, is a rapper and rock musician from Ontario, Canada. First noticed in 1998 by fellow TuneCore client Trevor McNevan of the rock band Thousand Foot Krutch, Greenwood has gone on to earn four Dove Awards nominations and two Juno Awardsnominations for his work.


In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for the upcoming ABC Family show StitchersExtant season 2 on CBS, broadcast commercials for an online fashion subscription service and a high-profile video game trailer.


VH2 Big Morning Buzz Live Sync PlacementVH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live
“Call My Name”
Writer: Dana Johnson
Artist: Avery Sunshine
NCIS New Orleans Sync PlacementNCIS: New Orleans
Writer: Deandre Way
Artist: Soulja Boy
XBob Forza Horizon 2 Sync PlacementXbox Forza Horizon 2
“Bullet Train”
Writer: Stephen Swartz
Artist: Stephen Swartz (featuring Joni Fatora)


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The Latest From TuneCore Publishing

One month of 2015 is almost in the books! We’re pleased to bring you the latest news from our Publishing Administration office in Burbank, CA.  Take a look at who has joined our songwriter community and which compositions have recently been licensed in film, commercials and TV shows.

Songwriter Highlights

First discovered by Sean Combs in season three of MTV’s Making the Band, TuneCore Distribution and Publishing Administration client Dawn Richard is a former member of the girl group Danity Dawn RichardKane and “Diddy” fronted super group Diddy – Dirty Money. Richard brings her multiple platinum hits and chart topping success to her sophomore solo release Blackheart, the second installment in a planned trilogy. The New Orleans native states of her project, “I wanted each album to stand on its own, and have a cohesive story. The story in itself is about my journey throughout the music industry, and the love, the hate, the redemption and the whole thing in between.” Dawn Richard

TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer select compositions from the highly regarded songwriter Gregory Page. Page is an English born Irish/Armenian musician who creates oddly compelling songs that are full of cinematic mGregory Pageelodies. Perhaps best-written by the composer himself, “The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition & progress, history & fantasy. I am the songbird & the worm.” Fellow troubadour and Page’s producer on his latest release One Way Journey Home, Jason Mraz calmly states, “He’s the real deal, a rare gift.”

Adam Barnes is an Oxford, UK born songwriter and performer, currently residing in the countryside that surrounds the city. He is a folk artist; a haunting songwriter and an honest performer. After touring as direct support for William Fitzsimmons and Slow Club, Adam BarnesBarnes took a brief respite from theroad to hit the studio. TuneCore Distribution and Music Publishing Administration is proud to partner with Barnes on his most recent EP, The Land, The Sea & Everything Lost Beneath.


In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for MTV’s Finding Carter Season 2, HBO’s Silicon Valley, Universal Pictures’ Sisters and a seasonal broadcast campaign for a global coffee chain.


Fantasy Factory Sync Placement
Fantasy Factory-Sync Placement
Fantasy Factory
Writers: Matthew Duda and Patrick Duda
Artist: Packy

Zales Jewelry Sync Placement
Zales-Sync Placement
Zales Jewelry 
“When The Moment Comes”
Writer: Erin Sidney
Artist: Mia Dyson

Vampire Diaries-Sync Placement
Vampire Diaries-Sync Placement
Vampire Diaries 
Writers: Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins
Artist: Cathedrals


We stay current on industry news to make sure we’re the first to know how new legislation and deals will affect our writers. Here are links to recent articles you need to know about:

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10 Reasons to Choose TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

TuneCore Artists Earn over $134 Million in 2014 from 7.5 Billion in Downloads and Streams

TuneCore Growth Fueled by Creative Expansion, New Artist Services and Innovation

New York, NY – January 27, 2015 – 2014 was a landmark year for TuneCore. Building upon its outstanding growth, the company today announced over $134 million dollars in 2014 artist earnings, up 11% from 2013 and totaling $504 million since 2006. Additionally, artist downloads and streams were up 120% year over year, with more than 7.5 billion in 2014, and more than 12.4 billion since 2006.

 Key Growth & Expansion

With more than 150 store partners available across the world, TuneCore added new ways for artists to share their music in key emerging markets including with Claromusica in South America & Latin America, KKBox in Asia and Spinlet in Africa. TuneCore provides artists with partners covering over 200 countries and territories.

TuneCore’s Music Publishing Administration also continues to grow and now actively manages over 275,000 compositions, collecting songwriters’ royalties in over 60 countries, and negotiating Film and TV music licensing agreements.

In 2014, TuneCore broadened opportunities for and connections with the artist community. Music industry veteran Joe Cuello joined the TuneCore executive team to spearhead the music publishing administration business as well as new brand partnerships and special events that will provide growth opportunities for musicians and songwriters. TuneCore also opened a Nashville office in support of that vibrant songwriter and performer community. The Nashville efforts are being led by music industry veteran Shelby Kennedy, Vice President of Entertainment Relations. 

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 5.47.16 PM

Artist Highlights

The heart of TuneCore is the independent artist, and 2014 marked another remarkable year for the TuneCore Artist community. The artists continue to be heard across the world in all creative mediums – from the big screen, with music featured on the Academy Award Nominated Birdman soundtrack, to the small screen, as the original score of one of the most talked-about podcasts, Serial.  Additionally, twenty-three TuneCore Artists were selected for teams on the hit show, The Voice with 2 winners in seasons 6 & 7.

In 2014 TuneCore Artists graced the stages of local venues and nationally acclaimed festivals with a high percentage of the performers having distributed their music with TuneCore:

  • 30% of artists performing at SXSW
  • 40% of artists performing at CMJ
  • And 50% of artists performing at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival

Expanding Artist Services

Recognizing that independent artists are looking for new ways to hone their craft, create music and share it with more people around the world, in 2014 TuneCore launched Artist Services, a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their work and connect with fans while remaining independent. TuneCore has built-out this suite of tools to include new products such as YouTube Sound Recording Collection Service, enabling artists to collect additional YouTube revenues, TuneCore Track Smarts, providing artists with fan reviews and actionable song element analysis, and TuneCore MerchLink, giving artists access to attractive, affordable fan merchandise.

In 2014, TuneCore also undertook a significant initiative to better understand musicians’ thoughts and expectations for the future of the music industry. An online survey of TuneCore Artists revealed that independent artists are optimistic about their future and encouraged by innovations in the industry, including the growth of distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube and the availability of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to facilitate deeper connections with fans around the world. The TuneCore Survey also confirmed that artists strongly believe that streaming makes it easier for new fans to find their music and anticipate streaming will be a driver of the business’ future.


Echoing the sentiments expressed in the 2014 TuneCore Artist Survey, TuneCore continues to look for innovative partnerships and new services to add value for musicians. Realizing the importance of connecting artists with fans, TuneCore acquired DropKloud. The DropKloud app, launching in Spring 2015, offers digital enhancement to street team promotion, allowing artists to drop digital content – exclusive access to a song, an invite to a pop-up showcase or behind the scenes photos – into ‘Klouds’ available to fans in specific physical locations. DropKloud co-founders joined TuneCore’s team and will head a new TuneCore Innovation Lab in Boston, which will support TuneCore’s commitment to product development and expanded services for artists.

Looking to 2015

In 2015, TuneCore has exciting plans to build on the successes of this past year, leveraging the new Innovation Lab to provide artists with added services to help amplify their craft, and expanding artist revenue opportunities through strategic partnerships and special artist-centric events. The year has kicked off with a strong start with the announcement of TuneCore’s newest Artist Service, the LANDR Instant Mastering tool which provides all artists with quick, affordable access to mastering. TuneCore will continue to strengthen its core offerings, always with an eye towards new store partners to increase artists’ opportunities to have their music heard by audiences across the globe.

An infographic with year-to-date milestones can be found here.

Interview: Manafest Talks Sync Placements & Collecting International Revenue

Canadian-born MC Manafest has enjoyed success in marrying Christian hip hop with varying sub genres of rock music, never failing to provide an energetic, uplifting and enjoyable experience for his listeners. He’s got 7 studio albums under his belt since 2003, his most recent being The Moment, released in August of 2014 & distributed by TuneCore.

Manafest is the perfect example of an artist who has released music during times when the industry suffered, recovered, and continually changed. Regardless of the rate at which the music business changed and the lessons that needed to be learned, Manafest still benefitted from touring and licensing opportunities that allow an artist to pursue their dreams and make a real living. When it comes to keeping track of all the revenue that’s owed to you from different avenues and countries, he made the ultimate decision to sign with TuneCore as his Publishing Administrator.

To give you a better idea of why publishing administration goes beyond just signing up with Performance Rights Organizations, we chatted with Manafest to learn more about his sync placement experiences, collecting publishing royalties worldwide, and advice for artists in an ever-changing industry.

1. What made you curious about TuneCore’s Publishing Administration services initially?

Manafest: I had chatted about it with my manager a bunch of times and was unsure, even though I knew there was money being left on the table. Same thing many years ago when I was scared to sign up my music to sell it digitally for sale.

Then I heard a podcast talking about all the money in other countries that SOCAN/ASCAP can’t collect on my behalf unless I’ve registered those songs in each country. The first check I got, I was very pleased.

2. How were you collecting and managing your songwriter royalties before becoming a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration client?

SOCAN was paying me. And I signed up with SoundExchange so getting checks from them. I did have an admin deal with Sony Music Japan so they took care of me there.

3. Were there any surprising sources of revenue that you discovered upon entering into a publishing deal with TuneCore?

Yeah – some United Kingdom stuff. All the royalties from sales outside of North America. It’s always amazing to see money generated outside of your home country.

4. How has the sync placement of your song “Bounce” in the film F(l)ag Football affected your progress or momentum as a musician?

It builds your sync catalogue so that when your talking with music supervisors you can say you’ve had some placements. I’ve had lots of placements over the years with CSI Miami, NFL, ESPN and other TV shows. So it all helps. I’d love for it to be more consistent. I think the key is to make more “good” music more often, so you can give TuneCore and your other teammates new stuff to pitch.

5. Beyond this sync placement, what has been your most lucrative publishing revenue stream?

The back catalogue of my hit songs “Impossible” “Avalanche” and “Everytime You Run”. I’m so happy I didn’t sign my publishing away as well as my masters. I just did a licensing deal with a label so eventually I get all my [masters] back.

Press L.A Shot

6. You’ve been making music for well over a decade now. Do you see any recent trends or new opportunities for hip hop artists when it comes to licensing? How, if at all, has it changed?

A lot of TV shows and independent films can’t afford an Eminem, a Jay Z or a Macklemore track, so they want something similar sounding — or even just the beat. This is where, if you have a big catalogue, you can pitch one of your songs and get a $2,000-$10,000 placement.

7. What’s an educational tidbit you’d share with independent artists who may be confused by music publishing?

Don’t sign your publishing away to a label. Negotiate.

Keep writing and hire a producer to make your songs great. Good isn’t enough.

Never give up and don’t be afraid to reach out to people. You’d be surprised how many people actually respond.

The Latest News From TuneCore Publishing

More news from our sunny Burbank Music Publishing Administration office! Take a look at who has joined our songwriter community and which compositions have recently been licensed in film, commercials and TV shows.

Songwriter Highlights

Roy “The Professor” Bittan is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted keys player in Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E Street Band. A master of piano, organ, accordion and synthesizers, in addition to working with his longtime band, he has served as an Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiesessential session player for Tracy Chapman, Jon Bon Jovi, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Nicks, and Nelly Furtado, to name a few. TuneCore Music Publishing is honored to represent both the Synchronization and Masters from Mr. Bittan’s new solo album, Out of the Box, released in November 2014. Probably best described by The Boss himself, “Roy’s sound, beginning on “Born to Run,” is still the sound that many people relate to – along with Clarence’s sax — as the signature sound of the E Street Band. An amazing musician.”

TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer the current works of Bruce Falson. Known as Blood Raw, Falson is a Dirty South rapper, formerly signed to Def Jam Records Atlanta-based imprint CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment). Under the direction of Young Jeezy, the MC enjoyed early successes in his career, including Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiespeaking at No. 5 on Billboard’s Rap & Hip-Hop charts. His prolific catalog from 2010’s The Real American Gangsta to this year’s Shoe Box Money, remain true to the hard edges of street lyricism and phrasing. These compositions are licensable exclusively through TuneCore.

Danny Michel made the pilgrimage from his home in Ontario, Canada to Belize, Central America in order capture his very unique Afro-Latin style of songwriting. Working with The Garifuna Collective, native to Belize, they created catchy up tempo tunes with Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiespop-island flavors. Compositions like This Feeling,” which features a happy mix of accordion, light horns, and organic percussion, have earned Michel three Juno Award nominations. Previously signed to MapleMusic Recordings/Universal Music Canada, in 2008 Michel bought back his catalog. Epitomizing the true spirit of musical independence, Tunecore is thrilled to work as his publishing administration partner.

Sync & Creative

In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights for our clients across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for the new CBS hit drama Madam Secretary, Ride Along 2 starring Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Olivia Munn, and promotional content for ESPN.

Recent Licenses & Placements


“Body Speak”
Writer: Matt Pahler
Artist: Leo Islo


The Tonight Show
with Jimmy Fallon 

Writer: Deandre Way
Artist: Soulja Boy


The Originals 
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
Arranged by: Brian Crain
Artist: Brian Crain

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