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TuneCore Pays Artists $32.7 Million for Music Distribution

Music Publishing Catalog Expands in Q3 of 2014

Company’s high-profile sync placements, launch of Artist Services portal demonstrate continued focus on creating opportunity and driving revenue for musicians, songwriters, managers and labels.

New York, NY – October 15, 2014 – TuneCore continues to grow opportunities and revenues for artists and songwriters. Today, the company announced strong Q3 2014 artist earnings results. Additionally, TuneCore highlighted several new, key initiatives launched to further support the growing generation of musician-entrepreneurs who choose to remain independent and take charge of their own careers.

In Q3 2014, TuneCore artists’ earnings exceeded $32 million, a 13.2 percent increase over Q3 2013. This brings the total amount paid to distribution clients since the company’s inception in 2006 to $471.5 million based on 10.6 billion combined streams and downloads. The number of streams continued to increase at a steady pace during Q3, growing 154 percent vs. Q3 2013.

The company also disclosed that hip-hop is TuneCore distribution’s top genre by both quantity of releases distributed and revenue paid, with 1.6 billion downloads and streams and $59 million in artist earnings since 2006.

An infographic with year-to-date milestones can be found at

Growing Revenue through Royalty Collection and Sync Licensing Opportunities in TV, Film
TuneCore Music Publishing Administration, which assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration and worldwide royalty collection, sustained its growth momentum in Q3. With a catalog that has rapidly grown to include over 260,000 compositions in just three years, TuneCore is delivering millions of dollars in royalties from sources worldwide to songwriters who would otherwise be unable to collect this revenue.

During Q3 2014, TuneCore Publishing Administration’s creative team secured and negotiated several high-profile sync deals for songwriters, enabling them to maximize the growing revenue opportunities found in licensing to TV shows, films, commercials and more. These placements included:

The Overnighters: Critically-acclaimed, Sundance award-winning documentary feature film to be released October 24, 2014
UNICEF: Public service announcement supporting the organization’s life-saving relief work
Budweiser: Made in America content series
Awkward: MTV’s irreverent, original teen comedy series
Asphalt Overdrive: The newest version of Gameloft’s popular mobile racing game

Launching Artist Services Portal with Tools to Research, Promote, Connect and Engage
Complementing TuneCore’s digital music distribution and music publishing administration offerings, TuneCore debuted its Artist Services portal. This carefully-selected portfolio of music-related resources supports today’s population of independent musician-entrepreneurs, enabling the artists to promote their craft, connect with fans and get their music heard around the world. Included among the many invaluable tools are:

Track Smarts: Giving artists access to consumer-driven, actionable intelligence including comments from music fans, ratings of individual song elements and assessment of the relative strength of songs.
TwitMusic: Helping artists easily launch engaging promotional campaigns across Twitter and Instagram to get fans excited, increase engagement, leverage viral spread and collect information to assist in decision-making.
MerchLink: Offering a one-stop, online resource for top-quality promotional items such as t-shirts, hats, drinkware and more.
Bandzoogle: Making it simple to build professional-quality websites and promote music directly to fans.

Maximizing the International Opportunity
As digital music consumption increases in markets around the world, TuneCore continues to build its global network to ensure artists can get their music heard in high-growth areas. During Q3, TuneCore added three new store partners, including Yandex Music, a service powered by Russia’s largest search engine. TuneCore Artists now have the ability to get their music out through more than 80 digital distribution partners operating in over 200 countries and territories around the world.

“As a pioneer in the evolving music business, we at TuneCore view the positive growth our artists and songwriters are experiencing as validation of our vision of artists as entrepreneurs who can take charge of their own careers,” stated Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “We also embrace this growth as a challenge to continue to disrupt the old model of the music business and build on these successes to ensure artists and songwriters have the fullest set of tools and greatest number of opportunities to get their music out to the world and generate revenue from their craft.”



A3C Artists Spotlight – Goldyard & Shome

As we continue our A3C Festival coverage, we’re happy to link up with TuneCore artists featured in this year’s lineup. TuneCore is thrilled to be able to help independent artists on their paths when it comes to distributing, publishing and sharing their music with their ever-growing fan bases! We caught up with TuneCore artist Shome and trio Goldyard (A.T., IN-DOE, & Flick James) to see how they plan on approaching the festival.

If you talk to just about any independent hip-hop artist, they’ll tell you that promotion is a big piece of the puzzle. But when you visit a festival, it’s important to bring that mentality each day. When asked how Shome tries to stand out, there’s no gimmick necessary, “Just be me. I’m a firm believer in that being real is what sells and makes listeners gravitate towards you.”

“We promote our brand every day. We try to make it a habit. As far as A3C goes we’re just trying to get everyone familiar with Goldyard as a brand, and trying to get everyone we can to come to our show,” the members of Goldyard say. They’re a local name you’ll find on flyers, walls and venues all around the streets of Atlanta.

Shome BLog photo

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun and commotion of a festival like A3C, but independent artists know that there must be a balance of work and play. While Goldyard reminds us that being a fan is non-stop, they still have plans to be “meeting new people to work with, whether it’s artists or just people that we can build relationships with to work with in the future.”

“Networking and getting to know more people in the game,” Shome tells us, will be a priority, and he also hopes to utilize some of the many panels at A3C for education.

The ability to get your music into online stores and streaming services prior to getting to a festival is a huge bonus. Goldyard released their EP, F**k Culture, through TuneCore this year. “TuneCore has helped us put our music on platforms we didn’t necessarily have before, and not just in the States but all over. It also helped us make money while doing it, through the Internet, which can be a big hassle,” they attest.

“It’s opened an outlet for me to get my name and music out, as well as generate revenue,” says Shome, who released his single “Hold Me Down” through TuneCore.

Aside from distribution, being independent requires you to build a network or team of your own to drive your goals forward. Shome makes sure to stick around “people with a similar vision, faith, and love [of] music.”

goldyard Blog

“Being independent in 2014 is nothing but grind,” Goldyard reminds us. “Your team has to be ready for everything at every moment. Your relationships with people is your biggest asset in being independent. The right relationships with the right people can be your biggest opportunity or your biggest downfall. The people you surround yourself with have to be as hungry as you in every way.”

At TuneCore, one of our mottos is, “You take care of the music, we’ll take care of the rest.” But we still love to know what sort of processes and preparation techniques our artists have before hitting the studio!

“We normally don’t prepare for the studio, it’s all organic with us,” the members of Goldyard reveal. “We normally write songs as we tell the producer what we do or don’t like. Most of the time it’s the producer in our group, Flick James, so we’ve all gotten to the point where we know each other’s vibes and how we’re feeling at certain moments. If we work with new producers we normally have them adapt to our style of song writing, and most of that is just vibing, getting to know the producer. Making music has always been our strong point, we can make songs with anybody in a reasonable amount of time if were feeling the production enough.”

For Shome, creating music isn’t about mapping things out. “Pick out the right sound and what I’m feeling in the moment. It’s hard to just sit down and say, “Hey, I think we should rap about this and that”. Concepts kind of just flow and whatever comes natural when I start writing is what usually works.”

Are you in Atlanta this weekend? Be sure to check out both of these TuneCore artists in and around A3C! For more information, their A3C artist profiles are below.

Shome at A3C Fest
Goldyard at A3C Fest

TuneCore Launches #TuneCoreStudio Recording Sessions at A3C Festival Featuring Top Producers & Artists Creating Original Compositions in Just Three Hours

First-time project with #A3CProAudio pairing producers and artists to be live-streamed at SAE Institute, all-new songs to be released on official A3C Compilation

New York, NY – October 2, 2014 – Celebrating the independent spirit of hip-hop and nurturing the careers of a new generation of talented artists, TuneCore announced the launch of #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio. This unique program will bring together nine producer/artist pairings, who during their personal three-hour session, will compose and record an entirely new song. A3C attendees are invited to witness hip-hop history in the making through a live stream of the in-studio action.

Hip-hop is TuneCore’s leading genre, both by revenue and quantity of downloads and streams. This year, nearly 50 percent of the artists performing at A3C, the preeminent hip-hop festival in the U.S., have distributed music through TuneCore. Building on this close relationship with the hip-hop community, TuneCore has become the Official Music Distribution & Publishing Administration Sponsor for A3C.

Material recorded at the #TuneCoreStudio sessions will be released on an exclusive compilation album following the event, an initiative aligning with TuneCore’s pledge to help artists achieve their goals, without giving up their independence and while retaining the full rights to their music.

The #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio will be held October 9th through 11th from noon until 10PM each day at SAE, 215 Peachtree St. NE in Atlanta, GA. A3C attendees are welcome to view the sessions as they are streamed to a screen on the second floor.

The schedule of artists and producer pairings is:


12-3PM: The Fr3shmen with TuneCore Artist ChellaH

3-6PM: WLPWR with TuneCore Artist Chris Rivers

6-10PM: V12 the Hitman with TuneCore Artist Torch



12-3PM: Kato of SMKA with artist FortBowie

3-6PM: Major Seven with TuneCore Artist Dyme-A-Duzin

6-10PM: M16 Beats with TuneCore Artist SigNif



12-3PM: TheFam with TuneCore Artist Quake Matthews

3-6PM: Black Metaphor with TuneCore Artist Masspike Miles

6-10PM: DJ Burn One with TuneCore Artist Stranger Day


“#A3CProAudio is very excited to have TuneCore partnering with us on this special program, and for their support of the hip-hop community that provides artists with the platform and tools to get their music heard worldwide,” stated J Hatch, Manager of the #A3CProAudio Studio and co-Founder of iStandard Producers. “We look forward to giving A3C attendees the ability to witness song-making as it happens, then enjoy the results on the TuneCore-distributed compilation to follow.”

“Our partnership with A3C and the direct involvement with #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio provide TuneCore a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate hip-hop artists’ entrepreneurial spirit,” stated Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “We can’t wait to share with the world the brand new tracks that result from this collaboration.”

TuneCore Studio at #A3CProAudio is just one of the initiatives TuneCore will be undertaking in support of A3C and the hip-hop community before, during and after the festival. At the festival, Chris Mooney, TuneCore Senior Director of Artist Promotions, will moderate the panel, “Fueling the Independent Spirit: Blueprint for Going Global” on October 10th at 3:30PM. Additionally, Chris will be available for discussions with artists, Pro-Audio staff, SAE engineers and other attendees throughout the festival. Following the festival, TuneCore will continue to support A3C with co-marketing and communication efforts.

For more information on #TuneCoreStudio at #A3CProAudio, visit the A3C website.

 About TuneCore

TuneCore brings more music to more people, while helping musicians and songwriters increase money-earning opportunities and take charge of their own careers. The company has one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world, earning TuneCore Artists $438.8 million on 8.8 billion streams and downloads since inception. TuneCore Music Distribution services help artists, labels and managers sell their music worldwide through iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, and other major download and streaming sites while retaining 100% of their sales revenue and rights for a low annual flat fee. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration assists songwriters by administering their compositions through licensing, registration and worldwide royalty collection. Additionally, the Artist Services portal offers a suite of tools and services that enable artists to promote their craft, connect with fans and get their music heard around the world. TuneCore is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with offices in Burbank, CA and Nashville, TN, and is backed by Opus Capital and Guitar Center. For more information, visit

 About A3C

Winner of Creative Loafing’s 2014 “Best of Atlanta,” the A3C [All 3 Coasts] Festival is a 360-degree celebration of Hip-Hop culture. The preeminent hip-hop festival in the US, A3C has grown from a local showcase to an amazing cultural experience and is celebrating 10 years in the game. Today, A3C is one of the largest hip-hop events in the world with performances from well over 500 artists, including: legends, rising stars, trendsetters, up-and-comers and aspiring talent from across the world. The 5 day festival encompasses all aspects of hip-hop culture: music, art, film, style, education and more. During the day attendees are able to connect with – and learn from – tastemakers, icons, organizations, brands and industry leaders, while the evenings and nights are filled with special events, parties and performances from some of the biggest and best hip-hop artists in the world. For more information, visit

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Hip-Hop Keeps Its Independent Spirit: From Mixtapes to Worldwide Digital Sound

From the very beginning, hip-hop has been one of the most independent of all genres. From the start, it was more than just music – it was a movement. It became a new way to express thoughts, experiences and emotions and evolved into an entirely unique culture that encompasses fashion, art, dance and politics.

Hip-hop is also unique in that its growth has been mostly organic. Unlike other types of music, it wasn’t immediately commercialized. Instead, it was shared among like-minded individuals and passed along via mix tape.

Hip-Hop is TuneCore’s #1 Genre – Most artist revenue and highest number of total releases.

Even though we’ve seen more interest in hip-hop from major labels and even marketers, there remains an incredibly vibrant independent scene that TuneCore is proud to be a part of.  In fact, hip-hop is our #1 genre.

We’re proud to support hip-hop and be a part of helping artists and songwriters to find success without “selling out,” needing a record label, giving up copyrights or handing over their hard-earned revenue.

TuneCore is the Official Music Distribution and Publishing Administration Sponsor for the A3C Festivalthe preeminent hip-hip event in the U.S. And almost 50% of the artists performing have used TuneCore to distribute their music.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.43.20 PM


muddy dog

7 Reasons Why A Public Relations Campaign Can Help You Get Your Music Featured

By Angela Mastrogiacomo, Owner of  Muddy Paw PR

Hello passionate people!

Here are some great tips as to why a PR company can help get exposure on blogs

1. You Have Nothing To Feature

All content is not created equal. This means that although you may have a lot of really cool, older content, without something new to promote, there’s not a lot for blogs to work with. Make sure when you’re approaching outlets you have something new and enticing for them to work with. And tell them what it is you’re looking for. If you just send a publicist an email saying “here’s my band, thanks for listening,” we’re not really sure what you’re looking for. Interview? Album review? Guest blog? Help us out.

What a publicist can do: Not only will publicists have a better understanding of the timing of releases but they’ll also have plenty of creative ideas for ways you can keep the band relevant, and secure you those features. They also have relationships with the blogs you’re looking to target, which is one asset that should never be undervalued or underappreciated.

2. You’ve Sent Your Album Too Late

This is one of the most common issues I run into. Bands who have poured their heart into their latest release, but fail to send it out to blogs until after it’s been released. This is a huge mistake. Even a week after release can sometimes be too late, but I’ve had bands send me releases that were months old looking for a review. It’s not that we don’t want to help you, it’s just that we want to feature new, fresh content for our readers, and unfortunately featuring an album that’s no longer new doesn’t bring in a lot of interest from our readers.

What a publicist can do: Publicists will know the timelines that work best for your particular campaign, and how to stagger your release (and any other releases such as videos that you have in the works) to make sure they’re getting maximum impact.

3. Your Email Wasn’t Personal Enough

This is actually a big pet peeve of mine. Yes, emailing each outlet individually is a bit of a pain, but it’s also the best way to ensure that you capture their attention, and make an impact. If I get an email that says “Hey Angela” and then goes on to address something they read on the site, I’m instantly hooked. I could hate your music, but if it’s a fit for the site, and you took the time to actually read our submission guidelines, I’ll find a way to feature you, 100% of the time.

What a publicist can do: Many publicists actually use the mass email strategy, occasionally combined with personal follow up. I respect it, but I disagree with it. Emails should be crafted to each individual outlet, which takes a bit longer, but we feel garners a higher response rate. There’s nothing that can replace that personal, one to one interaction, and we recognize that.

4. You Offended The Outlet

I know you didn’t mean to, but there’s a good chance if you’re not hearing back, you may have offended the outlet. For instance, did you get the blog or writer’s name wrong? This happens more than you’d imagine. Did you try to personalize it, but forget to change out the last blog’s name in the email? Did you CC everyone instead of BCCing on a mass email? (this is a HUGE no-no). Sending out releases takes a LOT of work, and we understand not everyone has that kind of time. That’s where publicists come in.

What a publicist can do: Part of a publicist’s job is to know everyone. As such, we’re pretty accurate in our correspondence with each blog, and not making those mistakes, because in a lot of ways, these people are actually our friends. We’re familiar with them, and their work, and their outlet, because we’ve worked with them before, and developed a relationship. We also do this full time, 100% of the time, so we have the time to fact check, and double check, and sometimes even triple check, to make sure we’re getting everything straight.

5. You Didn’t Include Enough Information

Each outlet is different, so you’ll have to do your research on this. But one thing I find happening a lot is bands submitting without enough information. You have an album coming out? That’s great! But when is it coming out? You sent me your Soundcloud…but where are your social media pages? Who are the band members? Where are you from?

What a publicist can do: Part of a publicist’s job is to gather all of this information from you right at the beginning of the campaign. We know what outlets need to know, and can help get them that info they need, before they even have to ask it. The less a blog needs to ask of you in terms of material, the more likely they are to feature you.

6. You Aren’t Targeting The Correct Outlets

This is a common one. Different outlets cover different genres, and it’s important to do your research, and make sure you’re not submitting your rock band to a site that covers exclusively hip-hop. It’s time consuming, and it takes a lot of research. Especially when you get within genres. Oh, you’re an indie-rock band? Well this site may look like they feature you, but they actually only feature classic rock, and alternative rock. It’s important to take your time, and find the right outlet.

What a publicist can do: Publicists are already familiar with most outlets genre requirements, and they take the guesswork out of these things. They can locate and target the outlets that are most likely to feature your music with a simple click of the mouse.

7. Your Social Media Presence Is Lacking

This is one of those frustrating, but true facts. For many outlets, social media presence matters, especially in the kind of coverage they’ll offer. If you’re not growing your presence, you’re going to have a harder time. Especially if you’re targeting large outlets and expecting a response, but only have 100 likes. More than just likes though, outlets want to see you interacting with fans, and staying active on social media at least a few times a week, if not more.

What a publicist can do: Many publicists (including Muddy Paw) offer social media packages for our artists. We understand it can be a little intimidating, and a lot time consuming, so we, and many other agencies offer packages that include social media upkeep, strategy discussion, and more to make sure your fans are getting the updates they want.

Thanks for checking out these tips, I hope they’ve helped! Good luck, and I look forward to watching you grow!

Angela Mastrogiacomo is the owner of Muddy Paw Public Relations. Muddy Paw specializes in working with up and coming artists on personalized campaigns designed to bring their careers to the next level. To date, we’ve secured placements on sites such as AbsolutePunk, Property Of Zack, PureVolume, and many more. You can find us at



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The Latest News from TuneCore Music Publishing

It’s the middle of September and we already have much to report from our Music Publishing Administration office! Find out who has joined our songwriter community and which compositions have recently been featured in film and TV…

Songwriter Highlights

Pop, folk singer-songwriter Jonathan Clay celebrates a successful
solo career in addition to being one half of industry darlings Jamestown Revival. Clay has had the good fortune of a development deal with a major label, a slew of film and TV placements and features in magazines like Rolling Stones and Billboard. TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer Clay’s compositions appearing on the Everything She Wants album and the single, “This One’s for Me.”

Manafest-1TuneCore Music Publishing writer Christopher Greenwood, who goes by the stage name Manafest, is a rapper and rock musician from Ontario, Canada. First noticed in 1998 by fellow TuneCore client Trevor McNevan of the rock band Thousand Foot Krutch, Greenwood has gone on to earn four Dove Awards nominations and two Juno Awards nominations for his work.

TuneCore Music Publishing writer Jeffrey Schultz formed his Fort Jeff_RainsWayne, Indiana-based rock group RAINS in 2000. Committed to hard work, the talented musician has toured the US alongside active rock heavyweights Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed and Black Stone Cherry, among others. Their latest single “Look In My Eyes” enjoys rotation on Sirius XM’s Octane, as does other TuneCore administered hits “Look In My Eyes” and “Pressure“.

Sync & Creative 

In addition to our Sync & Mastering Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for the premier season of ABC’s room-com Selfie, season two of MTV’s breakout hit Faking It, and the trailer for new Liam Neeson flick, Run All Night.

Recent License & Placements

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.53.59 PM