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The Latest News From TuneCore Publishing

More news from our sunny Burbank Music Publishing Administration office! Take a look at who has joined our songwriter community and which compositions have recently been licensed in film, commercials and TV shows.

Songwriter Highlights

Roy “The Professor” Bittan is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted keys player in Bruce Springsteen’s legendary E Street Band. A master of piano, organ, accordion and synthesizers, in addition to working with his longtime band, he has served as an Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiesessential session player for Tracy Chapman, Jon Bon Jovi, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Nicks, and Nelly Furtado, to name a few. TuneCore Music Publishing is honored to represent both the Synchronization and Masters from Mr. Bittan’s new solo album, Out of the Box, released in November 2014. Probably best described by The Boss himself, “Roy’s sound, beginning on “Born to Run,” is still the sound that many people relate to – along with Clarence’s sax — as the signature sound of the E Street Band. An amazing musician.”

TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer the current works of Bruce Falson. Known as Blood Raw, Falson is a Dirty South rapper, formerly signed to Def Jam Records Atlanta-based imprint CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment). Under the direction of Young Jeezy, the MC enjoyed early successes in his career, including Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiespeaking at No. 5 on Billboard’s Rap & Hip-Hop charts. His prolific catalog from 2010’s The Real American Gangsta to this year’s Shoe Box Money, remain true to the hard edges of street lyricism and phrasing. These compositions are licensable exclusively through TuneCore.

Danny Michel made the pilgrimage from his home in Ontario, Canada to Belize, Central America in order capture his very unique Afro-Latin style of songwriting. Working with The Garifuna Collective, native to Belize, they created catchy up tempo tunes with Collect All Your Songwriter Royaltiespop-island flavors. Compositions like This Feeling,” which features a happy mix of accordion, light horns, and organic percussion, have earned Michel three Juno Award nominations. Previously signed to MapleMusic Recordings/Universal Music Canada, in 2008 Michel bought back his catalog. Epitomizing the true spirit of musical independence, Tunecore is thrilled to work as his publishing administration partner.

Sync & Creative

In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights for our clients across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for the new CBS hit drama Madam Secretary, Ride Along 2 starring Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Olivia Munn, and promotional content for ESPN.

Recent Licenses & Placements


“Body Speak”
Writer: Matt Pahler
Artist: Leo Islo


The Tonight Show
with Jimmy Fallon 

Writer: Deandre Way
Artist: Soulja Boy


The Originals 
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
Arranged by: Brian Crain
Artist: Brian Crain

In the News

We stay current on industry news to make sure we’re the first to know how new legislation and deals will affect our writers. Here are links to recent articles you need to know about:
How To Read Your Publishing Statement (TuneCore)
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We Find Your YouTube Composition Royalties. You Get the Money.

[Editors Note: This article is written by the TuneCore Music Publishing office.]

As the world of digital content grows, the agreements between the societies and digital service providers around the globe also adapt. Sometimes faster than a drumbeat.

That’s why artists, who want to collect all their potential songwriting royalties from YouTube, need someone on their team who can stay on top of all the changes and get them the most money possible. That someone is the team at TuneCore Music Publishing Administration.

We know you have questions, and we’ve got some basic answers that can help you understand how you can make more money from your compositions on YouTube.

When my compositions are in YouTube videos do they generate money?

Yes. Your compositions generate money on YouTube when your music is used in other people’s videos and on your own YouTube videos.

What types of royalties do my compositions generate on a YouTube video?

There are two types of royalties:
1.) A mechanical royalty (a.k.a synchronization royalty in some territories). Every time a song you’ve written is manufactured to be sold in a CD, downloaded on a digital music store, or streamed through services like Spotify and Rdio, you are owed a mechanical royalty. In the case of YouTube this can also be considered a synchronization royalty because the music is synchronized to a moving picture (video).

2.) A performance royalty. A performance royalty is owed to songwriters and/or publishers of a song whenever that composition is “broadcast” or performed “in public.”

An additional royalty for the sound recording is also generated, and this is a separate revenue stream from the composition royalty. (For more information on collecting sound recording revenue, click here.)

What happens to the royalties my compositions generate on YouTube?

In the U.S.:
If other people use your compositions on their videos on YouTube, YouTube will pay this money to the copyright owner (you) but only if you are represented by a publishing administrator.

  1. An administrator must register your compositions with YouTube in order for you to receive this money.
  2. One exception to this is for videos on your own YouTube channel. If you claim the compositions on your own channel, then you would receive the mechanical (synchronization) royalty directly from YouTube. Note that the performance uses for your self-owned videos would still go to the local collection agency (or Performing Rights Organization in the US like ASCAP, BMI or SESAC).
  3. In general, if your compositions are not claimed, you do not receive the money.
  4. YouTube does not pay retroactively, so you must claim your compositions as soon as possible.

Outside of the US:
ALL of these royalties are automatically paid to the various collection societies around the world, just like any other streaming service (i.e. Spotify). In most cases, without a publishing administrator you will not be able to receive this money.

  1. This happens for both the mechanical (sometimes defined as synchronization) and performance royalties.
  2. These societies pay this money to the copyright holders of the compositions.
  3. You must be registered by an administrator in their territory to receive your money.
  4. There are reciprocal agreements in place for the performance royalty between ASCAP, BMI & SESAC etc.. However, this does not include the mechanical (synchronization) royalty.

Can I collect these royalties without a publishing administrator?

Without a publishing administrator, you would only see the resulting performance money generated by 3rd party videos IF your compositions are identified by the societies. You have a better chance of receiving this money in full by having a publishing administrator like TuneCore register your compositions with YouTube and the collection societies worldwide (including BMI, ASCAP & SESAC etc.).

How does TuneCore find my composition royalties on YouTube so I can get paid?

The simplest way to explain this is in the chain that is created when a video includes a song and that song is identified.

  1. TuneCore registers the composition directly with YouTube.
  2. The composition is matched to any sound recordings previously identified on YouTube containing that composition. This process happens after a sound recording ID request has been made by an entity like the service TuneCore uses to collect sound recording revenue, or by a record label.
  3. TuneCore collects the composition royalties from YouTube.
  4. TuneCore puts the money directly in an artist’s TuneCore account via their quarterly publishing statement.

How much can I get paid?

Different types of ads generate different levels of money. A pop-up ad would generate differently than a banner ad or a commercial leading up to the video being streamed. It also depends on the viewer territory, the ad’s format, the device of the user and the user experience.

As the world of digital content grows and the agreements between the societies and digital service providers change, often rapidly, we are here for you.

With the TuneCore Music Publishing Administration team and its 100+ years of combined experience in your corner, your chances of collecting the optimum amount of money that your compositions generate on YouTube are very upbeat.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.17.48 AM

#TCVideoFriday: Dec. 5, 2014

Another Friday, another random sampling of some of our awesome TuneCore Artists’ videos! Take a break from your afternoon and enjoy…

Malachi Rivers, “Love Is All”

Vérité, “Weekend”

Bugs and Rats, “I Felt a Funeral In My Brain”

Kerrie Roberts, “Come Back To Life”

Lizzie & John Brenkus, “Christmas Is My Favorite Time of Year”

Hollohan, “Helping Each Other Die”

Tripet, “Aaz Ma Le”

Liquid360, “Fluid State of Mind (Majik Boys Radio Mix)”

Kid Runner, “Move”

Stellar Young, “Nomad”


The Latest News From TuneCore Publishing

After a busy month of A3C and CMJ, November creeped right up on us! But as always, we’ve got awesome stuff to report from our Music Publishing Administration office in Burbank, CA! Take a look at who has joined our songwriter community and which compositions have recently been licensed in film, commercials and TV shows.

Songwriter Highlights

hudson-1With a stylistic tip of the cap to Americana trail blazers Jack White, The Black Crowes and ZZ Top, TuneCore Music Publishing writer David Hudson leads his group HUDSON on a neo-classic rock bender on their latest effort, Into the Unknown. Creating music they hope reaches the depths of your soul, their altruistic mantra is paying dividends with their single “Weightless” gaining traction at radio and a recent feature on The Collective on NuvoTv Powered by Vevo.


TuneCore Music Publishing is proud to administer select compositions from the highly regardedsongwriter, Gregory Page. Page is an English born Irish/Armenian musician who creates oddly compelling songs that are full of cinematic melodies. Perhaps best written by the composer himself, “The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition & progress, history & fantasy. I am the songbird & the worm.” Fellow troubadour and Page’s most recent producer Jason Mraz calmly states, “He’s the real deal, a rare gift.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.10.48 AMTwin brothers Niels and Torsten Kinsella, along with producer Thomas Kinsella and drummer Lloyd Hanney, make up the creative brain trust behind one of the world’s most intense, musically and visually inventive post-rock bands, God is an Astronaut. TuneCore Music Publishing proudly  administers the full catalog from the Glen of the Downs, Ireland instrumental rockers, including their 2005 breakthrough All is Violent, All is Bright and latest release, Origins.

Sync & Creative
In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative staff continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all multi-media. Recent pitches include music for Sony Playstation’s MLB 15: The Show, Warner Bros. Pictures’ Entourage, an upcoming unscripted series on ABC Family, Vans branded content projects and trailers for the Netflix documentary My Own Man.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.54.25 AM

In The News
We stay current on industry news to make sure we’re the first to know how new legislation and deals will affect our writers. Here are links to recent articles you need to know about:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.49.07 AM

The State of the Music Industry According to TuneCore Artists

By Dwight Brown
These days, the business of music evolves faster than a drumbeat. So how do artists keep up and can they?

In true TuneCore fashion, we’ve asked our TuneCore Community —indie artists and label management—for their take on the state of the music industry. 1,112 respondents shared their viewpoints in an online survey conducted September, 2014.

What happened? Well, they weren’t shy. They told us everything! Their answers and insights provide guideposts and roadmaps for fellow musicians. So listen up.

Here are some Key Highlights from the survey.


Across the board, survey respondents agree that streaming services make it easier for new fans to find music (67.46% true/very true).

Distribution without a label

Across all demographic categories, respondents consider the fact that they can get their music out without a label to be the most important digitally-driven change to the music industry (64.66% rating #1 or #2).

Social platforms

Facebook was the clear leader when it comes to social networks important for connecting with fans, with 65.11% of survey respondents ranking it first or second.

Distribution Channels

iTunes was clearly the top pick, with 65.83% of all respondents placing it in the most important slot. Spotify and YouTube are vying for #2.

5-Year Revenue Outlook

Live performance was the top choice across all groups, with licensing and paid downloads coming in either second or third.

The business of music has changed fundamentally and dramatically, but through our TuneCore community’s opinions, we can see that change can bring new opportunities.

This new generation of musician-entrepreneurs is using the music industry’s warp-speed evolution to their advantage. As they do, they’re taking control of their careers and finding new ways to make money while making their music.

Listen up.

Read our What do the Artists Think? survey in its entirety.

New ‘Winter Showcase 2014′ Compilation Album – Submit Your Song Now

It’s officially getting darker a little earlier and the leaves will all have fallen soon – you know what that means, right? An opportunity to reach new fans via our upcoming Winter Showcase 2014 compilation album! This compilation will be featured on Amazon Music, and we would love for your new track to be a part of it.

Past TuneCore promotional compilation albums have seen over 300,000 downloads, and they consistently rank in the Top 10 for free albums on Amazon Music U.S. around their release dates.

winter_2014 comp
To be considered for our new compilation, just fill out the form and remember these key points:

-All TuneCore Artists are invited to submit new music for inclusion on the compilation.

-In order for a song to be considered, it must be distributed by TuneCore between November 3-23, 2014 and the entry form must be submitted by November 23rd, 2014, midnight EST.

So, what are you waiting for?! Click here to learn more and submit your new music.