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TuneCore Launches Service That Helps Artists Collect Their YouTube Sound Recording Revenue

Now all TuneCore Artists can make money from YouTube!

Our artists can earn money when their sound recordings are used anywhere on YouTube. They can earn money when other people use their sound recordings in their videos. They also earn money from the sound recordings on their own videos. If their sound recording is being used on YouTube, it’s generating revenue.

Getting a hold of that money can be tough. It requires training, knowing how to navigate YouTube’s Content Management system and experience handling rights disputes.

But, if you’re a TuneCore Artist, our TuneCore’s new service can collect this sound recording revenue (monetize) for you, and do all the work. That means, our artists can spend more quality time creating their best music and not chasing money. And, when they get their monthly revenue payment, they can use it to finance their next release.

This is how it works:

* Artists choose which tracks they want to collect money on (monetize).
* Artists include or exclude (whitelist) their own YouTube Channel.
* TuneCore submits eligible tracks to YouTube.
* YouTube Content ID system identifies artists’ sound recordings & revenue.
* TuneCore collects the revenue from YouTube.
* TuneCore deposits money directly in artists’ TuneCore Accounts—monthly.
* Artists pay a one-time setup fee of $25 & keep 80% of collected revenue!
* Setup fee covers all the artists’ current and future sound recordings.

At TuneCore, we’re constantly trying to make our indie artists’ lives easier. We’re always looking for new ways to help them collect the money they deserve for sharing their music all over the world. We’re here to support our TuneCore artists.

We answer all our artists’ YouTube questions:

– How much money can you make on YouTube?
– What tracks are eligible or ineligible for this service?
– Will “buy” links be placed below the videos?
– What qualifies as a “sound recording”?
– What types of ads can appear on videos?

Those are smart questions we answer real fast. Click here.

We want our artists to keep writing the great music people want to hear in YouTube videos. In turn, TuneCore’s new service will find and collect their sound recordings revenue for them.

If you’re a TuneCore Artist, and your sound recordings are being used on videos on YouTube, you’re earning money.

Take the money. It’s yours. We’ll make sure you get it!

A3C Festival 2014 Recap

TuneCore was honored to carry the title of Official Music Distribution and Publishing Administration Sponsor for this year’s A3C Festival, and boy did we have fun! The festival, which took place in Atlanta from October 8-12, brought together over 500 artists/producers and countless fans to celebrate 5 days of hip-hop, art, film, style and education.

A3C Festival celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year, featuring a variety of hip-hop artists from new schoolers like 2 Chainz, Casey Veggies and Trinidad Jame$ to old schoolers such as Bun B, Smif N Wessun and Masta Ace. Among some of the more well-known names lie the hundreds of independent artists, and we’re proud to boast that almost 50% of this year’s lineup has distributed music through TuneCore!

Chris & Torch
(TuneCore’s Chris Mooney with Torch)

There was no shortage of fun to be had around Atlanta during this year’s festival, and we were thrilled to be a part of the action. Launching the #TuneCoreStudio at the SAE Institute of Atlanta was an especially rewarding experience: we brought together nine producer/artist pairings, over three days, to compose entirely new songs during their own personal three-hour recording sessions.  All the while, A3C attendees were able to witness hip-hop history in the making through a live stream of all the action in the studio!

#TuneCoreStudio was a total success, bringing together artists from different parts of America, (in one case from another country), to collaborate on the spot in the true spirit of independent hip-hop. All songs recorded will be released on an exclusive A3C/TuneCore co-branded digital compilation, which will be available soon on for free!

Panel copy
(ChellaH, Slim Deville (Nappy Roots), Kaelub (Rich Kidz) & Quake Matthews at TuneCore’s “Blueprint for Going Global” panel)

In between hanging out with artists in the #TuneCoreStudio sessions and catching live sets, TuneCore’s Senior Director of Artist Promotions & Strategic Relationships, Chris Mooney moderated the panel: “Fueling the Independent Spirit: Blueprint For Going Global”. TuneCore presented this panel, (which featured TuneCore artists ChellaH, Quake Matthews, and members of Rich Kidz and Nappy Roots), as an opportunity for emcees and producers alike to ask questions, share their thoughts, and openly discuss distributing music, growing a fan base, and keeping their goals to expand globally intact.

Reflecting the panel Chris said, “The conversation was great because each artist had their own way of discussing what it takes to succeed. It was also very rewarding when panelists and audience members took the time to tell me how much they appreciated TuneCore—they love logging in to see their sales and money.”

Dutch Rebelle & Black Metaphor
(Dutch ReBelle & Black Metaphor at work in the #TuneCoreStudio)

Be sure to check out photos from our time in the #TuneCoreStudio and at live events during A3C on Facebook.  Also, see below for links to some of our A3C Artist Spotlight interviews/articles below in case you missed them!

A3C Artist Spotlights: Translee & Ripynt
A3C Artist Spotlight: Signif
A3C Artist Spotlights: Shome & Goldyard

Joe Cuello Joins TuneCore as Chief Creative Officer

NEW YORKOct. 16, 2014 — Leading digital music distribution and music publishing administration company TuneCore announced today that music-industry veteran Joe Cuello has joined the company as Chief Creative Officer.  In this newly-created role, Cuello will oversee the TuneCore brand and spearhead initiatives such as new partnerships and special events that will provide additional growth opportunities for musicians and songwriters who entrust the platform for their distribution and music publishing administration needs, while further elevating the company’s position within the music industry.

Cuello has over 20 years of experience driving opportunities for independent musicians. Most recently, he served as Senior Vice President Music Services at MTV, where he oversaw the incorporation of music within MTV’s long-form programming. A long-time proponent of emerging and independent artists, he developed initiatives increasing their exposure to the network’s audience. In the latter part of his 10-year tenure, he helped to launch Hype Music, a talent-incubator, hybrid music platform developed in partnership with Sony ATV that enabled MTV to serve as a promotional partner, advocate and distributor of albums and EPs for promising acts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 12.19.14 PM

Previously, Cuello served as music supervisor on numerous projects across MTV and VH1, including PIMP MY RIDE, MAKING THE BAND, NEWLYWEDS and BANDS REUNITED.  He currently teaches courses on music supervision at Carnegie Mellon University as an Adjunct Professor in the Master of Entertainment Industry Management (MEIM) program.

“With Joe’s incredible history of nurturing independent artists’ careers as well as his deep relationships and wide-ranging expertise across the music industry, he is an ideal choice to join our executive team as head of TuneCore’s brand- and partnership-development initiatives,” stated Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “Joe’s leadership will enable us to implement new strategies that will increase opportunities for the growing number of musicians, songwriters, managers and labels who partner with us.”

“I am excited to join one of the foremost pioneers in the new model of the music business and look forward to accelerating growth for the TuneCore community as well as the TuneCore brand,” commented Cuello. “Working as an advocate for artists, songwriters and key partners, I am confident that we can build more opportunities within the new music industry paradigm.”

Cuello will be based in TuneCore’s Burbank, CA office, which also houses the company’s Publishing Administration division.


TuneCore Artists – Making Their Mark in 2013

2013 was an incredible year for TuneCore Artists. They saw huge growth in artist earnings, downloads and streams, performed at the major music festivals and on TV, won coveted industry awards,  got their music used in films and advertising, and so much more.

We put together an infographic (check out a small preview below) to show off our talented artist community and all that we accomplished together in 2013.


Read all about our community’s 2013 success, and make sure you see the full infographic here.

TuneCore Artists Top $371 Million in Earnings

New York, NY, January 15, 2014

TuneCore, the premier provider of digital music distribution and publishing administration services, announced today that TuneCore Artists have earned over $371 million in earnings since the first music release was distributed in 2006. The earnings are driven by over 5 billion downloads and streams during the same period.

In 2013 alone, TuneCore Artists earned $121 million (+19% growth versus 2012) from over 3 billion downloads and streams (+174% growth versus 2012). The strong acceleration in artists’ earnings is only part of the story. Just as impressive is the worldwide exposure and industry recognition TuneCore Artists achieved in 2013.

2013 TuneCore Artist Highlights

  •     TuneCore Artists earned $121 million in earnings from over 3 billion downloads and streams.
  •     TuneCore Artists represented one-third of the performers at SXSW.
  •     They won many industry accolades, including Grammy, CMA and YouTube Music Video awards.
  •     They competed successfully on The Voice for a third consecutive season.
  •     TuneCore Artist compositions were secured for high profile opportunities in TV, film, and advertising through the efforts of the TuneCore Publishing Administration Creative team.

“TuneCore congratulates all our artists on their personal success – be it measured in earnings, recognition or by getting their music heard around the world,” says Scott Ackerman, TuneCore President and COO. “We’ll continue to build on the momentum we created this year and support artists, managers and labels by expanding on the new initiatives launched in 2013,” continues Ackerman.

2013 Enhanced Products and Services

  •     TuneCore Music Distribution achieved an industry first by providing all artists with online daily sales data from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and Spotify. Artists see at-a-glance what music is selling where and can quickly plan marketing efforts accordingly to maximize fan engagement and grow sales. TuneCore also continued to expand its network of over 75 digital stores, adding 8 new distribution partners in 2013.
  •     TuneCore Music Publishing Administration continues to attract songwriters, with over 17,000 clients using the service to register and collect composition royalties from over 60 countries. To date, over 200,000 compositions have been registered worldwide. YouTube royalty collection was added to the service in 2013, which was facilitated by a new partnership with INDMUSIC, the largest independent music network on YouTube. TuneCore offers the highest YouTube artist payout in the industry.
  •     A new enhancement to Music Publishing, the TuneCore Sync and Master Licensing Database was launched to provide Music Supervisors with exclusive online access to thousands of TuneCore Artist compositions, making it fast and easy for them to search and secure music for commercial use, providing artists revenue-earning opportunities.

About TuneCore
TuneCore is the premiere digital music distributor with one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. TuneCore Music Distribution, for an annual flat fee, provides an effective, affordable solution for artists, labels and managers to distribute to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play and other major download and streaming sites and enables artists to keep 100% of their sales revenue and all of their rights. TuneCore Artists, who range from newcomers to high-profile performers, have earned over $371 million on over 5 billion downloads and streams and share their successes within the artist community. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration licenses and registers songwriters’ compositions and collects royalties worldwide. TuneCore and INDMUSIC enable artists to fully monetize their music on YouTube. TuneCore is based in Brooklyn, NY and is backed by Opus Capital and

Looking Back: The Top 10 TuneCore Blog Posts of 2013

Did you think we weren’t going to jump on the “Best Of” bandwagon as this year comes to a close? Think again.  2013 was an incredible year for TuneCore Artists, and we showcased their accomplishments and tips for others navigating the music industry independently on our blog, along with some exciting TuneCore developments.

So without further ado, check out our top 10 blog posts of 2013 that give you just a little taste of what our community’s been up to…

9 Tips for Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Singer/Songwriter Ariel Rubin lets us in on how to approach and get the most out of a crowdfunding campaign.  And she should know, she ran two successful campaigns in the past two years.  Here’s one of her tips: Plan out the arch of days and figure out your strategy for the expected lull of activity you’ll hit during the campaign.

Music Download & Streaming Royalties: Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

Royalty collection can be a confusing subject, because if you’re  a songwriter and your compositions are downloaded, streamed and used around the world, there are certain types of royalties that you don’t get without the help of a publishing administrator.  To make sense of it all, we took a look at the royalties generated by your music and what you need to do to collect what you’re owed.

Social Media Isn’t a Megaphone, it’s a Place to Create a Conversation

This year we asked several artists, managers and others in the music industry how they’re using social media, and what tips they’d give to independent artists looking to grow their social channels.  One of our favorite guest posts about this topic came from digital marketing company Sneak Attack Media, who talked about how important content is when it comes to social media marketing.

Grit: How to Survive and Thrive in the Music Biz Today

Award-winning Canadian Jazz artist and songwriter Laila Biali has experienced the ups and downs of being an independent artist in an industry that’s hard to break through.  If you’ve gone through this, or you’re going through it now, check out Laila’s guest post about how social networking and technology have democratized the industry, taking the jobs away from the gatekeepers.

7 Game-Changing Ways to Get Press Without a Publicist

For many indie artists, it can be challenging to get attention from the press when you don’t have a big marketing team behind you.  TuneCore Artist Jennifer Paige (of Paige & Palermo) took the time to share some great tips on getting publicity when you don’t have a publicist, plus she includes a few artist resources worth checking out.

Get Out of Your House & Into Theirs – Booking a House Concert Tour

After ending his relationship with a small booking company, singer/songwriter Mikey Wax was forced to think outside-the-box in order to grow his fan base around the country. It was then that he came up with booking house concerts.  In this guest post, Mikey has great information about how to get started booking a house concert tour, how to execute the concerts, and what to do post show.

Ron Pope: Finding Success in Independence

2013 has been a great year for Ron Pope.  The talented rocker celebrated over 1.5 million downloads of his TuneCore-distributed songs, and he continues to grow his fan base as an independent artist (he used to be signed to a major label).  We were lucky enough to speak with Ron about where he started, where he sees himself now in the music industry, and how TuneCore is a part of his team.

How to Make a Budget-Friendly DIY Music Video

When it comes to her music videos, emerging independent experimental folk artist, Mree, wants to have complete control over her artistic vision.  And she knows that making videos that carry out her vision doesn’t mean she needs to have an unlimited budget.  Check out her tips to help you make a great video without emptying your wallet.

Amazon MP3 & Spotify Trend Reports Now Available for TuneCore Artists

We were thrilled to introduce many new stores, services and other features for our artists this year, and one of our most exciting accomplishments was offering enhanced Daily Trend Reports.  Now, in addition to giving all artists daily trend reports showing iTunes sale activity, we also provide trend data showing sales and streams in Amazon MP3 and Spotify.  This article looks at the new and improved reporting, and breaks down how to use your trend data to further your career.

10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your YouTube Channel

If you’re looking to make money from your music on YouTube and grow your viewers, it’s really important to have a well-developed channel.  TuneCore Music Publishing Administration President, Jamie Purpora, outlines some best practices designed to increase your YouTube channel’s appeal and effectiveness.