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TuneCore at “The Beehive” – CMJ 2014 Recap

CMJ Music Marathon turned 34 this October – it’s gone from an event that included just a few-venues event to a behemoth showcase with over 1,400 live performances spread over 80 New York City locales. Ask any artist or music industry professional and they’ll tell you how vital the festival is for exposing new music to the masses. Ask any indie music fan in the area and they’ll be too busy trying to coordinate a schedule to see their favorite up-and-coming artists!

Over 40% of the artists that performed at CMJ 2014 have distributed their music through TuneCore. This year, we were proud to sponsor The Wild Honey Pie’s Beehive showcase at Brooklyn Night Bazaar (Happy 5th Birthday shout-out to The Wild Honey Pie!). A majority of the groups on the bill were TuneCore Artists, and a few of them were able to chat with us about their CMJ experience, how they got there, and their plans moving forward! Be sure to take a look at some of the photos caught by the TuneCore staffAehee Kang Asano, and visit our preview of The Beehive event to learn more about the TuneCore artists who played.

TuneCore Artists Neighbors, Fort Lean, and Twin Wave shared their perspectives on CMJ, TuneCore, and their plans for the near future.

1. How did you go from distributing music via TuneCore to performing at CMJ?
Neighbors: We’ve been playing in NYC and releasing records for a little while now. Performing is a big part of getting more people to hear what you do. Plus it’s really fun. 
Fort Lean: Distributing on Tunecore helped broaden our reach and get new fans interested
. So when it came time for CMJ a lot of blogs, promoters, and fans were aware of what we were doing. So they basically just reached out and asked if we’d like to come play some shows they were putting on. 
Twin Wave: 
Building a following in NYC/Brooklyn is not an easy feat.  Distributing music online is one way to hit an audience, playing live is another.  We have been playing shows every month for the last 2 years.  The goal is to be heard/seen/felt/known and we want to use every angle possible to reach people.  CMJ is a fantastic place to share music.  We were luckily enough this year to play at the Buzzchips & My Free Concert showcase at the new Living Room.

noah neighbors CMJ
(Neighbors – photo by Aehee Kang Ason)

2. Why did you choose TuneCore?
As an indie band, TuneCore is the easiest most affordable way to distribute our music and collect the money we make from it. 
Fort Lean: 
We chose Tunecore based on strong recommendations from other bands. It’s basically just the simplest, most straightforward way to get your music on every relevant platform. No brainer.
Twin Wave: 
TuneCore was the obvious choice to share our music in an organized and efficient manner. It has been incredibly helpful, and the revenue earned has even allowed us to pay for Twin Wave merchandise and a music video.

fort lean CMJ 2
(Fort Lean – photo by Aehee Kang Ason)

3. Besides performing live, how else have you built your fan base?
We’ve built our fans in a lot of ways. Word of mouth, social media, videos, licensing etc. I think these days its kind of about doing as much as you can to just get stuff out in to the world as much as you can in as many different ways as you can.
Fort Lean: 
Beyond playing live, we’ve also used social media to stay connected with people who are interested, and made videos to accompany our songs. It’s a multifaceted landscape now, so you basically just have to juggle all these different things at once and give people a window into the world you’re creating.
Twin Wave: 
Online promotion. Websites like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc. have helped us reach audiences near and far. Additionally, the services provided by TuneCore have allowed us to send that reach even further, linking us with mega music hubs like Spotify and iTunes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.42.34 PM
(Twin Wave – photo by TuneCore)

4. Now that you’ve played CMJ, do you have plans to perform at SXSW or any other festivals? How will you be preparing?
We’ll definitely be at SXSW this year. I think we’re mostly getting ready by saving rooms for lots and lots of tacos.
Fort Lean: 
We will indeed be playing at SXSW this year. No specific plans yet, but we’ll be getting ready by practicing a lot just to make sure every show counts.
Twin Wave: The goal is to play as much as possible.
We are open to all possibilities. We don’t have any set festival plans at the moment, but we will be playing all over NYC/Brooklyn, so make sure to catch a show soon!

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.33.39 PM
(Eric Weiner, owner of The Wild Honey Pie)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.34.52 PM
(Zella Day)

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 2.34.15 PM
(Neighbors & TuneCore staff)

echo friendly CMJ
(The Echo Friendly – photo by Aehee Kang Ason)

We’re already looking forward to CMJ Music Marathon 2015! Thanks again to The Wild Honey Pie & Brooklyn Night Bazaar for having us.

#TCVideoFridays October 24, 2014 – CMJ Edition

Hope you’re enjoying CMJ 2014! (We sure are.) Even if you’re unable to make it this year, enjoy our round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists in attendance, gigging their hearts out around New York City all week! Most of these artists can also be found at the TuneCore-sponsored event, The Wild Honey Pie’s “Beehive” on October 25th.

Zella Day, “Compass (Buzzsession)”

Little Daylight, “Overdose (Buzzsession)”

Modern Rivals, “The Dead Leaves (Buzzsession)”

Yellerkin, “Dixie Rain (Welcome Campers)”

Fort Lean, “High Definition”

The Echo Friendly, “Same Mistakes (Honey I’m Home Session)”

Neighbors, “Hooligans”

Twin Wave, “Relapse”

Turf War, “Where I Belong”

The Kickback, “Sting’s Teacher Years”

CMJ 2014: TuneCore Sponsors “The Beehive”, Oct. 25

We’re a few days into the musical beast that is CMJ 2014! TuneCore is thrilled to be sponsoring The Beehive event, presented by online publication/events promotion collective The Wild Honey Pie. The event takes place Saturday, October 25th at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar from 12PM-2AM (165 Banker St, New York, NY 11222), and to make things even sweeter, it’s FREE with RSVP!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.28.17 PM

We’re more than proud to boast that 40% of ALL artists performing at CMJ 2014 have distributed using TuneCore. We hope you’re able to come hang out with us on Saturday, but in the meantime, learn a little bit more about the awesome TuneCore artists that will be playing:

Twin Waves
Twin Wave (12:00PM)
“Since forming in early 2013, psych-pop outfit Twin Wave have made quite a splash with sets performing at the New Music Seminar, MTV’s O Music Awards, and NYC’s CMJ Festival as part of the Deli Magazine’s showcase.” The group released their most recent single, “Into The Night” in October of 2014 (distributing via TuneCore).

Neighbors copy
Neighbors (2:20PM)
Neighbors is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based songwriter Noah Stitelman. Collaborating with Philadelphia producer Kyle “Slick” Johnson (whose work includes albums by Modest Mouse, The Hives, and Rogue Wave), Neighbors released its debut full length, Good Luck, Kid, in the fall of 2012.” Neighbors recently released Failure in 2014 (both via TuneCore).

fort lean copy
Fort Lean (3:45PM)
Fort Lean is a 5-piece indie rock group from Brooklyn who have been releasing through TuneCore since 2011. This year is not Fort Lean’s first go-around at CMJ: in 2011, they were a declared a “standout” act by New York Times. They’ve continued to receive critical praise from MTV Buzzworthy & A.V. Club, and plan to release their first LP Quiet Day in early 2015.

Yellerkin (4:30PM)
Brooklyn-based Yellerkin bond indie folk with electronica, using instruments like banjos and bass guitars combined with deep production tools. Formed by childhood friends Adrian Galvin and Luca Buccellati, Yellerkin has released several singles and a self-titled EP, distributing through TuneCore.

modernrivals copy 2
Modern Rivals (10:00PM)
Modern Rivals weaves whirling keyboard lines, lush loops, and dreamy guitar tones around balladic vocals and a hard-hitting percussive backdrop. Their complex, yet gracefully composed arrangements radiate a sort of controlled chaos, as textures and tones swim along with a glowing beauty.” The Brooklyn-based 5-piece released Cemetery Dares (via TuneCore) in early 2014.

zelladay copy
Zella Day (11:00PM)
LA-based Zella Day “incorporates her simplistic roots and blends them with the eclectic sounds of the West Coast.” Her work has been receiving critical acclaim in the blog-world, as well as publications like The Guardian. Zella Day began releasing tracks through TuneCore in 2012, and her most recent single, “Hypnotic”, was featured as iTune’s “Free Singles of the Week”.

little daylight copy
Little Daylight (12:00AM)
Fun and bouncy indie-pop group Little Daylight is Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz, and Eric Zeiler. Based in Brooklyn and formed in 2012, the trio began simply working on remixes, with their debut live performance taking place at SXSW 2013. The three members share songwriting and production duties & released their latest single “Let’s Dance” (via TuneCore) in September 2014.

theechofriendly copy
The Echo Friendly (TBA)
Described as an “off and on again couple”, The Echo Friendly are Jake Rabinbach and Shannon Esper. The group shows influence from 80’s and 90’s pop and post-punk, and released the first single off their latest LP (Love Panic) titled “F**k It and Whatever” via TuneCore.

Also on Saturday’s bill: Highs, Turf War, BøRNS, Salt Cathedral, Jack + Eliza, and Sun Club.