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TuneCore Partners with DanceOn: Creating Innovative YouTube Collaborations for Artists

New Strategic Partnership Extends TuneCore’s Ability to Increase Artists’ Exposure

NEW YORKMay 13, 2015 — TuneCore, the premier digital music distribution and publishing administration service provider, has partnered with DanceOn, the premier digital network for music entertainment through dance, to bring increased exposure and creative resources to TuneCore Artists. TuneCore and DanceOn are redefining the way independent artists can leverage YouTube collaborations to promote their music and content to a global audience across multiple platforms.

Through this new relationship TuneCore is expanding their support of independent artists beyond music distribution and enabling the creation of compelling content to reach new audiences on YouTube, one of the largest online channels for discovering new music.  The direct partnership with DanceOn provides a unique platform for TuneCore Artists to get their music out, grow their fan base and build their careers in a whole new way.

TuneCore collaborated with DanceOn to build on the trending interest in TuneCore Artist, Silento and his song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” to amplify reach through better quality influencer content. Since the new dance content went live in April, “Watch Me” has garnered 27M+ organic video views and 500K+ likes, comments and shares, with a total of 35M+ impressions, making Silento and the song a mainstream phenomenon.  Further, since the DanceOn campaign began, the song has climbed 30+ spots on the Billboard Hot 100 to the top 40 at #38 (April-May).

“In looking for a partner to help grow promotional opportunities for TuneCore artists on YouTube, DanceOn and its expertise in connecting music and pop culture through the universal language of dance was a natural fit,” said Scott Ackerman, TuneCore CEO.  “Online video has now become one of the most effective channels for breaking new music and getting artists worldwide attention, and these kinds of YouTube collaborations are fantastic opportunities for independent artists working outside the label model to get their music heard and build an active and engaged fan base.”

Amanda Taylor, CEO DanceOn, echoes Ackerman’s sentiments, “We are thrilled to partner with TuneCore to help provide independent artists new creative promotional opportunities through access to our wide network of dance lifestyle and cultural influencers. TuneCore’s extensive catalog of music across all genres and access to some of the hottest up-and-coming talent makes TuneCore an exciting partner; we are looking forward to exploring all of the ways we can work together in the future.”

The partnership is the latest endeavor in TuneCore’s 2015 Artist initiatives providing artists with new creative ways to build awareness with fans. Earlier this year, TuneCore launched a number of programs to help in raising artist visibility, including the launch of TuneCore Live, a monthly concert series showcasing some of TuneCore’s up-and-coming talent. And in March, TuneCore unveiled DropKloud, the innovative, free app that directly connects artists with fans, providing location-based fan VIP access to exclusive artist-curated content.

TuneCore Partners With MixGenius To Launch Instant Mastering

NEW YORKJan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TuneCore announced today a partnership with MixGenius, an intelligent audio technology company, to help artists release professional-quality music by offering fast and affordable mastering.  TuneCore is the first digital music distributor to integrate LANDR Instant Mastering, a new embeddable DIY mastering platform from MixGenius, into an artist’s dashboard.

Built for the evolving music industry and growing independent artist population, the LANDR Instant Mastering gives musicians the ability to master their songs directly from the TuneCore platform in preparation for worldwide distribution.

TuneCore artists can now use LANDR’s drag & drop simplicity to master their music within minutes and instantly preview the results. Mastered songs files are easily uploaded when the artist is ready to distribute the new music. Uncompressed WAV masters are available for only $9.99 per song.

“With the addition of the LANDR Instant Mastering, our newest Artist Service, we’re able to provide our artists with the means to create the type of high-quality sound recordings that their fans have come to expect,” said Scott Ackerman, CEO of TuneCore. “Partnering with MixGenius is a part of our continued mission to ensure our artists can access the best available tools for creating and distributing their music at affordable prices.”

“Mastering is a key, yet incredibly time-consuming and expensive aspect of making music,” said Pascal Pilon, CEO of MixGenius.  “We’re thrilled to put LANDR Instant Mastering at the fingertips of TuneCore Artists and give them the opportunity easily and affordably improve the sound quality of their music.”

MixGenius is an intelligent audio technology company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Since launching in May 2014, LANDR has amassed over 100,000 users in over 170 countries. Over 110,000 songs are mastered per month, more than all the mastering houses in the US combined.