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Artist Breakdown: TuneCore Live Atlanta 5/4 @ Music Room

Hard to believe we took the whole month of April off from hosting TuneCore Live events in LA, New York, Nashville and Atlanta, right? Well, maybe if you were at one of our five events during SXSW, you’d understand our musical hangover.

But fear not ATLiens! We’re back in style on Wednesday, May 4th at the Music Room in Atlanta (and yes, Star Wars nerds, ‘the 4th will be with us’). As always, we’re excited to bring a bill of TuneCore Artists who will share the stage for a 21+, FREE show.

Living in Atlanta? Wanna know more about TuneCore? Wanna meet, dance and drink with TuneCore? Or maybe you just wanna wig out on some free music to break up your week? Head over to our Facebook event to RSVP and keep it on your radar.

Learn more about the artists hitting the stage below:

M-City J.R.

M City J.R.
Just recently, M-City J.R.’s single “Addicted To My Ex” has blown up – in just three months it’s video has reached over 1 million views on YouTube. But the Detroit born-and-bred MC knows it takes more than just one song to live up to the city’s legends he holds so close to his heart. We’re excited to have this up-and-comer show us how he plans to take on 2016 with this momentum as he joins us for TuneCore Live!

Kodie Shane

Kodie ShaneBorn in Atlanta and raised between there and Chicago, Kodie Shane AKA “ItsTheDonBaby” began writing songs at the young age of 12. After catching the attention of production team Matty P and D. Clax, she began writing for other hip hop artists and find her lane. Much of Kodie’s lyricism stems from the complexities of life as a millennial, and she aims to control the hearts of anyone who hears her melodies!

Hero the Band

Hero The BandWith no lead singer and no dedication to one single genre, Hero The Band is four Atlanta brothers who formed in 2010. Their energy, bond, vocals and instrumental abilities has all evolved organically, stemming from their upbringing and singing in the church. The four brothers – Jerramy, DJ, Justin and Nick – credit their chorus teacher for giving them the inspiration to learn music and pursue a career in it, and they’ve made a pact to take this journey on together.

Mr. 2-17

Mr. 2-17
It’s always impressive when we see an artist who has achieved success in one lane vow to earn his name in another. Atlanta producer, recording artist and filmmaker Mr. 2-17 has production credits with Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy and Bankroll Fresh. His abilities, notoriety and respect as a producer have sent him on a path to dominate the hip hop world as an MC, and we’re looking forward to his upcoming debut solo album.

Willie HyN

Willie HyN
Atlanta-based MC Willie HyN is a worker. After graduating he committed two years to performing at over 200 open mic and other events with the determination of being discovered. What he did do was establish himself as a familiar face in the Atlanta scene, and opened up opportunities to perform at radio showcases, talent shows and other high-profile events. HyN has 10 mix tapes under his belt, has toured internationally and shows no sign of stopping in 2016!

Levi Johnson

Levi Johnson
A trio not, a solo act, Levi Johnson is comprised of three talented young artists Alex, Kobe and Dre Johnson. Described as a “artistic and harmonious collection of rhythm, dance and authentic cool”, this East Atlanta group was developed by renowned choreographer Jamaica Craft. They’re clearing a path for success as their 90’s-influenced pop and R&B sounds evolve.

Artist Breakdown: TuneCore Live Atlanta @ Music Room

Hot off the heels of a tremendously successful TuneCore Live at Acme Feed & Seed in Nashville, we’re riding high on the love from our Southern fans and artists. For the first time since we brought it down to A3C Fest in October, TuneCore Live is hitting the Music Room in Atlanta on March 2nd, 2016 – which, incidentally, is also Georgia Music Day!

“Three TuneCore Artists?” you may be asking. Nope, try EIGHT! It’s gonna be a long night of amazing independent hip hop and R&B, and we’re psyched to be partnering with our friends at A3C FestivalCeleBuzz and Mirrored Media to give these artists the opportunity to showcase their skills, share the stage with fellow locals, and network with their TuneCore family and others in the Atlanta scene.

So come on out and get to know us! We’ll be hanging at 8pm, the event is free and 21+. Learn more here, and read about the artists performing below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.55.26 PM

Formed by MCs Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot while in high school in 2007, EarthGang drew on influences both in and outside of hip hop to craft a southern sound that lends itself to Pharcyde comparisons. On top of touring with acts like Mac Miller and Ab-Soul, the duo have released two EPs and three full-length albums, their most recent being November 2015’s Strays With Rabies.


Born and raised in New York City, Yonas got his start in music when he began studying classical violin at a young age. When he was ready to put it down, he focused his efforts on hip hop, releasing his debut mixtape The New Golden Era in 2010 (via TuneCore!). Since then, he went on to drive over 6 million views of his “Pumped Up Kicks” remix on YouTube, climb the iTunes charts with singles and albums, and share the stage with artists such as Macklemore and Wale.

Buggs Tha Rocka
Buggs Tha Rocka

Based in Cincinnati where he grew up, Buggs Tha Rocka trades in the gangsta rap appeal for amusing and conscious rhymes placed nicely over eclectic beats. One-half of the duo Space Invadaz and founder of hip hop-jazz fusion group Gold Shoes, Buggs’ ability to innovate and spit garnered the attention of Talib Kweli, who invited the MC to join him on tour.

India Shawn

LA-born and raised India Shawn dropped her debut release, Origins, back in 2012, and went on to be featured on Solange Knowles’ “Saint Heron” compilation. On top of working with artists like Chris Brown, El Debarge, Keri Hilson, and Monica, India released her pop-fused R&B EP Origins, a collaboration with James Fauntleroy, in 2015. Read an interview that we featured on the TuneCore Blog.


A high-energy hip hop trio, Atlanta-based Goldyard consists of A.T, In-Doe and Producer Flick James. In the spring of 2015, they released F**k Culture 2, the follow-up to their 2014 EP of the same title. Fans can expect a third installment in the F**k Culture series this year. Goldyard has shared the stage with current hip hop stars and has a reputation for active, intense live performances.

Mighty High Coup

Consisting of Mr. SOS, Ricky Raw, and A-Bomb – Mighty High Coup got together through performing and partying in Atlanta’s hip hop scene and have been distributing music through TuneCore since their debut, To The Moon in 2010. After that release, their track “808” received the remix treatment from legendary dubstep producer Bassnectar – which opened up doors into the EDM/house music/rave world.

Natasha Mosley

ATL-born and raised, Natasha Mosley is a rising R&B artist who has been featured on tracks with Lil Wayne, Jeremih, YG, and Tyga. Releasing her debut full length, Rose Hall, in May of last year, her single “Anything” (stream below) has racked up over 7 million plays on Soundcloud and 2 million streams on YouTube!

Nick Grant
NG press photo

Atlanta-based up-and-comer Nick Grant grew up in a town of only 5,000 in South Carolina, and it’s there that he learned how to stand out. When he discovered his abilities to rhyme, it consumed him, and eventually caught the attention of the right hip hop figures. Taking notes from the legends like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, Grant dropped his latest mix tape, 88, in early 2016.

Interview: India Shawn Chats Touring, Latest Release

[Editors Note: Back in November, our friends at Infinite Mag did a wonderful feature/interview with TuneCore Artist India Shawn. Her  pop-infused R&B sound can be heard on her debut Origin, and more recently her 2015 EP Outer Limits. Read on as India opens up on performing and growing as an artist.]

When Infinite last talked about extraordinarily refreshing LA born singer and songwriter, India Shawn, back in February, she was on the heels of releasing Outer Limits -a collaborative EP with Grammy winning songwriter/producer, James Fauntleroy. Blurring R&B and pop genre lines with an eclectic sound, the impact of singles like “Floating Away” and “One Sun”, left her growing fan base wanting more…and she’s giving it to them. India Shawn embarked on the Crystal Express Tour with Atlanta’s own budding phenomenon Raury in October, allowing those who already love her music to experience her live.

India Shawn Outer LimitsIndia’s ability to create songs that seem to come straight from her soul to our ears has given her a respectable career of 10 years and counting. Spending part of that time behind the scenes writing for some of our favorite top artists, the 2012 release of her first EP, Origin, placed her in front of the microphone and in our hearts as we fell in love with her angelic buttery voice.

The songstress admits that she had been speaking a tour experience into existence for herself and wanting the opportunity to travel and meet her supporters, while sharing her songs. She says, “The touring element is what makes it real for me. I want to get outside of the world I know and touch the people.”

There’s no doubt that being on the road with Raury won’t be a traditional tour experience. Both share fans who enjoy the true artistry behind music and the desire to hear a message that many say is missing in the majority of music being played on today’s mainstream radio.

While in between her Boston and Vancouver show dates, India chatted with me about the tour experience, connecting with the audience, making fashion blend with confidence on stage, and creating new music.

Alisa Dunn: What has the energy been like so far on the Crystal Express tour?

India Shawn: Beyond description really! Raury brings out such a diverse room of people. I’m talking about black kids in dashikis, older white couples, industry folks, and of course, all the “indigo children”. It’s beautiful to see.

I’ve heard you say Boston was a great show. What made it such a wonderful night?

Well, for one, the audience was sitting Indian style on the floor before the show even began. *laughs* I knew at that point the show was going to be something different. They were just so open and receptive to the music. They were FUN and they were involved. Nobody was staring at their cell phone or talking during the show. They came to hear music, and that really energized me. I actually think that was one of my best shows…like to date.

 What do you want to give your fans on this tour?

I just wanna sing my ass off every night and leave people feeling inspired and excited about me, and about the future of music. I want them to feel like music is in good hands.

What do you want those who have never heard your music before to walk away with?

I want them to feel like I’m what they’ve been missing.  It’s cool because I approach each show as a challenge to win the audience over. I’m on stage like, “How many people can I make fall in love with me tonight?”

What’s the best part about being on stage?

India Shawn

The best part is making the connection. It’s the point where it all kind of comes together. Like, I’ve had emotional experiences, I’ve written about them and put a ton of energy into recording these songs that are so special and so personal to me, and I’m up there blown away that people are responding and singing the lyrics with me…and that people even care. It’s a spiritual experience.

What common thread to do you think you share with your fans? How do they relate to your music?

Most of my fans are music makers and music lovers. The kind of music lovers who read credits to see who contributed to an album. I was that person. From the feedback I get online, I know that my audience really dissects the music and the lyrics. There’s an appreciation for the craftsmanship.

In addition to connecting to the music, people also have to connect to your image. While there are many over the top entertainers we love, there are also the ones who’s looks seem as genuine and organic as their sound.

How important do you think is image to an artist’s success?

Seems like today’s industry is totally about the packaging and presentation of it all. The artist as a product. I get that. I just don’t know how important it is to me anymore. My image is whatever I felt like wearing that day. Thinking about people like Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, and so many other greats confirms for me that realness is what resonates.

You’ve been in the game for several years and you’re having a humble climb to success. The music industry can be so fleeting, so what validates you and gives you strength to keep going?

Knowing this is what I was put on earth to do keeps me going. I have a gift that I’m responsible for and a part of that responsibility is sharing it. Whether that be with 3 people or 3 million people. It’s much bigger than fame.

You’re well respected for your writing ability and have a unique way of using words to move us to certain emotional states. Where’s the most unlikely place you’ve written a song?

In the shower! I guess a lot of people feel like they have musical super powers when they get in the shower, but I kid you not, there was a point where I felt like ideas were pouring down onto me through my shower head. *laughs*

You went to LA earlier this year to work on new music, so what’s next? You experimented with a lot of different sounds for Outer Limits. Any idea what musical direction you want to go in?

It’ll be more of a focused direction. I can’t  tell you what it’s going to be just yet. I’m still in creation mode, and in music or art in general the art has this magical way of doing its own thing and becoming something greater than you’d anticipated or planned for it to be. It’ll be great.

Interview: Reece Shows Us Age is Just a Number in R&B

For an artist just 19 years of age, R&B up-and-comer Reece sounds like he’s packing decades of experience, hurt, and emotion into his songs. Reece has released three singles in the past year, his latest, “Don’t Go” via TuneCore, and he shows no sign of slowing down. Based in Woodbridge, VA, his soulful cuts have garnered the attention of blogs like Pigeons & Planes, KickKickSnare and HillyDilly.

If you’re unfamiliar, it’s time to change that! Find him on iTunes and Spotify. We got the chance to ask the young indie a few questions about his influences and writing – check it out:

Indie R&B has made an awesome resurgence in recent years. Who do you cite as some of your strongest influences, both in the modern and classic eras?

Reece: The majority of my influences are from newer artists such as Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, Yuna, and Adele. However, my biggest overall influence is Imogen Heap!

How long have you been making music? ‘Ghost’ is a pretty heavy relationship track – how has your songwriting evolved in recent years?

I’ve been making music for around three years – since I was 16.
I think that as I get older and experience more in life, it directly affects my songwriting because I have more to write about. I also try to push myself with my writing to expand outside of my comfort zone!

As a Woodbridge, VA-native, you’re a good ways out of DC. Do you feel connected to the local scene there?

Woodbridge is only about 30-minutes outside of DC, this whole area is lumped together as ‘the DMV’ (DC, Maryland, Virginia). There are a plethora of different music scenes in the DMV, but I actually feel more connected with the music scene in Richmond, (not technically considered part of the DMV), which is about an hour and a half away from me.

What are your goals in the next year as a young indie artist? How do you plan to ride the momentum of your three recent singles?

My main goal for the next coming year is to have a project done, whether that be an album or an EP. I would like to continue to grow and expand as an artist reach as many people as I can with my music!

What kind of roles have services like TuneCore played in your development as an artist?

With the help of TuneCore, my music has been distributed to many important online stores, which has helped me reach out to new people and gain new listeners! ​