Wednesday Video Diversion: February 15, 2016

We’re officially over the mid-month hump of February! We’re not, however, officially over the mid-week hump. Which means you’re getting groggy, antsy, and need to tune out from whatever you’ve got going on in your afternoon. That’s why we’re here once again to show off some of our TuneCore Artists’ awesome audio-visual talents with a round-up of music videos! Get into it.


The Rising Sun All-Stars, “RSG (Till They Bury Me)”

Tdot Illdude, “You And I (feat. Guordan Banks)”

Asta, “I Need Answers”

Paperwhite, “Get Away”

Sarah Darling, “Where Cowboys Ride”

Fortunate Youth, “Left My Love in California”

Bounce Back, “Rizzoo Rizzoo”

Tim Wheatley, “78 Benz”

Young Gordon, “Finna Hit My Walk (feat. DJ T Time)”

In The Valley Below, “Peaches”

Wednesday Video Diversion: January 11, 2017

For this week’s version of the blog designed to distract you from whatever iota of productivity you’ve got left in your bones, we’re celebrating the birth and life of Laurens Hammond (b. 1895), inventor of the Hammond Organ! Where would we be without, you Laurens? From the days of Fats Waller and Count Basie through the Allman Brothers and Deep Purple, we’re giving a salute to the pipes that defined so many important songs and albums! Now – enjoy these TuneCore Artist music videos that have nothing to do with what we were just talking about:


Tdot Illdude, “Please Don’t”

Vafa Kaamil, “Tints On a Rental”

Trina, “I’m Back (Back 2 Business)”

BENTA, “Lover in Dark”

The Ruins, “Deliverance”

Kodak Black, “No Flockin'”

Shannon Taylor, “Pushing Daisies”

Nine Inch Nails, “Burning Bright”

Kiyanne, “A.D.I.D.A.S”

Devin Supertramp, “Best Year Yet” feat. Mikey Wax’s “Helium”

New Music Friday: October 21, 2016

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

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Paradise In You
Radical Something
Alternative, Pop

Morning Comes Too Fast
Toot Illdude
Hip Hop/Rap

The Violent Sound
The Last Ten Seconds of Life

Heavy Metal, Rock


Ibn Inglor
Hip Hop/Rap

The Letter O
Dame D.O.L.L.A.
Hip Hop/Rap

Bryan Lanning


Get You
Daniel Caesar


Stella Mwangi
Stella Mwangi
Hip Hop/Rap

The Pearls
The Pearls

Singer/Songwriter, Alternative

Strange Places
Case Arnold

Hip Hop/Rap

Mathew V

Singer/Songwriter, Pop

Due West
Meaning Machine

New Age, Instrumental

Don’t Play

Hip Hop/Rap

Wednesday Video Diversion: January 27, 2016

The mid-week slump is REAL. For much of us, January is a time where Wednesdays can feel like they’re a monthlong. Take your eyes off those spreadsheets, Twitter feeds, or homework for a moment and enjoy this week’s round up on TuneCore Artist music videos!

J-Key, “Right Now (feat. Tre Ross)

Caleidofonio, “Gotitas De Menta”

Meresha, “New Revolution”

Marcus Butler, “I’m Famous (feat. Conor Maynard)”

Rich O’Toole, “Too Good To Call

Miner, “Better Instincts”

Alexis Glenn, “Type of Girl”

Anna Clendening, “Relapse”

Tdot illdude, “All Good”

STRO, “Live At The BBQ ’16”