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TuneCore Live: Interviews with Waterbed, Dear Boy, Knower & Holy Child [VIDEO]

Another month, another successful TuneCore Live event at Bardot, thanks to our sponsors Swisher Sweets, Crave Online, and Ultimate Ears and all the talented artists! If you’ve checked out the photos from February’s show, you know already that the house was packed and the artists killed it. To get you a little more familiar with some of them, CraveOnline sat down with Dear Boy, Holy Child, Waterbed & Knower to talk about their music, their message, and their plans for 2015.

Always touching were the kind words some of the artists had to say about TuneCore! Louis, one half of Knower recommended using TuneCore as it’s been, “…just the coolest thing for us. It’s so easy to put your tracks up…It’s worked perfect for us.”

Cat and Chad of Waterbed prefer to distribute using our services: “TuneCore is awesome, it’s just so easy because anytime we finish a song, there’s no red tape – it’s just like, “Let’s put it out!” I feel like it’s the best way to get songs directly to our fans. We can be our own boss. Cut out the middleman.”

On top of calling us all “handsome people”, Ben of Dear Boy said, “TuneCore has helped us a lot as independent artists…Farm to f**cking table. It’s empowering because they’re just really good about giving us release dates…so we can give the content to everybody. To have that control is really cool.” Thanks Ben, we think you’re a handsome fella, too!

But enough about us! Peep the videos below – you’re bound to pick up some helpful and insightful info from these hardworking independent artists:


Event Recap: TuneCore Live at Bardot 2/25

Last Wednesday, TuneCore, CraveOnline, Swisher Sweets & Mirrored Media partnered to bring Bardot in Hollywood to capacity before any artists even hit the stage! The second installment of our TuneCore Live event series was a massive success thanks to our TuneCore Artist line-up of Dear Boy, Waterbed, and Knower, with an awesome DJ set by HOLYCHILD.

From CraveOnline:

Waterbed’s frenetic performance delivered infectious melodies bouncing atop booming drums, bubbling synthesizers and delicious noise -a psychedelic wonderland of sonic adventure. Dear Boy delivered a bittersweet alt-rock set, building on the strength of their latest single “Hesitation Waltz”.

Meanwhile, attendees had little luck resisting the dance-mandate dynamic of Knower’s glitch beats in a wash of live visual graphics, a high-energy blast buoyed by their debut album Let Go, which topped iTunes’ Top 20 most downloaded electronic albums of 2013.

Our TuneCore Live series is just one more example of how we aim to offer our artists opportunities to perform, network and carry on their musical journeys with support from their loving distributor. Since we’ll be returning to Bardot each month with an exciting new line-up, we again encourage any and all L.A.-area TuneCore Artists to join us. Our West Coast team is at every event, ready to chat, rub elbows and of course answer questions – we’re not shy!

So stay tuned to our TuneCore Live event page, our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to stay up to speed with what we’ll be doing each month – and if you were able to join us last Wednesday, look for yourself in the awesome photos provided to us by Mirrored Media!

TuneCore Live Artist Breakdown: WATERBED, Knower, & Dear Boy

If you’re a reader of the TuneCore Blog, you already know that the kick-off of our TuneCore Live Series was a huge success! The bands tore up the stage, the DJs kept people moving, and we packed the joint with fans. Now, one month later, we’re gearing up for the second installment of TuneCore Live. We’ll be back at the Bardot in L.A. this Wednesday, February 25th at 8pm. The event is free,  brought to you with the help of wonderful sponsors Swisher SweetsCraveOnline, Mirrored Media, and Ultimate Ears!

This month, we’ve enlisted TuneCore Artists WATERBED, Knower, and Dear Boy, with a special guest DJ set by HOLYCHILD. We’re psyched to be giving our artists an opportunity on the ground and we encourage any L.A.-based TuneCore Artist to come and hang out! Our L.A. staff will be hosting the event with Swisher and CraveOnline, and this is the perfect time to come rub elbows, ask questions, give us feedback, and support a few of your fellow TuneCore Artists!

Speaking of which, scroll down to learn more about the artists in the line-up, hear some tunes, and see how TuneCore has been part of the journey so far:

KNOWER 2015 1 pic17
Formed in 2010, KNOWER are a LA electronic-funk-pop duo fusing hot pop vocals with high energy glitch-beats. Set to a futuristic backdrop of live visual graphics, Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi’s performance is an addictive sonic firework display. Quincy Jones described KNOWER as, “Very, very, very talented young people. I’m just thrilled to see them PUTTING MUSIC BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS!! With PASSION!”“[Being independent] means we can do whatever we want. Nobody is our boss. TuneCore is the greatest. Fast, affordable, easy-to-use way to get our music to the right digital stores and radio stations and stuff.” – KNOWER


Dear Boy plays bitter-sweet alternative rock with roots in both post-punk and 90‘s British guitar pop. Propelled by the single “Oh So Quiet,” Dear Boy built a devoted live following, headlining local venues such as the Troubadour and The Bootleg Theater, along with performances at SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX and a national tour supporting Kitten.“TuneCore has been absolutely essential for us. Since we’re a new band, it’s empowering to be able to set our own release dates and connect our audience with our jams whenever we damn well please. You’re getting content straight from us… We write the music, we record the music and then it’s yours. Farm to f**king table.” – Dear Boy


WATERBED is composed of  Tarzana, CA couple Paternostro and Chad Montermini. Meeting in Boston in 2010 and forming under their original moniker, Musvles, they were signed to Warner Music Group. However, Waterbed were at odds with their label over creative control, and eventually got prematurely dropped. “You can do it their way and let the labels tell you what to do and pump those steroids, but we’re doing it our own way, eating healthy and just working out every day,” explained Montermini.“All WATERBED music starts in our minds and goes directly from our hands to our fans. We create the music that we love, and share it directly with the world. TuneCore makes it possible for us to spread our music through all of the big digital outlets – reaching fans from all around, and getting paid.”

#TCVideoFriday: Feb. 20, 2015

Happy Friday! Only one more left in this chilly month, but for now you’ll have to keep warm with this round up of TuneCore Artist videos:

Denny Strickland, “Swerve On”

Jessica Sanchez, “This Love”

Orange Grove, “Easy Love”

Grumble Bee, “H.C.A.D.C”

Dear Boy, “Oh So Quiet”

Diana Espir, “Tomboy (feat. Nelly)”

WATERBED, “Somethin”

Kwame Katana, “The Worlds Waiting For You”

KNOWER, “Fuck the Makeup, Skip the Shower”

Michelle Willis, “Broken Sky”