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DAY 2 Recap: TuneCore Austin Takeover 2016

If you thought Day 1 of our TuneCore Austin Takeover looked fun, Friday, March 18th made way for an even longer and more packed Vulcan Gas Company. Two events taking place over fourteen hours brought hundreds more people walking through the doors.

Day Party

Familiar faces Dead Stars kicked off Day 2 with their nostalgic 90s revival rock.

Dead Stars1

The trio from Brooklyn was followed by an eclectic series of sets from the bluesy Truett, the rocking Ron Pope and his Nighthawks, and the folky Ciaran Lavery.

Ron Pope

It made for an excellent reminder of what makes the staff at TuneCore so proud: a truly diverse array of artists bringing their own sound to the same stage, brought together by their ability to use our services to be heard by the world.


Case in point: two duos to share the stage were Pr0files and Deap Vally. Decked out in American flag jump suits and rock ‘n roll attitudes, Deap Vally brought the heat!  Totally glammed out and complete with bass drum leaps, fans came ready to rock out.


On the other end of the musical spectrum, the wonderfully synthy Pr0files used dual facing laptops. Their unique set up was center stage, a full electronics workspace!


Riding high off their latest release Stranger Things, headliners Yuck played old favorites and new cuts to an eager crowd of fans. They provided an indie rock warm up for everyone’s night as they closed out the event.

And with that, TuneCore, Swisher Sweets and Mirrored Media had just a couple hours to clean up and get ready for the night!

Night Party

The sun went down and the doors of the Vulcan Gas Company opened to a capacity line. World Arts Winners MRKTS and The Record Company took full advantage of their time on stage and were ready to entertain a packed house. Nothing like a little harmonica and lap steel to get it started, right?


The crowd moved and mingled to the sweet sounds of Brandon Kinder’s The Wealthy West, rocked out to the post-punk vibes of Holy Esque, cooled out to Kevin Calabra’s Airlands project, and threw their hands up for MC Kap G.


It was when Boston’s Sammy Adams (below) hit the stage that it really started to pop off. Energetic, genuine, and highly anticipated, the MC proved to be a true performer in every sense of the word.


Finally, late into the evening, our headliner and household name Wyclef Jean stepped up the mic! Let us tell you, the man did not disappoint.


Performing a set of well known hits and new cuts, Wyclef made the stage his home, introducing Trae Tha Truth and Carnivale dancers up to entertain a wildly grateful audience. Not to mention the amazing singalong for “Gone Til November”!


Want more visual action? Check out the Day and Night Party photo galleries below! And be sure to catch Recaps of Days 1 and 3.

Day 2 Day Party Photo Gallery:

Day 2 Night Party Photo Gallery:

Interview: Yuck – New Album, SXSW, & More

London’s Yuck is a 7-year young garage rock outfit that immediately brought to mind the riffs, fuzzy hooks and vocals of bands like Dinosaur Jr. and early 90’s Weezer when they dropped their self-titled debut album in 2011.

After critical praise for the release, the band rode on an exciting wave of buzz only have their founding member Daniel Blumberg in 2013, followed by the introduction of guitarist Edward Hayes. The four-piece released their second album Glow & Behold that year.

Late this February, Yuck rolled out their third album Stranger Things, and after enough turbulent rock n’ roll cliches, the band shines through and sound more complete than ever before. We’re stoked to have them headlining our TuneCore Showcase, Friday afternoon on March 18th as part of our 2016 Austin Takeover.

Read our Q&A with Max Bloom, who plays guitar and assists with vocals (alongside Mariko Doi and Jonny Rogdoff) in Yuck:

You guys have been through a lot over 5 years! What has changed for Yuck when it comes to releasing a new full length? 
Max Bloom: I guess this album kind of brings together everything we’ve learned over our whole career. I think we’ve learned a lot about how we want to sound as a band and the best way for us to work, so that knowledge and hindsight definitely proved useful. I think we also really came together on tour over the past few years, so I think we went into this with the idea that we wanted to make 10 or 11 songs that would be really fun and enjoyable for us to play live.
Tell us a bit about the process of readying Stranger Things – from recording it to working with PledgeMusic.
The album was recorded over the space of about a year. I remember writing “Hold Me Closer” and “Cannonball” in quite quick succession, and then the others fell into place around those. We recorded very much at our own pace – its probably the longest recording session we’ve ever done. After recording it we sat on it for a while until we worked out how we wanted to release it. Our PledgeMusic page was our manager Kurt’s idea. It seemed like a really fun and interesting thing to do.
In general, how has releasing music yourselves or on a smaller indie label compared to your previous experiences?
Well there’s less financial investment of course, but the rewards are far greater. It’s nice not having to prove yourself or answer to other people.
Where is the band coming from emotionally on this record?
A lot of the album is about stuff that I’ve been going through personally over the past couple of years. It hasn’t been the most pleasant time for me, so it felt quite cathartic to write about it in a song.

Line-up changes are never easy, but Yuck seemed to bounce back from the exit of a frontman. What were some lessons you all walked away with from this?
Probably just to believe in what you’re doing and try not to care what other people think… which is easier said than done. It hasn’t been easy at all. The support and encouragement of my friends and the band have been really important.
How would you compare hitting SXSW to the days when you were a less well-traveled unit?
I guess we’re just better as a band now, so it’s probably easier for us to just rock up somewhere and play immediately without a soundcheck, which is often what you’re expected to do playing SXSW.
Is there added significance to a SXSW trip when you’re on the heels of a new release?
I think it feels more exciting for us. I hope the audience feels the same!
What kind of advice – no matter how general – would you offer to an indie band making their first SXSW trip in 2016?
Work hard. Play hard.
What are your plans for supporting Stranger Things after you roll out from a week in Austin?
We’re going on a long-ass tour of America which I’m really looking forward to. We’ll be hitting up a bunch of places we’ve never been before, like Las Vegas and some midwest cities. It’s going to be great!

TuneCore Austin Takeover: Friday Day TuneCore Showcase 3/18

For Day Two of our TuneCore Live Austin Takeover, we’ve lined up an afternoon party that’s heavy on rock with notes of electronic pop, art rock, and singer/songwriter goodness.  Like all of our Austin Takeover events, this show’s completely free, no badge or wristband required, and of course, features an open bar. Will you be joining us?

RSVP via Do512 here!

Whether you’re a fan or a TuneCore Artist, our staff will be out in full force ready to mingle! Come by, grab a drink at the open bar, enjoy some tunes and feel free to chat us up. The show goes from 12pm-6pm.

Now, more about the artists making up this bill! Read on:

Yuck Stranger Things 1

Formed while the members were still in high school in 2009, Yuck exploded onto the indie rock scene two years later with their critically acclaimed self-titled debut via Fat Possum. From there, the four piece band was faced with the challenge of an exiting frontman and a new guitarist, all while preparing the release of a follow up record. TuneCore is psyched to be distributing Yuck’s third full length album, Stranger Things, where we hear the band settling so nicely into their lineup it hurts. Check out a track below.

Deap Vally

Don’t let the fact that they met in a crochet class fool you – Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards of Deap Vally bring that “bottles vibrating off of the bar onto the floor” kind of rock. While definitely rooted in the blues, their rhythm brings the funk, and their attitude brings the punk. Deap Vally has toured with DIIV, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and other heavy hitters, and are releasing their second album in 2016. Their latest single “Royal Jelly” should give you a good idea of what to expect!


Speaking of Ron Pope, we’re also excited to be showcasing Truett, who was ‘briefly kidnapped’ by the aforementioned artist and his band, where Truett played guitar. Born and raised in Atlanta, he dropped his debut single in 2015 with big plans ahead. “Be Mine” captures Truett’s guitar skills and blues/rock influence, which is sure to carry him far in 2016 and beyond.

Ron Pope

Ron Pope is a rocking singer songwriter who TuneCore has been proud to partner with over the years. He’s a wonderful example of an independent artist who used every tool in the toolbox to build a fan base both at home and abroad. Pope’s latest album, Ron Pope & The Nighthawks takes him into the territory of true American rock music, drawing on the sounds of the south. Check out a cut off that album below.



22-year old Ryan Camenzuli fronts his solo effort, Zuli, and released a debut EP Supernatrual Voodoo via TuneCore in Spring of 2015. With just five tracks, it’s one of those EPs that leaves the listener absolutely craving more. Zuli does a great job of combining a love for well orchestrated pop songs with a lo-fi indie influence. It’s easy to hear Zuli’s love of artists like Animal Collective and The Dirty Projectors throughout the EP. Check out “Forget My Name” below.

Ciaran Lavery
ciaran lavery

Hailing from a small village in Northern Ireland, Ciaran Lavery uses his influences of everything from Americana to hip hop to craft thoughtful, acoustic pop music. He’s not afraid to use an acoustic guitar and write with an emotional tone, but Lavery avoids the ‘sensitive singer-songwriter archetype’ and stands out in the crowd – hear his latest single below and you’ll see how.

Pr0files JT press71

Composed of longtime pals, Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum, Pr0files is an electronic indie pop outfit driven by heavy drums, synths, and Pardini’s strong vocals. The duo go way back to their first project together, The Boy Traveler, which also featured Skrillex (before he was ‘Skrillex’). We’re glad they got back together to make music, and you’ll see why when you check out a sampling from their latest full length Jurassic Technologie below.

Dead Stars

Dead Stars is a three piece indie-pop group made up of cousins Jeff and Jaye Moore and longtime friend John Watterberg. Based in Brooklyn, the band evokes college radio memories from the early nineties, drawing comparison to Dinosaur Jr. and Teenage Fanclub with their fuzzy guitar riffs and hard hitting choruses. Check out a cut from their latest album, Bright Colors, below.

Wednesday Video Diversion: March 9, 2016

We’re only a week out from SXSW, one the music industry’s biggest showcases of amazing indie talent from all corners of the world. But we see you out there – gazing at the screen of your mobile device or desktop, dreaming of tacos and BBQ and loud music, wishing you could be there now. Well, you can’t. But here’s some awesome music videos from TuneCore Artists that are making the trip next week!

Miya Folick, “I Got Drunk”

Rob $tone, “Chill Bill (feat. J. Davis & Spooks)”

Deap Vally, “Royal Jelly”

Yuck, “Middle Sea”

NIKO IS, “Mos Def Rap”

Holy Esque, “Hexx”

Buggs Tha Rocka, “Bad Habits”

EarthGang, “Liquor Sto’ (feat. Marian Mereba)”

Andy Allo, “Don’t Ever Say”

YONAS, “Live It Up”

New Music Friday: February 26, 2016

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

It’s Political
Shannon LaBrie

Pop, Singer/Songwriter

Side A
Christina Grimmie

Pop, R&B/Soul

Young Futura

Hip Hop/Rap, Electronic

Adelita’s Way


Running With Giants
Thousand Foot Krutch


Step 2 
Cole Taylor



Alternative, Pop

Alligator Tears

The Downtown Fiction


Stranger Things


What the Hurt For
Mila Mason

Singer/Songwriter, Country

In the Altogether
The Sea The Sea

Alternative, Singer/Songwriter

Memory Man
Juke Jaxon

R&B/Soul, Rock

New Music Friday: January 15, 2016

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

Remember Me
Jacob Latimore

R&B/Soul, Pop

Til The Sun Comes Back Around
Chris Cornell

Soundtrack, Rock

Isaiah Rashad

Hip Hop/Rap

Leaked Demos 2006
Brand New

Rock, Alternative

Tie Me Down
Taylor Ray Holbrook

Country, Pop

Natalie Stovall and the Drive

Country, Pop


Hip Hop/Rap

Hearts In Motion


Dope Lines

Hip Hop/Rap, Singer/Songwriter

Brooke Waggoner


Sofi Tukker

Dance, Electronic

fossil collective
Fossil Collective

Alternative, Folk