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Artist Services

Facebook Audio Recognition

NEW! Facebook audio recognition feature makes it easy for Facebook users to share which song they’re listening to with their friends. Add your music to Facebook so Facebook can recognize your song and Facebook users can share your artist name, song name and cover art with new fans.

Facebook is making the audio recognition feature available on iOS and Android in the US over the coming months, so you may not see the feature for a while on your own Facebook account.

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LANDR Instant Mastering

Master Your Songs in Minutes!

Refine and polish your stereo mixes quickly with LANDR. LANDR is an instant mastering service that perfects the sound of your songs, giving them a more professional quality. Pay just $9.99 per track and submit desired tracks through TuneCore. LANDR masters your music in minutes. Your songs get a higher-quality sound than your original recording—a sound that’s great for radio and iTunes.

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TuneCore Track Smarts

Ever wondered what fans really think about your music? TuneCore Track Smarts puts your track in front of real music fans to rate and review. Each Track Smarts report contains reviewers’ actual comments, plus insight and analytics on your track to help you improve your music and advance your career.

The same service used by major record labels to find future hits is now available to you. Use Track Smarts to identify your best tracks, choose your next single, find new target markets, and improve the quality of your songs. There’s also an opportunity for highly-rated tracks to get noticed with A&R consideration.

Choose from 3 TuneCore Track Smarts reports:

  • Starter

    40 reviews
    4 Data Points
    $15 per song
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  • Opportunity for major radio exposure in the U.S.


    100 reviews
    10 Data Points
    $40 per song
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  • Opportunity for major radio exposure PLUS A&R consideration with major labels


    225 reviews
    16 Data Points
    $115 per song
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Other Services

Radio Airplay

Get guaranteed internet radio airplay to millions of listeners who like your style of music. Special Offer: 100 bonus spins when you sign up.

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Professional Mastering

Improve the quality of your recordings with Universal Mastering Studio's award-winning audio engineers. Exclusive Limited Time Offer: Buy 3 Masters and get the 4th free.

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CD Manufacturing

Promote your music with CDs. Get professional quality CD duplication and replication at low rates; wide variety of packaging. Limited Time Offer. Save $50 when you place a $500+ order. Use promo code SAVE50.

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Build a website, online store and mailing list in minutes. Exclusive Offer: Get a 30-day Free Trial PLUS 15% off any first year Bandzoogle subscription.

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TuneCore Domains

Join the new wave of music domains. Get a .band or .rocks domain today that will set your brand apart. Get FREE forwarding emails. Send domain traffic to your current website, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter page... Exclusive Limited Time Introductory Offer: SAVE up to 43%!

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Get merch your fans want. TuneCore MerchLink is your source for top-quality fan-favorite merch items like t-shirts, hats, posters and more. Shop Now


Make more money! Share a MSCLVR link for your music on iTunes, and when a download sale is tracked back to your link, you get up to a 10% commission from MSCLVR. The more you promote your links, the more downloads, and the more money you can make!

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Launch social campaigns on Twitter and Instagram in minutes. Engage your fans, capture fan data, and drive revenue across your social channels.

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