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Compare TuneCore Fan Reviews reports

This chart helps you easily understand the number of music fan reviews and the type of data you'll receive in each report. Choose the report that suits your needs.


40 Reviews
4 Data Points
$15.00 per song
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100 Reviews
10 Data Points
$40.00 per song
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225 Reviews
16 Data Points
$115.00 per song
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Number of Reviews 40 100 225
Track Rating
Song Element Analysis
Market Potential Overall
Word Cloud
Passion Rating
In-Genre Classification
Sample Group by Age
Sample Group by Gender
Track Rating Distribution
Track Positioning Against 1,000 Tracks in Genre
Market Potential by Age
Genre Potential by Age
Track Appeal
Track Positioning Against 1,000 Major Label Releases
Market Potential in Genre
Artists Mentioned
Opportunity for A&R consideration with major labels*
What do these datapoints mean?
*Enhanced reports limited to High Score. All Premium reports considered.