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Pre-buy. Save money. We’re ready when you are.

Distribution credits provide a way for you to pre-buy music distribution at a discount of up to 20% even before your music is ready. When you’re ready to distribute your album, single or ringtone, your distribution credits will automatically be used.

Buy now and save, so you can focus on creating great music.

To get started, simply create a FREE TuneCore account.

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Distribution credits cannot be used to pay for renewals.

Albums Singles Ringtones
1 credit $29.99 $9.99 $19.99
5 credit
$134.95 Save 10%
$44.95 Save 10%
$89.99 Save 10%
10 credit
$263.91 Save 12%
$87.91 Save 12%
$169.99 Save 15%
20 credit
$515.82 Save 14%
$171.82 Save 14%
$319.99 Save 20%