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TuneCore Music Publishing Administration

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The songs you write (i.e., your "compositions") generate over 13 different royalties every time they are downloaded, streamed, or performed live. Our in-house Music Publishing Administration team registers, licenses, and pitches your songs worldwide and helps collect those hard-to-get royalties for you.

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Little Jackie
TuneCore Songwriter since 2012

Benefits of a TuneCore Publishing Deal

  • Worldwide composition registration in 60+ countries.
  • Quarterly, detailed royalty statements.
  • Support of our in-house publishing team with 100+ years combined experience.
  • Careful auditing of societies & digital stores to make sure you are paid what you're owed.
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  • You keep 100% ownership of your copyrights.
  • A great deal: Just a $75 (one-time) fee plus 10% commission on royalties (20% if we secure licensing placements pitched by our team).
  • In-house Creative & Licensing teams pitch your music and negotiate licenses on your behalf.
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Additional Benefits

Sync Licensing

Make your original songs available for sync licensing opportunities in TV shows, films, commercials, and more.
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Make Money on YouTube

Earn money when you or others use your music in YouTube videos.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already part of SESAC, ASCAP, or BMI?

That's a good start! The societies collect performance royalties, but we partner with them to ensure that your compositions are registered correctly so we can collect even more royalties on your behalf that aren't collected by SESAC, ASCAP, or BMI. Learn more about royalty types. You can be a member of SESAC, ASCAP, or BMI and have TuneCore perform its Music Publishing Administration service as well.

What's the difference between music distribution and music publishing?

Music distribution allows you to sell your music in online stores like iTunes and collect royalties on the master recordings that you own or control. Music Publishing Administration allows songwriters to collect publishing royalties that are due from the sales and streaming of your songs worldwide. Our Composition Manager makes it easy to check the status of your songs.

Can I submit a song that is not distributed by TuneCore or is available on multiple releases?

Yes! If your song is not distributed through TuneCore or it's being sold on multiple releases, such as through a label or as a cover song by another artist, just fill out our simple registration form and send it as an attachment to songwriters@tunecore.com.

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Our Mission

TuneCore Music Publishing Administration opened its Burbank, CA office in 2011. Our mission is to offer songwriters and publishers a simple, more viable solution for managing the rights to their compositions. With 100+ years of combined experience, our in-house staff excels in registering, licensing, pitching, and processing royalties due for your compositions.

Our Burbank, CA office