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Make Money From Your
Music On YouTube

You’re owed money every time people use your music in their YouTube videos and when people watch videos of
your music on your own YouTube channel. We’ll help you collect the most money from YouTube when you partner
with TuneCore for Music Publishing and Music Distribution.

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We help you get more from YouTube.

We've partnered with INDMUSIC, YouTube's largest independent music network and a YouTube
Certified partner, to help you earn the most money from your YouTube views. Here's how:

Highest Artist Payout

Keep 90% of all royalties earned from your composition and 80% of all royalties earned from your sound recording when others use your music in YouTube videos and on your own YouTube channel.

When you set your YouTube preferences, you can choose to exclude (whitelist) your own channel from being monetized by TuneCore and if you choose this, you will keep 100% of the royalties from your own YouTube channel.

Maximum YouTube Monetization

We can collect the most money since we administer both rights, with TuneCore administering the composition and INDMUSIC managing the sound recording on behalf of TuneCore.

YouTube Earnings Optimization

Our tools find the most YouTube videos that contain your music, so you'll get more money, faster.

Access to YouTube's hottest Music Network

INDMUSIC will help you with your channel and get you in front of their network of over 2 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views. When you set your YouTube preferences, you can choose to join the INDMUSIC MCN.

We offer the best deal anywhere.

Get the most out of YouTube with TuneCore Music Distribution + Publishing Administration + INDMUSIC.

Use TuneCore for:
Distribution only Publishing Deal
and Distribution
Publishing Deal only
Make Money on YouTube
Highest artist payout 90% of composition royalties
80% of sound recording royalties
90% of composition royalties
Monetize your compositions
Monetize your sound recordings
Join the INDMUSIC network
More Publishing Deal Benefits
Register your compositions worldwide
Collect 13 royalty types outside of YouTube
Built-in audit trail for accounting
Inclusion in Sync & Master
Licensing Database for
Music Supervisors

Got questions? We have answers.

How do I get started?

It's easy... and you may already be doing some of these!

  1. Distribute your music with TuneCore
  2. Get a TuneCore Publishing Deal…YouTube monetization is automatically included!
  3. Set your YouTube preferences…Tell us your YouTube channel. As part of your Publishing Administration
    agreement, we will automatically administer your composition and sound recording rights on YouTube, on your
    YouTube channel and when other people use your music in their YouTube videos. When you set your YouTube
    preferences, you can choose to exclude (whitelist) your own channel from being monetized by TuneCore.
    If you do not exclude your YouTube channel, then you can choose to opt-in to the INDMUSIC Multi-Channel
    Network. Refer here to find out what it means to “whitelist” your channel.

How much will this cost me?

Publishing deal including YouTube monetization: $75 one-time setup fee. If you've already signed a publishing deal with TuneCore, YouTube monetization is automatically included at no additional cost.

Adding your YouTube channel to INDMUSIC's network is free.

For distribution pricing, see our pricing page.

What are the benefits of joining the INDMUSIC network?

INDMUSIC, a YouTube Certified network, can help you:

  • Plan and implement your YouTube strategy
  • Ensure your videos are tagged correctly
  • Generate revenue from user-generated clips featuring your music
  • Drive subscribers and views for your channel
  • Make more money from premium ads & product placements on your channel