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TuneCore Pricing

  • Music Distribution

      • Album*

        $29.99 first year

        $49.99 each following year

      • Single*

        $9.99 per year

      • Ringtone*

        $19.99 per year

      • Keep 100% of your music sales revenue
      • Keep 100% of your rights
      • Sell your music worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play…150+ digital store partners
      • Daily sales trend reports with iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music data
      • Monthly music sales reports
      • Custom cover art, if needed
  • Music Publishing Administration

      • $75.00

        Pay a low one-time fee
        and register unlimited
        songs at no extra cost.

      • Collect composition royalties worldwide
      • TV and film sync licensing
      • YouTube composition royalties
      • Get quarterly statements
      • Get royalties PROs do not get
      • Keep 90% of royalties we collect**
      • Keep 100% copyright ownership

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For volume inquiries of more than 25 releases, please contact us at: volume@tunecore.com
* Send your album of 2 or more songs or your single of 1 song only to all stores. Send your ringtone (5-30 sec. long) to iTunes only.
** You keep 80% if our Creative Team secures any license for you (Sync, Film, TV, etc.).

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