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441 Alternative Christian Pop

A brief but major force in the 1980s Christian alternative music scene with Undercover, Altar Boys, Lifesavers, Lifters, Crumbacher, Adam Again and others.

441 has reformed - check out our back catalog and stay tuned for a new release.

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4-4-1 Cover
  • 4-4-1
  • Pop, Rock
  • 4-4-1
  • 08/03/2007
  • 4-4-1
Liner Notes: Tracks 1. Judgment Game (J. McNamara) 2. Love's Irony (J. McNamara) 3. Fish On The Car (J. McNamara) 4. Mom & Dad (J. McNamara) 5. Show Me (J. McNamara, G. Holland) 6. Break Out (J. McNamara) 7. In His Presence (J. McNamara, G. Holland) 8. Looking At You (J. McNamara) Bonus Tracks 9. Ronnie (J. Giali) 10. Break Out "Live" (J. McNamara) - recorded at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, 1985 John McNamara - Vocals & Guitars John Giali - Guitars Steve Giali - Drums & Cymbals Glenn Holland - Bass & Keyboards Background Vocals: Kenny Samuels & Bruce Swift; Timbales: Terl Bryant; Harmonica: Darryl Mansfield; Saxophone: Alan Palmer; Additional keyboards on "Show Me": Rob Watson; Additional guitar on "Show Me": Doug Doyle Thanks to: Randy Ziegler, Doug Doyle, Gaudesi Guitars, Rick Bundschuh, Wayne Charvel, Second Chance & Common Bond, Tom Swoverland, Russell Heistuman, Kenny Holland, Steve Acosta, John Larivee, Sue Hill and our Moms and Dads for support & food. And special thanks to Harry Barnes. Produced and engineered by Doug Doyle; Recorded at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, CA; All songs copyright Leisure Boys Music, 1984 (ASCAP). All rights reserved; All songs arranged by 441 and Doug Doyle. Back cover photography by Bill Valenzuela.
  1. Judgment Game
  2. Loves Irony
  3. Fish On The Car
  4. Mom & Dad
  5. Show Me
  6. Break Out
  7. In His Presence
  8. Looking At You
  9. Ronnie (Bonus Track)
  10. Break Out (Live Bonus Track)...
Mourning into Dancing Cover
  • Mourning into Dancing
  • Pop, Rock
  • 4-4-1
  • 11/06/2007
  • Mourning into Dancing
Liner Notes: Produced by The Pakaderm Co. with special thanks to Dino and John Elefante. Recorded at Pakaderm Studios, Los Alamitos, CA. Glenn Holland - Bass and Keyboards Steve Giali - Drums and Cymbals John Giali - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, eBow John McNamara - Vocals Additional engineering and production: Mike Mierau Executive producer: Harry Barnes Jacket & Sleeve design and Art Direction: Rick Bundschuh Photography: Steve Olson Road Manager: Gus Branda Additional Backing Vocals: Bob Loux, Greg Velasco, Sylvia Bronson, Laura Hale, and John Stothers. Additional Guitar on "Take Their Toll" and "Say It Right": Dino Elefante Percussion: Kurt Rasmussen Drums on "Say It Right": John Elefante Saxophone solo on "Is It Enough?": Scott Martin Guitar solo on "In The Night": John Gaudesi Mastered at Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA by Wally Trautgott Thanks To: Our Parents and Families, Eddie Keaggy and Town to Town Sound, Brian Tong and Maranantha Villiage, Marie McGilvray, Rick Bundschuh, Juan Casas, Gregg Passmore, John Stothers, Dan Hohulin, John Gaudesi, Terl Bryant, Ira McRoberts of McDuck Productions, Connie Elefante, Fred Almanza, Jay Walton, Abe Abdelhadi, and Kenny Holland. Special Thanks to: Harry Barnes, Gus Branda, and Mike Mierau. All songs arranged by 441 and Elefante.
  1. Mourning Into Dancing
  2. In The Night
  3. Is It Enough
  4. In His Presence
  5. Take Their Toll
  6. New Land
  7. On The Run
  8. Jordan
  9. Say It Right
Sacrifice Cover
  • Sacrifice
  • Rock, Alternative
  • 4-4-1
  • 12/21/2008
  • Sacrifice
Liner Notes: More information at www.441online.com Liner Notes John McNamara: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar Glenn Holland: Bass, Keyboards Kenny Holland: Drums Produced by Gene Eugene, Glenn Holland and John McNamara. Recorded and mixed at Neverland, Los Alamitos, CA by Gene Eugene and Glenn Holland. Additional recording by Dave Hackbarth. Mastered at Hitsville USA by John Matousek. Photography by Brian Ray for Norman Fog. Art Direction & Design by Norman Fog etc. Additional musicians and vocalists (in alphabetical order): Nathan Alford, Jr. Gene Eugene John Gaudesi John Harrelson Greg Lawless Marie McGilvray Riki Michele Kristin Powers Marky Shrock All songs copyright 1988 Brainstorm Artists, ASCAP/Leisure Boys Music, ASCAP All song admin. Maranantha! Music All songs written and arranged by John McNamara and Glenn Holland Additional arrangement ideas by Eugene Thanks to: Ojo Taylor, Mike Mierau, Dino and John Elefante, Abe Abdelhadi, Randy Lee and Pete Tessetore at The Guitar Store, Terry Hardin at E-mu Systems, Cats & Dogs, Dennis Sobolewski, Paul Truescorff, John Stothers. Special thanks to Steve and John Giali, Lisa and Kristin, and our parents and families.
  1. Judas Kisses
  2. Oh No
  3. Push (These Walls Down)
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Beautiful Places
  6. This Is Love
  7. Death of Innocence
  8. Pray For Rain
  9. Don't Make Me Cry
  10. What Am I to Do?
  11. Standing On the Edge
  12. Push (reprise)
Broken Reunion Cover
  • Broken Reunion
  • Alternative, Rock
  • 4-4-1
  • 03/28/2009
  • Broken Reunion
Liner Notes: produced by glennHOLLAND with johnGIALI mixed by glennHOLLAND mastered by erikWOLF at Wolf Mastering, Nashville, Tenn. 441 is: johnMCNAMARA vocals/acoustic guitar glennHOLLAND bass/keyboards/backing vocals johnGIALI guitars steveGIALI drums/cymbals Live Tracks: performed august 19. 2005 at mariner's church in irvine, california performers: johnMCNAMARA - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar johnGIALI - electric guitar, backing vocals steveGIALI - drums joeMEDRANO - bass, backing vocals ronnieMARTIN - synthesizer front of house mix: daveHACKBARTH recorded by: ericKIBBE post production: paulDEXTER at 7k' productions, www.7kproductions.com, johnGIALI , glennHOLLAND ronnieMARTIN appears courtesy tooth and nail records thanks to bethJAHNSEN at take two productions special thanks to joeMEDRANO for standing in on short notice Studio tracks: lead guitars: tonyDENERI additional guitars: glennHOLLAND recorded by: jasonMARTIN additional recording: glennHOLLAND, johnGIALI art design: glennHOLLAND back cover photo: blakeSCHWENDIMANN, www.blakephotography.net insert concert photo: garyOLSON thanks to: ronnieMARTIN, gilESCALERA, robGOTCHER, our families all songs leisure boys music (ASCAP). all rights reserved. unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. printed in U.S.A. for more information please see www.441online.com
  1. Looking At You (Live)
  2. Jordan (Live)
  3. In The Night (Live)
  4. Break Out (Live)
  5. Fish On The Car (Live)
  6. Mourning Into Dancing (Live)...
  7. Interlude
  8. Is It Enough (Live)
  9. In His Presence (Live)
  10. Inside Me
  11. Rain Fall Down