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Scott Chapman Music

Scott Chapman Music

Scott Chapman is an up and coming talented artist from the Northwest of England. Scott can perform many of the greatest classic numbers of all time, made familiar by the Rat Pack, as well as many of the modern swing songs from Michael Buble and Robbie Williams. Scott is guaranteed to impress anyone who likes this genre of music. Being a versatile and relaxed artist, having a brilliant collection of songs and therefore being able to cater for mixed audiences are just a few of the reasons why Scott is asked back to many events and functions. He can judge the mood of the audience.

Scott’s genuine, friendly and fun loving personality comes across to his audiences which has been so often commented upon, making him such a likeable person. Personal recommendations to others, leaves Scott with a great sense of achievement, as it confirms to him that his audiences really have had such great time.

Scott writes his own material and writes for various styles and genres he often writes with best friend Ben Fearnley who is the guitarist also on Scott's tracks. Ben is very talented performer also able to adapt to any style of music but also still keeping his own acoustic style.

Scott has been performing and writing for 5 years and has been collaborating with Ben for 4 of them performing live together you can't help but feel the enjoyment oozing from the two performers as they love performing together. So far they have over 300,000 views on youtube and many subscribers and fans.




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Scott & Ben (The Mixed Motion) Cover
  • Scott & Ben (The Mixed Motion)
  • Alternative, Vocal
  • Scott Chapman
  • 01/11/2011
  • Scott & Ben (The Mixed Motion)
Liner Notes: This is the debut, self produced, self written album from YouTube Artists Scott & Ben also known as The Mixed Motion. Featuring Vocals from Scott Chapman and Acoustic Guitar from Ben Fearnley and Drums by Nick Bolton this Album Features songs written by Scott Chapman and Ben Fearnley available for the first time plus and some covers. for more info www.youtube.com/scott1and1ben
  1. Rainfall, Streetlights, Wet Pavements...
  2. Believe Me
  3. Summertime
  4. Working To Escape
  5. Exploration Girl
  6. Ghost's Of My Past
  7. Superhero
  8. Energy
  9. It Can't Be Over
  10. One Day
  11. Cry For You
  12. It's Time
  13. Melody For A Lullaby
  14. Nice Guys Finish Last
  15. Deep Within Your Eyes
  16. She's So Pretty
  17. Mr. Confidence (Get Off the Stage)...
  18. Mr Brightside ( The Killers Cover)...
  19. I'm Yours (Jason Mraz Cover)...
  20. Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis Cover)...
  21. James Dean (Daniel Bedingfield Cover)...
  22. Gone In The Morning (Newton Faulkner Cover)...
  23. Wherever You Will Go (The Calling Cover)...
  24. How To Save A Life (The Fray Cover)...
  25. Hollywood (Michael Buble Cover)...
  26. Fields Of Gold (Sting Cover)...
  27. Heaven (Bryan Adams Cover)...
  28. For The First Time (The Script Cover)...
  29. Supernova (Kanye West Feat Mr. Hudson Cover)...
  30. Don't Stop Believing Remix (cover Various)...
Find Me Cover
  • Find Me
  • Vocal, Alternative
  • Scott Chapman
  • 01/11/2011
  • Find Me
Liner Notes: Written and produced by Scott Chapman
  1. Find Me