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Terance L. Watson a.k.a. the only 1

ToppDogg™© (T1000) one of the best independent music artist is out to set trends,in music,fashion,even with the cars he drives(72Cadillac(Rose) ToppDoggaDeVille,19?? DoggaBerghDeVille,Green 2013 Lamborghini Aventador,including 272mph Koenigsegg,On Facebook Fanpage - Search> TOPPDOGG).Very unpredictable,He is the first hiphop(independent)artist to tweet a sentence to make a video game(s) sale 1.3million(Madden 2013,a past Joke tweet but serious Between ToppDogg to Vietnam leader KimJongNumberUn about Madden13'+SuperStreetFighter5 for exchange of Disarmed Nuclear Weapons.He also called the Leader E.Honda after the Death of GreenMile actor MichaelDuncan who also played,Kingpin [Daredevil] Febuary 2003 +as Balrog in The Legend of Chun-Li Movie),now times that by $50+;first to go platinum without a record contract(ATLMassacre ft. Kingpin 2001)To be his own general manager + a RapBoss now wonder critics says "He is M.Bison",whether it stands for Master,Mister,or Mason.Shao Kahn/NoobS.(Show Kahn what he preferred)Ahead of his time and never follows the crowd he's proclaim by critics to be the undisputed King of the Hip Hop underworld in the South,reppin for Atl Eastside(Stone Mountain,Ga)he has a Boss like appearance with a smooth,metaphorical deliverance.Born June ?,1984 Jacksonville,FL,he grew up living in Lakewood ??? P???? Rock dr,till grandmother past,move to Stone Mountain and became a member of Folks(Gangster Disciples(Unorganized) and still goes by tha original codes since 12yrs old!He is not IGD(Insane or Imperial Growth +Development),7star(Doppelganger Codes)Emperor; meaning No more Knowledge can be given Nor be taught.Started Mpg(Major Pimp Gangsters), Now leader of Folk70's(Nongang affiliated)+

MBC(ToppDogg's™Millionaire'sBoyzClub),DOGGABERGH™(CEO/President)and currently BBC,His ethnic is African American and Native Americans(The Seminoles),passionate about becoming the new face in acting,and music he believes in only having kids till after marriage.Being named ToppDogg since five years old(1989) he forcefully attacks some of the biggest competitive artists out lyrically,known to be "tha two bar killer"....As CEO/President of DOGGABERGH©,He has teamed up with the best Distribution Company of all Time named TuneCore to expand and create new talents."without everybody digging in your pockets"ToppDogg is the first Independent rap artist in history to accomplish more than a Major Signed Rap artist could ever achieve with his Business partners.(Tunecore)...Make it happen!(Write this Money link down by yourself and show your TRUE story)»»» http://mbsy.co/cnqm

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Toppdogg United Kingdom Wales N/A Nov 27, 2011
Toppdogg Italy Rome N/a Feb 06, 2012
Toppdogg Russia Moscow N/a Feb 08, 2012
Toppdogg Western Sahara ??? N/a Feb 21, 2012
Toppdogg Chile ??? N/a Feb 23, 2012
Toppdogg Fiji ??? N/a Feb 27, 2012
Toppdogg Virgin Islands, United States ??? N/a Mar 03, 2012
Toppdogg Faroe Islands ??? N/a Mar 07, 2012
Toppdogg Germany Belgium N/a May 24, 2012
Toppdogg China Thailand N/a May 26, 2012
Toppdogg Puerto Rico ??? N/a Jul 04, 2012
Toppdogg Micronesia ??? N/A Sep 16, 2012
Toppdogg Aruba ??? N/a Dec 26, 2012
Toppdogg Brazil Brazil $96 N/A Apr 07, 2013
Toppdogg Colombia ??? $174 to N/A Jun 30, 2013
Toppdogg Sint Maarten ??? $245 ooops N/A Sep 10, 2013
Toppdogg Australia MELBOURNE $180 Dec 03, 2016
Toppdogg Australia BRISBANE $175 Dec 04, 2016