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Rico Southee

Rico Southee

Rico Southee is a professional guitarist, music educator and independent recording artist from New York State who has been performing for over 30 years and teaching for more than 20 years. He was a jazz, rock, pop, solo guitarist with the 502nd Air Force Band, Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi Mississippi, from 1984-1986, the United States Air Force Europe Band, Einsiedlerhof Germany, from 1986-1992, the 530th Air Force Band, Atlanta Georgia, from 1993-1994, touring the southern United States, Dominican Republic, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Crete, Portugal, Sardinia, Turkey and the Middle East. He then moved to Florida from Germany and studied recording engineering and musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) at Full Sail University Orlando in 1992, jazz guitar performance with Jack Peterson, jazz performance workshops with Dianne Reeves, Dave Brubeck, Joe Henderson, Michael Brecker, Kenny Burrell, Count Basie Orchestra with Frank Foster, Bunky Green and jazz music theory at the University of North Florida Jacksonville from 1993-1995 to include live sound engineering and digital sampling theory at Kingston Polytechnic, London England.

After leaving Florida, he moved back to Germany and then to England, working as a professional guitarist performing hotels, clubs, corporate events, festivals and concerts with jazz, fusion, funk, soul, pop and rock bands. He was also the guitar instructor for the Ramstein Community Center, Ramstein Air Force Base Germany, from 1995-2007, RAF Mildenhall Community Center and RAF Lakenheath Community Center England, from 2007-2010, along with teaching privately at his home studio. As an independent recording artist, he has composed, recorded, produced and promoted four of his own CDs via performances with his band “Acoulectric” in Europe from 1998-2008. He then moved to Colorado Springs Colorado, working as a jazz and blues guitarist, taught students at Peterson Air Force Base Youth Center, the Colorado Springs Conservatory of Music, Lucci Music and again with his own private guitar students from 2010-2016. In April 2016 he moved back to England to teach at the RAF Mildenhall Community Center, RAF Lakenheath Community Center, perform and record music for future CDs and teach private students at his home studio. So whether hes opening up for the Neville Brothers at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival Florida, the Temptations in Germany, performing at the Vienna De Castello Jazz Festival Portugal or playing with great musicians such as sax player Sam Rivers, drummer David “Fingers” Haynes, alto sax player Derrick James, flute player Burdette Becks, singer Lisa Kelly–you will find a professional guitarist who will give nothing more than his absolute best to every performance, on stage or in the studio.


Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Rico Southee United Kingdom London ricosouthee.com Sep 16, 2016
Vision Cover
  • Vision
  • Jazz, New Age
  • Rico Southee & Acoulectric
  • 09/26/2009
  • Vision
Liner Notes: SWINGIN FRIDAY. Just a jazz tune I wrote on a Friday in Germany. I must have been in a swingin mood :) SUNDAY IN GERMANY. This was a jazz tune I wrote on a Sunday in Germany. FUNK THANG. Everytime I hear this tune it just gets my head a boppin and my body movin--in a Funk Thang kind of way. 4 WENT DOWN. This was written about the 4 planes that went down 9/11. DOG WALK. I was out with my dog in Germany in the woods and he was running around and walking, just being alive and happy and this melody came to me so I hummed it all the way home and wrote it down. P.I.M.MA 6/4. This really was a fingering I used on this song for those classical players out there p.i.m.ma. I know it makes no sense to you non guitarist but that is where it came from. 6/4 was just the timing of the song even though there is a 5/4 in it every once in a while. 1234. All I could think about when I wrote this was 1234 1234 1234 1234. Yeah it sounds crazy but there it is. THE LADIES. This is the song I wrote 20 odd years ago about this vision of 5 or so ladies walking down this city street on this sunny day all cheerful and bouncy but all I could see were there backsides. Hey, it's not that bad just listen to the lyrics sung by my good friend Burdette. PIANO GRACE. This was this piano sound I could not get out of my head. I just saw this cat on this piano just playing his heart out and this is the tune I could hear even though I wrote it on the guitar. It would be nice to hear it on piano. SOLO CHORDS. Basically this is a song that has this wonderful chord solo section in it. The song starts off pretty mellow and jazzy but breaks into this solo section that just gave me the name of the song. DRUMMERS DREAM. Once again, all I could think about was some drummer diggin this tune. Even though I wrote it on guitar all I could see was this drummer just gettin off on the tune. SOLO. This song was written as a chordal solo but for some reason I added this jimmy hendrix solo thing which I liked enough to keep it in the song. NOTHIN TO DOBOP. All I could think about was Bebop when I wrote this. It had this bebop thing all over it as far as I was concerned so I called it nothin to dobop because it just came to me on this nothin to dobop day. A PLAY WITH FINGERS. Just like it says, a play (show) with fingers. When I hear this tune I here something different every time. Once again I don't know where it came from but it could almost be piano related as well. Just a very mellow but deep tune. BLUES NO. 1. This was the first blues/jazz tune I wrote. A SMALL TALE. Basically this was a short guitar solo or story--that was it
  1. Swingin Friday
  2. Sunday In Germany
  3. Funk Thang
  4. 4 Went Down
  5. Dog Walk
  6. Pimma 6/4
  7. 1234
  8. The Ladies
  9. Piano Grace
  10. Solo Chords
  11. Drummers Dream
  12. Solo
  13. Nothin To Dobop
  14. A Play With Fingers
  15. Blues No. 1
  16. A Small Tale
Over the Years Cover
  • Over the Years
  • Vocal, R&B/Soul
  • Rico Southee & Acoulectric
  • 09/27/2009
  • Over the Years
Liner Notes: ACOULECTRIC. Basically this was the mixture of acoustic guitar and electric guitar which I think represents my musical style. When I first wrote this back in 1988 or so it started out as acoustic guitar and drums but then later I added the electric guitar. The funny thing is the title of this song is what I used later on down to the road as the name of my band and my musicall style. WILD SIDE. All I could think about when I wrote this was this cat in some big city wanting to go out and live this wild side of the city life, crime, drugs you name it. As I saw this cat in my head the message was to just don't do it. GLORIOUS TEA. This was a song about being with some friends when I was 15 or so in Central Park one morning. We were walking down thru the park when we say this old man coming our way and as he got closer we noticed he had these cigs on his ears. Well we decided to buy one of these cigs and the rest is history. INDIAN CHANT. I was at my friends Steve's house and I was just recording all these solo guitar things I use to do when I was in The Air Force Band. Well I left the songs with Steve over night and he hummed this Indian chant over this tune. I went ahead and played the chant on guitar. KIESHA'S SONG (Just to be with you). I was at my nieces house one day and she wanted me to help her with this one song that she had written. Being that all she could do is sing, she wanted some chords to accompany the song. So I helped her on the song which was written after she split up with her boyfriend. WHEN I WAKEUP. This was a song that just was short and simple. I had this routine in Germany back in 1990ish where I would do the same thing almost everyday. Wakeup have ginseng, cornflakes, coffee, take my dog out, come home have more coffee and get ready for whatever the day had for me. 4 WENT DOWN. In memory of the 4 planes that went down 9/11. DAMN GUITAR. This is a story on how I got my start on the guitar. IF I HAD A DOLLAR. I could not get this vision of this homeless guy who was a great guitar player at one time out of my mind. Basically this is him singing this song on the streets of some city. Well the words pretty much tell his story. THE LADIES. Well here I am with this song I wrote about 5 or so ladies walking down this city street on this sunny day and they were shaking it and just looking good. Of course all I could see were there backsides. Hey, it's not as bad is it sounds. But I am finally singing the song being that my friend Burdette sung it on my second CD "Vision" and I played it instrumental on my first CD. TRIBAL CLASSICAL STOMP. Well, here I am doing the song for the second time. The first time was on my first CD "Destion". This time I wanted more of an electric guitar feel to it. I really wanted it to be more powerful. Yes, it is about a vision of African warriors with spears dancing in a circle with me in the middle playing my guitar almost like a video. LET ME BRING YOU FLOWERS. Well, this is interesting being that this would be the song I would sing when my mother passes away. Why I thought of it before she passed is very strange but that is just the way it turned out. Of course I hope she lives for many years to come. FUNKY C THANG. I could not find a name for this song so being that it was in the key of C and it was funky--well what can I say. I just played the chords on this song for years and when I was playing with this band Soul Providers I would play it during soundcheck and the band would just get into it so I came up with this melody and that was it. GOIN TO MISSISSIPPI. I had gone to Mississippi back in 1984. Anyway, we were driving to this gig way up north and being that me and my bud Danny were from the Northeast, we were hoping to see some cotton fields. Well we did and we got out of the van and walked thru the fields and it was very strange. Also, driving in Northern Mississippi was strange as well--almost like going back into time. Well years later I thought about this experience and pictured this Black Hobo going back down to Mississippi just to see it again and the words are sung by the Black Hobo. IN MEMORY OF MY BROTHER MARTIN. Once again this is the song in memory of my younger brother Martin who died of cancer when I was about 15. It really was a tough time for my whole family. Now, this is the second time I recorded this song and this time I wanted the song to really be an electric guitar expression with the guitar solo really being my emotions coming out in sound. CAN YOU TELL THE STORY. This song started out as an instrumental being the the melody eventually became the lyrics. I put the guitar melody first and the lyrics after being that I wrote the lyrics maybe 10 or so years after the melody. But this is just a folk/funk deep groove. It just puts me in deep thought when I play it and if you listen to the lyrics you will see what I mean. B-DAY. This was a song I wrote for my friend Burdette Becks, who is a great flute player/vocalist I've had the pleasure of performing with over the years. We were doing a concert in Portugal around 2003 or so and the concert was on the same day as Burdettes' Birthday. So, I decided to surprise him by writting a song and performing it that night at the end of the concert. Of course it is a Birthday song and I think it can be used for any Birthday. P.I.M.MA 6/4. I recorded this song again after doing it on my first CD "Destiny". The reason for this is it just had this movie theme, deep something which I thought required electric screaming guitar! ECHOES OF SPAIN. Well this song just had this spanish theme to it and that was pretty much it.
  1. Acoulectric
  2. Wild Side
  3. Song For Lady Diana
  4. Glorious Tea
  5. Indian Chant
  6. Kiesha's Song (Just To Be With You)...
  7. When I Wakeup
  8. 4 Went Down (In Memory Of 9/11)...
  9. Damn Guitar
  10. If I Had A Dollar
  11. The Ladies
  12. Tribal Classical Stomp
  13. Let Me Bring You Flowers
  14. Funky C Thang
  15. Goin To Mississippi
  16. In Memory Of My Brother Martin...
  17. Can You Tell The Story
  18. B-day
  19. P.I.M.MA 6/4
  20. Echoes Of Spain
Destiny Cover
  • Destiny
  • Latin, Jazz
  • Rico Southee
  • 09/01/2016
  • Destiny
  1. Driving on a Sunny Day
  2. Tribal Classical Stomp
  3. Song for Lady Diana
  4. Swaying in a Tropical Moonlight...
  5. Island Dancing
  6. Classical Salsa
  7. The Ladies
  8. A Painter on the Streets of Paris...
  9. In Memory of My Brother Martin...
  10. Echoes of Spain