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Activ-Analog Records

Activ-Analog Records

100% Original Techno from the studios of Activ-Analog Records-Charlotte, NC USA

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Digital Blueprints Cover
  • Digital Blueprints
  • Electronic, Dance
  • Activ-Analog Records
  • 02/03/2012
  • Digital Blueprints
Liner Notes: The concept for this album comes from our love of retro electronic toys. Creating soundscapes by using samples of electronic toys mixed with minimal techno rhythms and our usual arsenal of analog and digital synths seemed like a cool idea. The machines used included: Mattel's Synsonics drumbox, Radio Shack's Arcade-12, Jaymar toy piano, kid's xylophones, Yamahs's DD-5 drumbox, lots of other electronic games and toys along with Roland's Juno, Korgs, Crumar and Sequential Circuits synths. What started out as a seemingly simple project turned into a cycle of sampling, resampling, tracking and remixing. We had a lot of fun during this period and hope you enjoy the resulting tracks. Included are tracks from the original 12" releases and bonus ambient track "Shrinkwrap", and a harder ake on a track we play live: "Assembly Line"!Peace thru music.
  1. Chapter One
  2. Chapter Two
  3. Heavy Bonus
  4. Juno Dub
  5. Jay-Mar
  6. Assembly Line
  7. Open Space
  8. Mission 101
  9. Set Adrift
  10. Shrinkwrap