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Adam Ben Joshua

Adam Ben Joshua

Adan Hernandez, also known as “Adam Ben Joshua” is a Venezuelan musician, worshiper producer, and vocalist who has served the Lord for more than 18 years through the medium of music and song. Duty has been key within his worship trajectory in the Messianic genre throughout Latin America as well as the USA. 
Adan continues to gain recognition and respect for his work, his love, and his passion for the worship of God, and for the enlightenment of Christian as well as the Jewish communities. 
One of his more distinguished attainments has been as producer of one of the most popular Spanish- language Messianic CDs to date, titled “Atraves de sus Ojos” (Through His eyes), for Judeo-Messianic singer Jonathan Settel.

That project further highlighted Adan’s musical competence and subsequently Arturo Allen, director of Vida Publishers (a Spanish division of “Zondervan”) of Miami, distributed 4 of his music productions in both North and South America.

Adan’s discography includes ten Praise and Worship CDs, variously released with the following titles: “Mesias”, “Yeshua Es El”, “Od Ishama (Se Oira Otra Vez)”, “La Hora Es”, “Michamocha (Quien Es Como El—Instrumental)”, “Berajot (Bendiciones)”, “Adam Ben Joshua Collection I” & II, “Simja (Gozo)”, released on July 15, 2008, “The Time Has Come” released on October 1, 2008 and his most resent album Tefila

Adan’s travels have taken him extensively to 21 countries and more than 60 cities in the Caribbean, Latin America and the states, participating in praise workshops, concerts, and radio and television presentations.

One of his greatest joys is being able to minister in congregations both massive and small and share his God-given blessing of music. He has also participated in concerts sponsored by the Christian Embassy of Jerusalem with the objective of enabling Russian Jews to return to Israel after a timeless exile.

In 2010 Adan had the first major Messianic concert in Bogota, Colombia South America. The Ambassador of Israel, Mr. Walid Mansour, attended the concert along with some members of the diplomatic corps, Mr. Marcos Peckel, President of the Jewish Communities Confederation, and The Great Rabbi of Bogota, Alfredo Goldschmidt. It was a time of worship that united the Jewish, Messianic and Christian communities.

Adan lives in a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois, with his wife Maria and his son Christian. Adan was Minister of Music at the church “Primera Iglesia Hispana Unida de Cristo”, for 7 years alongside Pastor Arturo Hernandez. The pastor has shown unconditional support for Adan’s endeavors as well as his career of ministering and supporting the Jewish community.

Adan also worked as Administrative Coordinator for the Aurora Corps of The Salvation Army in Aurora, Illinois for 6 years where His office assisted more than 500 low-income families per month who were in need of social services. He nevertheless found time for produce and arrange all of his musical work.

God willing (and with limited time-windows and other challenges accruing), Adan plans on continuing with his ministry and visiting congregations even to the farthest points of the world. For those who love his music and unique style of delivery, Adan simply says, “Here am I.”

Adam Ben Joshua

Adan Hernandez

P.O. BOX 2311

Aurora, IL 60507

Phone: 954.599.9467 (Cell)

630.800.4144 (office)

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Adam Ben Joshua United States Florida Ft. Lauderdale Beth Tehila Vetikva Oct 31, 2009
Adam Ben Joshua Mexico Cuautitlan, Izcali C.C. Monte Ararat Nov 07, 2009