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Brothers Rob and Alan Fennah formed the band 'Alternative Radio' in 1981 and have released several albums in the UK. Their most recent release in 2005 entitled ‘Subject To Status’ featured the ‘Unisong’ award winner ‘Yesterdays Man’.

In the late 90’s, the brothers set up their own record & production company ‘Pulse’ and write original compositions for Television, Film, Theatre and the Pop Industry. www.pulse-records.co.uk

In 2004 the Fennah brothers wrote and produced the smash hit musical play ‘Twopence to Cross the Mersey’. Based on the best selling autobiography by Helen Forrester. In 2005, 'Twopence' made Clearchannel's No1 position in its 'Top 10 Selling shows in the UK'.

Rob & Alan are currently working on a screenplay entitled, ‘Julia’s Banjo’. The film will feature 12 original songs including 'Yesterdays Man'

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Subject to Status Cover
  • Subject to Status
  • Rock, Folk
  • Alternative Radio
  • 03/10/2009
  • Subject to Status
  1. Drowning Not Waving
  2. Some People
  3. Surrender
  4. 15 Hours 35 Minutes 17 Seconds...
  5. City Girl
  6. She's Got It
  7. Too Young To Be Old
  8. Heart Of The Sun
  9. Everything You Want Me To Be...
  10. Lottery Girl
  11. Brand New Day
  12. Satellite City
  13. I've Been There Too
  14. Subject To Status
  15. To The Top
  16. Yesterdays Man
Twopence to Cross the Mersey Cover
  • Twopence to Cross the Mersey
  • Soundtrack, Soundtrack
  • Dalya Bernstein
  • 03/11/2009
  • Twopence to Cross the Mersey
Liner Notes: Songs from the smash hit musical play 'Twopence To Cross The Mersey' based on the best selling book by Helen Forrester.
  1. Arrival
  2. Only In My Dreams
  3. I Don't Care Much Anymore
  4. Eight Farthings
  5. That Girl Was Me
  6. Shadowland
  7. Butterfly In The Rain
  8. Do You Really Want Me
  9. Anybody But You
  10. Being Born
  11. When Nobody Asks You To Dance...
  12. This Burning Flame
Wood, Wire & Skin Cover
  • Wood, Wire & Skin
  • Folk
  • Alternative Radio
  • 04/14/1995
  • Wood, Wire & Skin
Liner Notes: Wood, Wire & Skin is a collection of acoustic songs by Alternative Radio. The album was recorded between 5th January & 6th March 1995. Rob Fennah - Guitar & Vocals Alan Fennah - Percussion, Harmonica & Vocals Special thanks to Kevin Roberts for Accordion on 'I Worship the Dirt She Treats Me Like'.
  1. Long Time Dead
  2. Sixties Child
  3. Contact
  4. I Worship The Dirt She Treats Me Like...
  5. The Mirror
  6. You Won't Put Me Down Again (acoustic)...
  7. High & Dry
  8. Ich Bin Ein Berliner
  9. Just Because
  10. The Ballad Of William Huskisson...
  11. Davey Wants To Fly
  12. Across The Universe
  13. You Won't Put Me Down Again (Electric)...
Retrospect Cover
  • Retrospect
  • Pop, Alternative
  • Alternative Radio
  • 04/29/2009
  • Retrospect
Liner Notes: 'Retrospect' is a digitally re-mastered collection of Alternative Radio's vinyl recordings from 1983 - 1990. No longer will you have to search through countless collectors shops for that pristine copy of 'Valley Of Evergreen', or "Swing Out' because, with many other memorable and thought provoking songs, they are now collected together. Listen, remember & smile.
  1. First Night (Remix-93)
  2. Valley Of Evergreen
  3. What A Dream
  4. Strangers In Love
  5. Swing Out
  6. Change Of Heart
  7. Super 7
  8. Summer '85
  9. Everybody Wants To Be Loved...
  10. No Indispensable Man (Live Version)...
  11. The Mirror
  12. Concertina Ballerina
  13. Save One Dream
  14. Fall Out (Remix 93)
Across the Universe Cover
  • Across the Universe
  • Rock, Pop
  • Alternative Radio
  • 05/05/2009
  • Across the Universe
Liner Notes: This five track CD single also includes: electric versions of several songs from Alternative Radio's 'Wood, Wire & Skin' album. (Track 5 is an additional bonus track).
  1. Across The Universe
  2. I'm Coming Home
  3. Surrender
  4. You Won't Put Me Down Again (Electric Version)...
  5. Contact (Electric Version)...