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Rock and roll is reborn in Anapamu, a southern California band following in the footsteps of Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, and other hard charging bands.

Anapamu frontman Troy Attaway drives the band with a voice that is stunningly unique and urgent. As Victor tells it: "I met Troy in August of 2006. I was hanging out in a local coffee shop where Troy was working. He had his 10 minute break and busted out his acoustic and started singing. I was stunned. I immediately knew I had to work with him." Around the same time Troy similary met Tom Harbeson, an ace session drummer from Seattle. Victor pulled in Doug, who he knew from a previous band, and Anapamu was born.

Anapamu is a Chumash Indian word meaning 'Rising Place'. "We want to lift people up with our music, even as we tackle intense emotional lyrical matter," according to Troy. "I like to think of bands like Alice In Chains that went into some dark places but they always seemed to be indicating a light at the end of the tunnel."