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Andy Allo

Andy Allo

Every so often, an artist comes along who is indefinable -- an artist who is truly paving her own way with bits of music, sound, vibes and words that speak to her on a deeper level. Such an artist isn't bound by genre and is intent on creating a unique musical expression of herself. Cameroonian singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Allo is that artist.

Andy, who hails from Cameroon, Africa, had her first introduction to a musical instrument through her piano-teaching mother who taught her at age seven. Andy, who is the youngest of five siblings, found her voice, however, by harmonizing with one of her older sisters to songs such as "Sweet Chariot". Says Andy, "Growing up in Cameroon, life was very easy and simple. I was surrounded by music. Every morning there would be records playing, like Dolly Parton and Miriam Makeba; and on road trips, my father and I would listen to Fleetwood Mac."

Andy joined Prince's New Power Generation in 2011 as singer/guitarist and worked with the legend on her album, Superconductor. Says Andy, "Collaborating with Prince was such a blessing. He created an environment that was open to any and all ideas. It was really exciting to bring him an acoustic song, which is how most of my songs began, and to see him turn them into these epic masterpieces.” The album was the sophomore effort of a young artist, who is clearly going to be here for a long time, and the start of something musically fresh. "I created a genre called Alter.Hip.Soul for my first album, UnFresh (2009). With Superconductor (2012) there’s a whole lot of Funk, and now with my next project, I’m exploring my love for Pop and Rock." Andy’s new single, “Tongue-Tied”, is an introduction to this young talented artist’s next chapter of her already incredible story.

Of her new direction, Andy explains, "When I moved to the US, I spent endless summers listening to Grateful Dead, Chuck Berry and Arctic Monkeys. My new music feels like I’m reconnecting to the music that was such a big part of my musical upbringing. It’s Pop with a Rock edge. I’m in such a happy place in my life, and the new music I’m creating really captures that.“

Andy, who was a familiar face on G4's Attack of the Show and campaigns for Clean & Clear and Wells Fargo, hopes to eventually build a career in film and television as well.

"I feel like this is just the beginning of my story," she says. "There’s a lot I want to share with the world.”

"We knew she'd be leading her own revolution soon," adds Prince. Indeed, and that soon is now.

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Artist Country State City Venue Date
Andy Allo United States California Avalon Avalon Casino Ballroom Oct 10, 2014
Superconductor Cover
  • Superconductor
  • R&B/Soul, Singer/Songwriter
  • Andy Allo
  • 11/20/2012
  • Superconductor
Liner Notes: All compositions performed by Andy Allo, New Power Generation, Hornheadz and Michael B. Starring – Andy Allo – vocals and guitar John Blackwell – drums Ida Neilsen – bass Shelby J, Elisa Fiorillo, Liv Warfield – background vocals Morris Hayes – keys and FX Special Guests Maceo Parker (www.maceo.com) Trombone Shorty (courtesy of Verve Music) Prince Horn Arrangements – Michael Nelson & Prince Recorded and mixed by – Dylan Dresdow, Justin Stanley, Andy Allo and Prince Assisted by – AJ Clark and Jesse String Mastered by – Dylan Dresdow and Andy Allo Locations – Powerplay Studios, Switzerland Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen Record Plant, Los Angeles Executive Produced by NPG
  1. Superconductor
  2. People Pleaser
  3. Long Gone
  4. The Calm
  5. Yellow Gold
  6. Nothing More
  7. If I Was King
  8. Story of You & I
  9. When Stars Collide