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Angel Oven Records

Angel Oven Records

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President co-founder Wendy Anderson

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Sailors With Wax Wings Cover
  • Sailors With Wax Wings
  • Heavy Metal, Alternative
  • Sailors With Wax Wings
  • 10/05/2010
  • Sailors With Wax Wings
Liner Notes: R. Loren - vocals / textures J. Leah - vocals Ted Parsons - drums Simon Scott - electronics Aidan Baker - guitar Colin Marston - guitar Vern Rumsey - bass Prurient - noise / electronics James Blackshaw - piano Hildur Gudnadottir - cello Aaron Stainthorpe - vocals on 2 Jonas Renkse - vocals on 3 Marissa Nadler - vocals on 8 David Tibet - cover art Faith Coloccia - design, layout, painting, collage All songs Copyright 2010 sailorswithwaxwingsmusic (ASCAP) Produced by R. Loren and Colin Marston Mixed by Colin Marston at Menegroth Mastered by James Plotkin Engineers: Ashley Scott Jones (New York), Steve Fisk (Seattle), John Devoy (Phoenix), Austin Johnson(Dallas) Aaron Stainthorpe appears courtesy of Peaceville Records. Prurient appears through the courtesy of Hospital Productions. Jonas Renkse appears courtesy of Peaceville Records.
  1. Soft Gardens Near The Sun, Keep Your Distant Beauty...
  2. There Came A Drooping Maid With Violets...
  3. If I Should Cast Off This Tattered Coat...
  4. And Clash And Clash Of Hoof And Heel...
  5. Yes, I Have A Thousand Tongues, And Nine And Ninety-Nine Lie...
  6. God Fashioned The Ship Of The World Carefully...
  7. There Was One Who Sought A New Road...
  8. Strange That I Should Have Grown So Suddenly Blind...
White Moth Cover
  • White Moth
  • Electronic, Heavy Metal
  • White Moth
  • 10/11/2010
  • White Moth
Liner Notes: r. loren- vocals, textures c. rogers- vocals ashley scott jones- beats,electronics colin marston- guitar, bass sam hillmer- saxophone jacob kirkegaard- processed field recording christoph heemann- additional guitar, piano, electronics on 1, prepared piano, electronics and misc. percussion on 2, moog on 3. lydia lunch- vocals on 4 dälek- vocals on 4 alec empire- vocals, tr 808, linndrum, roland jupiter 8, roland rs-202, arp solina, arp 2600, minimoog on 7 shelby cinca- vocals on 3 and 6 john gossard- vocals on 8 produced by r. loren and colin marston mixed by colin marston at menegroth mastered by james plotkin artwork, photography, and design by chet w. scott for glass throat visions guitar and bass recorded @ menegroth by colin marston dälek vocals recorded @ deadverse studios, union city, nj r. loren + c. rogers recorded @ the red square, texas alec empire recorded @ hellish vortex, berlin shelby cinca vocals recorded @ welfare sounds, gothenburg, sweden by per stålberg additional electronics on 3 by dazzling malicious all music Copyright © 2010 Whitemmmoth (ASCAP) “shoot the clock” lyrics by lydia lunch published by widowspeak (ASCAP/HFA), and lyrics by dälek published by Mayan Ruins Music (SESAC) “smiles warm red light” lyrics by alec empire published by digital hardcore music (BMI) “The sea was blue meadow” and “Blood and torn grass” lyrics by Shelby Cinca published by The Great Contraption (SESAC)
  1. There Was A Man With Tongue Of Wood...
  2. Two Women, Knitting
  3. The Sea Was Blue Meadow
  4. Shoot The Clock
  5. You Texas, Dark Star
  6. Blood And Torn Grass
  7. Smiles Warm Red Light
  8. To The Cathedral
The Peppertree Experiment Cover
  • The Peppertree Experiment
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Seswoo
  • 10/31/2010
  • The Peppertree Experiment
Liner Notes: Daniel Anderson- vocals/guitar/bass guitar Jake Anderson- drums Copyright Seswoo 2009. Recorded at Angel Oven Records studio in San Pedro, CA Produced by Seswoo and Dominique Halley Mixed and Edited by Ted Scarlett Mastered by Mike Lazer at Paramount Mastering Artwork and design by Dorian Lace and Dominique Halley THANK YOU Michael Dimas, Wendy Bagnall, Dean Kanske, and The Crush
  1. Gloombeam
  2. Arti Vegas
  3. Neoprene Scenery
  4. Bodylesshead
  5. Modern Lullaby
Soviet League Cover
  • Soviet League
  • Pop, Rock
  • Soviet League
  • 11/16/2010
  • Soviet League
Liner Notes: Soviet League are Ben Eshbach and Matthew Kelly The Soviet League's April Theses Comintern are: Probyn Gregory - Horns Peggy Baldwin - Strings Paul Cartwright - Strings Scott Peters - Pitched Percussion Steve Elkins - Drums Mike McCurdy - Drums Jason Rubero - Drums, Percussion Andrew Prickett - Additional Guitar Dustin Morgan - Additional Bass Michael “Gigantor” Diasio - Additional mixing Nick Weiler - Additional Production Ted Scarlett - Engineering Produced by Ben and Matthew Mixed by Ben
  1. Row
  2. Delaware
  3. Shylight
  4. The Mirror
  5. The Owl
  6. Girl
  7. All The Sailors Wave Goodbye...
  8. Nurse Down
  9. I'm Going To Find You
  10. Keep Sleeping
  11. The Holiday Game
  12. Holiday