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Astral Taxi

Astral Taxi

Astral Taxi has experienced many highs and lows in it's sustained and colourful history.

Starting as a humble three piece acoustic in 1992 and developing into a 5 piece hard rock act, Astral Taxi eventually evolved it's sound into electro club rock. They played hundreds of gigs from prisons to bordello's in their long career.

Powerful, melodic and innovative are the 3 things that sum up Astral Taxi.

The band has experienced media success including short films, mainstream television and radio as well as the musical press and internet coverage. They also released one EP and 3 albums and appeared on several compliation albums.

Sadly they disbanded after the death of long time friend and bass player Mark Giles, who was tragically lost in a motorcycle accident in October 2009. The songs available here are a testament to the bands history of delivering songs that traverse a wide range of tastes, genres and styles!


It’s wrong to say I worked on this album because I enjoyed it too much! Steve Smart, 301 studios

A band to keep an eye on! Stephen Green, Australian music biz

A band doing some seriously interesting things - Check em out before too long. Terry Allen, hEARd music

A band that defies pigeon holes...Delivering an extraordinarily diverse sound. Astral Taxi prove that local talent is alive and well right here. Stuart Cruikshank, Fish Records

Inspiring futurism...Astral Taxi have created a new sound for a new millennium. Mazen Murad, 301 studios

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