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Thirty Years Later - Still Great!

Thirty Years Later - Still Great!

Augustwolf was a high quality northern California pop/rock band in the late 70's and early eighties. Lead by Doug Reid the multi-talented songwriter, singer, producer (now video producer) the band featured an outstanding line-up of musicians. Tony Saunders, James Levi, Jack King, Dave McCulloch, Pete Escovedo Jr., Bobbie DeLuna and Freddie Washington.

Each song on an Augustwolf album is completely different from the next and ranges from funk, Jazz and R&B to Country and Rock. Many have put Augustwolf in with the like of Christopher Cross, Loggins and Messina and Boz Scaggs.

30 years after the release dates these albums, especially "The Boy Who Cried", still sound fresh and full or original quality and vitality.

Augustwolf Cover
  • Augustwolf
  • Pop, Rock
  • Augustwolf
  • 06/13/2007
  • Augustwolf
Liner Notes: Augustwolf Side One: Railroadman - 3:38 (Reid) Savin' Me - 3:06 (Reid Holzkamp) The Window - 2:58 (Reid) Wouldn't Yo Know - 4:06 (Reid) You Are The Feeling (E Song) - 4:48 (Reid Holzkamp) Side Two: Give Me Time - 3:45 (Reid, Holzkamp) Anyone Can Fall In Love - 3:08 (Reid, Holzkamp) Wiseman - 5:12 (Reid) Bottom Dollar - 3:57 (Reid) Musicians Doug Reid - vocals, guitars Dean Holzkamp - saxes, flutes and keyboards Drums - James Levi, Jack King Bass - Dave McCullough, Freddie Washington Lead Guitar - Tom Dickson, Mike Williams Percussion - Bobbie DeLuna, James Levi Background vocals - Arijs Zulgis, Mike Hubrel, Dean Holzkamp, Munchkin Choir Executive Producer - Nancy Achilles Produced by Doug Reid Arranged by Dean Holkamp and Doug Reid Engineer - Mark Needham Studio - Bear West. SF Cover Art - Dewey Reid Special Thanks, Jo, Debbie, Landon, &? (Tyler, Cody), Norman, Shirlee, Max, Dana, The Reid's, Jim Damir, Ross, M&M Liquors, Nancy Copyright 1978 Augustwolf, Inc all rights reserved
  1. Railroadman
  2. Savin' Me
  3. The Window
  4. Wouldn't You Know
  5. You Are The Feeling (E Song)...
  6. Give Me Time
  7. Anyone Can Fall In Love
  8. Wiseman
  9. Bottom Dollar
The Boy Who Cried Cover
  • The Boy Who Cried
  • Pop, Rock
  • Augustwolf
  • 07/10/2007
  • The Boy Who Cried
Liner Notes: Augustwolf 2 "The Boy Who Cried" is the follow-up album to the band's independent hit of 1978. Both albums have been on the rare vinyl listings on eBay and with collectors for over 10 years, garnering $100 per disc. Augustwolf is easy listening rock with every song very different from the next running from rock ballads to jazz-rock to simple acoustic guitar to R&B. Likened to Cris Cross, Loggins and Messina, Boz Scaggs, Alan Parson's Project and other popular stars of the 80's, Augustwolf represents the quality end of independent record production and more than holds its own after 30 years. Augustwolf is the alter-persona of Doug Reid who wrote and produced both albums and provided lead vocals and guitar work. Augustwolf remains the company name for Reid's media production company of Northern California known for its high quality video and media production work. Doug assembled the best musicians for the Augustwolf albums and toured with those players as headliner or opening act for Toto, Charlie Daniels, Robert Palmer, David Crosby, Kalapana, Commander Cody and others. Musicians: Doug Reid - Vocals and Guitars James Levi - Drums and Percussion Dick Summers - Keyboards Tony Saunders - Bass Arijs Zulgis -Bass Peter Adams - Everything else Guest Musicians: Tommy Stiles - Pedal Steel Guitar Rick Lilley - Lead Guitar Tom Dickson - Lead Guitar Mark Russo - Saxophone Coale Johnson - Harmonica Steve Oliver - Guitar on HERO Greg Rahn - Piano and co-writer HERO Scott Condos - Vocals co-writer HERO Song Listing: Nobody Needs to Know (4:57) Hurt Me (3:05) Justify (3:10) Marriage (2:32) American Calypso (4:37) The Boy Who Cried (4:37) Stranger (4:14) Initially (2:07) Back to Romance (3:36) Heard It Before (4:38) Bonus Tracks Adrienne (4:30) HERO (4:40) NOTES Recorded at the Augustwolf Studio Walnut Creek CA. Produced and Written by Doug Reid Engineered and Mixed by Peter Adams and Doug Reid Album Cover by Dewey Reid, Dave Reid Sr. and Richard Moore - Design Lab, Petaluma, CA Microphones -Steve Jarvis Mastered By George Horn - Fantasy Records Special Thanks: Mau's Music, Arctic Productions, Domestic Plastics, Design Lab, our families, Jo, Landon, Tyler, Cody, The Reid's, The Johnsons, Maxwells, Jim Matthews, Greg Wood, Jim Damir, Robbie Stearns, Steve Forgey, Mr Picow, Mr Pickett, Scott Condos, Kreig Rendt Scott, Charlie Gringos, Nancy Achilles Copyright 1982-2007 Augustwolf Inc.
  1. Nobody Needs To Know
  2. Hurt Me
  3. Justify
  4. Marriage
  5. American Calypso
  6. The Boy Who Cried
  7. Stranger
  8. Initially
  9. Back To Romance
  10. Heard It Before
  11. Adrienne (Bonus Track)
  12. Hero (Bonus Track) Featuring Steve Oliver...