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Avishai Efrat

Avishai Efrat

Avishai Efrat is a musician from Tel Aviv, Israel. He first picked-up the guitar when he was 14 and was heavily influenced by the Seattle sound in the 90's. He started writing his own material at age 18, slowly developing his own unique approach to songwriting, combining a Ramones-like punk sound with a 60's singer-songwriter feel and 90’s grunge attitude. Avishai was also guitarist of the Israeli alternative band “Famous People” and recorded & released 2 albums with the band. Avishai Efrat & Yoni Efrati are a Tel Aviv duo, playing stripped-down intimate original folk-rock songs, combining both folk & rockn'roll.

Yoni Efrati is a multi instrumentalist from Hagor, Israel. Playing primarily on the piano since he was a small child, Yoni has become a professional piano & synth player, as well as a percussionist, arranger, singer and songwriter. Artists he has played with include Lea Shabat & Gazoz Tribute Show. Yoni has also appeared and played in various musical media Israeli programs hosted by Channel 24, Reshet Bet and Radio 102.

Avishai recently released a solo album called "Nightmares Aren't bad things" which is currently available online and will soon be available in stores.

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