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hello from bar25 berlin !!!

hello from bar25 berlin !!!

Label associated with the Berlin riverside club of the same name.

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I Would / Bar25 Cover
  • I Would / Bar25
  • Electronic, Dance
  • Dirty Doering / Bar25
  • 11/04/2010
  • I Would / Bar25
Liner Notes: Finally, a new, true Doering, whose other name Dirty is something of a fake-out: “I Would” captivates the listener with clean, maximum minimal beauty, in typical Doering style. The melodies swing gentle as a cradle, the beats take effect in a supporting role and the vocals, though sparsely deployed, complete the demand for inner harmony. The elements combine to create a languorous, warm feeling around the heart – a flawless hit.And what’s Marcus Meinhardt up to? He lays a hint of boom behind the track, plays with the curiosity created by delay, and garnishes the whole thing with a few more sound delights. Acid Pauli, well, he does what Acid Pauli must do: lengthening the track to almost ten minutes, he builds a myriad of levels for psychoactive play, slowly pushing the track to its apex and slowly bringing it back, so that it can almost go without the guiding vocals. With the digital Bonus Remix by Matthew Styles, the tempo gets yet another push. He loses the vocals altogether, mixes in a pinch of ambient and deftly puts the focus on the hypnotic undertow of the track, holding it for a full 19 minutes. Release/catalogue number: bar25-15 Release date: Sep 6, 2010
  1. I Would (Marcus Meinhardt Remix)...
  2. I Would (Original)
  3. I Would (Acid Pauli Remix)...
  4. I Would (Matthew Styles Remix)...
Nur Mal Kurz / Bar25 Cover
  • Nur Mal Kurz / Bar25
  • Electronic, Dance
  • Niconé & Sascha Braemer / Bar25
  • 11/10/2010
  • Nur Mal Kurz / Bar25
Liner Notes: Almost no other club has been the subject of so many song dedications. This time, Nicone’ & Sascha Bremer deliver a heart-wrenching declaration of love for the Bar25. “Nur mal kurz“ is nothing less than this year’s hit of the summer. Straight rumbles, smooth sound dimensions and high-noon vocals are a serenade to the 25 timeloop. The twelfth release on the Bar25 label will ensure endless nights, far-flung days and forgotten hours for a long time to come, thanks to seven remixes altogether. Two are on the vinyl release: Philip Bader mixed a version for the hottest Sunday afternoon, with Latino loops that leave the listener speechless, and native Argentinian QIK (Igloo Records) created an equally good counterpart for mindless nights – dry and direct. The track is so good that there are five more remixes on digital release, from our beloved Brian Cares, Javier Logares (who made an impression with “The Right Clue“), Canadian Pheek, Berlin boys Channel X and Gianni “I have the best make-up“ Vitiello. Pick the one that fits best! And because we just couldn’t help ourselves, there’s a “Nur mal Kurz“ ring tone available for download on our Website – www.bar25.de
  1. Nur Mal Kurz (Original)
  2. Nur Mal Kurz (Philip Bader Remix)...
  3. Nur Mal Kurz (Qik Remix)
  4. Nur Mal Kurz (Pheek Remix)...
  5. Nur Mal Kurz (Brian Cares (bin Ich Schon Drin Remix...
  6. Nur Mal Kurz (Channel X Remix)...
  7. Nur Mal Kurz (Gianni Vitiello's Karaoke 25 Remix)...
Rootsa / Bar25 Cover
  • Rootsa / Bar25
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Philip Bader / Nico Stojan / Bar25
  • 04/10/2011
  • Rootsa / Bar25
Liner Notes: Yes we can, all night long...! This strictly Killer EP is a prime time weapon. Minimal Tech House at its finest. Approved by cheering crowds, at Berlins most popular and closed location at the riverside. Bar25 celebrates their successfull years as hottest club in town and strikes again with another powerful blow to dancefloors and loudspeakers everywhere, with their 10th digital release "Rootsa". Two of our well known artists, Philip Bader and Nico Stojan, teamed up for an EP that equips the listener with an arsenal full of Infectious Minimal Rhythms and Floor-Stomping Bass, vital for any Sonic Attack. The release comes furthermore along with 2 outstanding and brilliant Killer Remixes by Martinez and Lee Jones. Martinez creates a true peak time House Bomb Remix of "Rootsa", Meanwhile the Lee Jones Remix turns into a Deep Dubby and Shiny Wonderful Piece of Minimal... All in all a Must Have for all lovers of sophisticated modern Club Music !!! ____________________________________________________________ Release/catalogue number: bar25-DIGI010 Release date: February 17th 2011
  1. Rootsa
  2. Avaganza
  3. Rootsa (Martinez Remix)
  4. Rootsa (Lee Jones Remix)
The Bridge / Bar25 Cover
  • The Bridge / Bar25
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Matt John / Bar25
  • 05/19/2011
  • The Bridge / Bar25
Liner Notes: Matt John – The Bridge (bar 25-17) This album builds more than just one bridge between the best worlds of frivolousness and dependability - horizontally, vertically, all the directions in between, and in time. No matter what the current when you cross, the beginning and the end dissolve into an everlasting flow in true 25 character. The journey is fueled by its own limitlessness, all the while delivering crucial reference points for a purposeful riptide ride. The experienced hedonist lets herself be driven through her beloved quarter-note spheres, relishing the moments when, in certain beats, twinkling details lead her towards a different route - one familiar but long forgotten. She strings this pearl on her chain of rhythm-driven moods, calling upon it at the right times to amplify her individual push. The allure of the impact's unfolding redeems each secret whispered by the spirit of the sound. The adventurous disciple of a sensually charged culture is pushed to peer beyond the limits of his exhilarated expectations. He cannot resist reaching for the starlit beats, wishing to adorn himself with their shine. Born anew, a master, he is forever received as a welcome guest (+1) in each of the best of all worlds - this is how the multiplicity of all their denizens takes its outrageous and dazzling form. Together they are deeply moved by the messages that the bass massages into their collective body. The anxious ones dive into the pheromone-soaked vapors of the new terrain, whose very strangeness makes it so attractive. They are kindly incorporated into the beat's commanding dimension by fellow travelers already in the know. Primed in such a manner, they too can be led across the bridges with playful ease, bridges from which they first expected only precarious footing. In the freefall of boundless fervors, any worry that something might one day end is drowned out, since the shock will be softly absorbed by the warmth of the vibe in the pool of electric delight. This congregation, whose sleeplessness and bliss are one and the same, celebrates every transition as a promise of salvation. This is the ingredient that lends the flow its joyfully received immortality. For them, Matt John's "Bridge" is a welcome bond between the memories of his old residence - the home of intoxication - and its future, which has propagated itself in the label. Connected by bridge, the worlds of frivolity and dependability promise excess, delirium, security, euphoria, beauty, progression, hope, song, softness, safety, desire, sentimentality, form, function, forcefulness, starry nights, love, searching, arrival, farewell, summer vacation, crispy-crunchy, creation and exhaustion.
  1. Hello Again (Californian Sunrise)...
  2. Meatball
  3. Dolphins
  4. The Bridge
  5. Space Caravan
  6. The Rising Horse (Vers.5)
  7. Krien Ululz Ullk (Day Food)...
We Love the Sun / Bar25 Cover
  • We Love the Sun / Bar25
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Nu / Bar25
  • 08/02/2011
  • We Love the Sun / Bar25
Liner Notes:
  1. Who Love the Sun (feat. Jo Ke)...
  2. Let It Be Naked Remix By Acid Pauli...
  3. Dance In My Pants (feat. Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis Ritter)...