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Ben Sage Music

The Subsistence EP Cover
  • The Subsistence EP
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Ben Sage
  • 02/09/2007
  • The Subsistence EP
Liner Notes: Sub-sis-tence: 1. The Act or State of Subsisting 2. A Means of Subsisting, Especially means barely sufficient to maintain life. 3. Something that has real or substantial existence. 4. The State of existing in reality: having substance Thanks first and foremost to my family for all the support! Mackie - Thanks for Everything! Souru - You too! Evol, Ewun, Pendulum, Vince, Psidream, Stumblebum, Sunchase, Cyanide, Mayhem, Exile, SPL, Limewax, Phetsta, Brandon Miles, Aaron Simpson, Ytee, Chris Su, Rene, Rick F, Wizzy, Everyone at Rinse Mag, Keep up the good work! Tetradin, Kinith, Caroline, Paul B, Valis, Freaky Flow, Muffler, Srix, Lara M, Cure, Tom, Mickey, Brad, Matt, Dres, Werbs, Buck, Bruvy - You guys rock!!
  1. Just a Minute (Featuring Savvy)...
  2. Peace Chant
  3. Breakdance Fusion
  4. Choir of Dawn
How the Days Collide Cover
  • How the Days Collide
  • Dance, Electronic
  • Various Artists
  • 09/28/2007
  • How the Days Collide
Liner Notes: I hope you enjoy my latest creations. Some of these tunes were made for labels, and never got released, some were made as remix projects for friends, and some I started ages ago and recently picked up and finished. Some are as recent as 2008, and some as old as 2001. Special Thanks go out to Aaron Simpson - thanks for always supporting me by playing and promoting my tunes. Your skills are phenomenal. Also Brian Abbey and Ben XO. Thanks for letting me release the vocals for "Never Far From Right." Thanks to Mark Subsonik for completely restoring my faith in dnb. No matter how popular you become, I guarantee you are still underrated, and thanks to Sudden Def Records for supporting our talents and letting us make the music we want. Thanks to Mackie & Gain for always supporting me as well. And thanks to everyone who buys my music and supports me! Spread the word! Look out for more diverse material from me in 2008 / 2009.
  1. Blade Oil <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  2. Never Far From Right (Ben Sage Remix)... <span class="various">by Brian Abbey & Aaron Simpson</span>
  3. The Thing It Isnt <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  4. Forging On <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  5. Critical Mass <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  6. Nervous Climate <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  7. Fiendin (Featuring Savvy) <span class="various">by Subsenix (Ben Sage & Subsonik)</span>
  8. Blackout (Ben Sage Remix) <span class="various">by Rocketface</span>
  9. Clockwork Robot Ninja <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>
  10. Early (Ben Sage Remix) <span class="various">by Racermason</span>
  11. Nangma <span class="various">by Ben Sage</span>