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Tom Kubis Big Band United States California Huntington Beach Don The Beachcomber Sep 23, 2010
You Just Can't Have Enough Christmas Cover
  • You Just Can't Have Enough Christmas
  • Holiday, Jazz
  • Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 09/29/2008
  • You Just Can't Have Enough Christmas
Liner Notes: One of this era's finest big band arrangers also leads his own orchestra in Southern California. Loaded with talent and blessed with superb charts, Tom Kubis's band has assembled for an hour of holiday cheer in a session that both meets traditional expectations and provides a fresh look at the holiday season. Guests Pete Christlieb, Jack Sheldon and Carol Jolin each make a major impact. Their charming lyricism and creative spirits ride high. Kubis's arrangements, while adhering to the mainstream for their substance, contain welcome surprises. Rich Bullock takes the melody of "Jingle Bells" as his solo feature—on bass trombone. Christlieb and Kubis wage a tough tenor battle through a hip, up-tempo "We Three Kings." Mike Higgins weaves a pleasant acoustic guitar melody on a fast-paced arrangement of "Deck the Halls." Elsewhere, high-note trumpeters Wayne Bergeron and George Graham put goose bumps on your arms and the back of your neck. Carol Jolin joins the band for two lovely arrangements. The program also features a trombone choir, a remarkable solo from trombonist Andy Martin, and several lovely open trumpet features from Andy's brother, Stan. Jack Sheldon, a personal favorite, appears with his fluid horn and his unforgettable sense of humor. His trumpet work sounds as fresh as it ever has, and his hip vocal comedy remains filled with enchantment. Kubis organizes his big band programs with care. This is one that Santa will enjoy all year 'round.
  1. Joy To The World
  2. Frosty The Snowman
  3. O Holy Night
  4. Away In a Manger
  5. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...
  6. Deck the Halls
  7. Christmas Time Is Here
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas...
  9. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear...
  10. Jingle Bells
  11. O Come All Ye Faithful/o Little Town Of Beathlehem...
  12. White Christmas
A Jazz Musician's Christmas Cover
  • A Jazz Musician's Christmas
  • Holiday, Jazz
  • The Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 09/22/2002
  • A Jazz Musician's Christmas
Liner Notes: Well, the reindeer are in for their 25 million mile check-up, Santa's done having his sleighburator rebuilt and Rudolph is putting in a new halogen nose. Well, you know what this all means. Time for the cool yule, time to go a-wassailing, fum, fum, fum and all that. The elves have worked overtime to put together all the best of "It's Just Not For Christmas Anymore" and "You Just Can't Have Enough Christmas" to come up with our first compilation CD. We had trouble coming up with a name like "You Just Can't Have Enough Christmas Anymore" or maybe "You've Had Enough Christmas But Here's Some More." Well, our favorite but relatively unknown elf, Danny, found the perfect title - "A Jazz Musician's Christmas" (to which the reindeer cheered and pranced–they love to prance); although Mrs. Claus was somewhat concerned that maybe someone might build a jazz club near the North Pole, someone pointed out, like a typical jazz club it would be way out of the way and out of business in a year–she became less concerned. A Jazz Musician's Christmas is featuring my wonderful band with guest appearances by Jack Sheldon, Pete Christlieb, and Pat McCormick. As the Christmases have gone since we first started playing, so many of the band members are more stars of their own and are all mainstays in the recording industry out here! Personnel on cuts 2,5,6,7,14,15,16, and 17: Trumpets; George Graham, Wayne Bergeron, Stan Martin, Jeff Bunnell Saxophones; Sal Lozano - Lead Alto, Jay Mason - Second Alto, Mike Whitman - Lead Tenor, Jeff Driskell - Second Tenor, Brian Williams - Baritone Trombones; Andy Martin, Alex Iles, Charlie Morillas, Rich Bullock Rhythm Section; Jack Reidling - Piano. Mike Higgins - Guitar, Trey Henry - Bass, Ray Brinker - Drums. Hurt Rasmussen - Percussion Vocals by Carol Jolin and Jack Sheldon Personnel on cuts 1,2,4,8,9,10,11,12, and 13: Trumpets; Wayne Bergeron, George Graham, Jeff Bunnell, Stan Martin, Gary Holopoff Saxophones; Sal Lozano - Lead Alto, Mike Whitman - Second Alto, Bill Liston - Lead Tenor, Rusty Higgins - Second Tenor, Jay Mason - Baritone Trombones; Andy Martin, Alex Iles, Charlie Morillas, Rich Bullock, Chuck Hughes Rhythm Section; Jack Reidling - Piano, Mike Higgins - Guitar, Trey Henry - Bass. Ray Brinker - Drums, Hurt Rasmussen - Percussion Vocals by Carol Jolin and Jack Sheldon
  1. Joy To The World
  2. A Jazz Musician's Christmas...
  3. Away In A Manger
  4. O Holy Night
  5. Let It Snow
  6. God Rest Ye Merry Trombones...
  7. Hark The Herald Angels Sing...
  8. Oh Christmas Tree
  9. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear...
  10. Deck The Halls
  11. The Twelve Days Of Christmas (my Agent Gave to Me)...
  12. Jingle Bells
  13. O Come All Ye Faithful/o Little Town of Bethlehem...
  14. We Three Kings
  15. Silent Night
  16. Winter Wonderland
  17. Auld Lang Syne
"Slightly off the Ground" Cover
  • "Slightly off the Ground"
  • Jazz
  • The Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 12/28/2008
Liner Notes: THE TOM KUBIS BIG BAND with Bill Watrous, Jack Sheldon & Matt Catingub "SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND" "The" most difficult task in writing these liner notes is attempting to hold back the praise for each of the magnificent musicians who have generously given their talents and time to this project. I hope you will enjoy the musicality and spirit shown by this band as much as I do! So, on to the music… Those of you who follow jazz will recognize two of the soloists on "PURPLE PORPOISE PARKWAY" and I'm honored to say they are not only great writers, saxophonists, keyboard players, nuclear scientists, brain surgeons, etc., etc.,…but also great friends as well. The three of us (Matt Catingub on alto sax, Gordon Goodwin on Tenor, and myself on soprano) get a chance to trade off on chord changes of "some familiar tune". (You'll figure it out.) The end of the solo section highlights a 4-bar piece which was master-minded at 3:00 a.m. the morning of the session. With total panic and a complete disregard for human life, we all sight-read it and that's what went on tape! There was an air of skill, luck and "don't ever do that to us again" in the studio - but, hay, what are friends for, anyway? This chart also features one of our five world-class trumpeters on lead trumpet, Wayne Bergeron. This tune ends with a brief statement by one of the most respected bass trombonists around, Rich Bullock. "EXACTLY LIKE THIS" opens with the piano talents of Matt Catingub followed by a harmon mute solo by the always innovative Dan McGurn. This was also my first time to work with the great George Graham who plays lead trumpet on this arrangement. His every inflection and nuance throughout the session should be a definitive lesson in lead trumpet playing - but if you don;t believe me, just ask everyone else!! I fell in love with "PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM" when I first heard it. This was not originally meant to be a vocal chart, but when you're lucky enough to get Jack Sheldon to sing, you make room. Jack is a very big fan of the movie Casablanca and I told him if he wanted to play trumpet on the third chorus to go ahead - but he had other ideas as you will hear!! Because of this, it is one of my favorite cuts on the project. "WHO CAN I TURN TO" (…ON) features Jack Sheldon on solos. A highlight of this chart is the lead alto work of Dan Higgins, who I feel is one of the very best on the lead reed chair. On "SLIGHTLY OFF THE GROUND" (which the band affectionately renamed "Slightly Out of Your Mind") pay special notice to the sax section of Higgins, Huckins, Goodwin, Liston, and Baker who basically sight-read this chart for the session. (Do not attempt this at home.) Again, another wonderful a cappella brass performance followed by a solo by the great Bill Watrous, who we were very lucky to steal in between his many clinic and studio dates. In the last chorus of the song, check out the long time friend; Matt Johnson on drums. (Again, this do not attempt this drum solo at home!) I told Dan Beher (our producer) that the first note of "WHICH CRAFT?" may spook people into driving off the road or falling out of their chairs. The solo here is Jack Sheldon. Guitarist Mike Higgins (my old Long Beach State buddy) starts off "AIN'T IT WONDERFUL". Mike is well-known for his great guitar talents, but even more amazingly, is known for coining the phrase, "Lady, your cow's on fire!" The band's performance on this is another personal favorite of mine, highlighted by the trombone phenom, Andy Martin (who also plays a hell of a point guard). I follow him on soprano saxophone. Again, check out the ensemble playing of this great band on the last shout section. "TEACH ME TONIGHT" starts out with the wonderful flute work of another friend, Greg Huckins, playing over (not literally) the bucket muted-brass section. Listen to the sensitive bass playing of Kevin Axt as he added so much to this tune and the entire session - and he even had a birthday in the middle of it all!. (See, Kevin, I did introduce you!). By the way, I did get a chance to play tenor on this one. "SAMBA DEES GODDA DO IT" starts with Stan Martin on flugel, Greg Huckins on flute and Dan Higgins on soprano sax. The rhythm section playing is very exciting, spear-headed by the "samba master", Matt Johnson on drums. Dan McGurn and I get a chance to solo on this. By the way, the "double C" at the end is Stan Martin. (And, yes, if you are asking--Stan and Andy are brothers……Where's Scott? "WHEN YOU'RE SMILING" is another old friend, and is especially enhanced by the trombone work of Bill Watrous. (I dare somebody to copy his break!!) "IMAGINE WHAT A CHANGE WILL DO" was written by the fine songwriter, pianist, and vocalist, Carol Jolin. Originally, this was a trombone feature but once Carol heard how Dan McGurn played on previous albums, the decision was made: This was going to be a flugel feature! Was that ever the right decision! This was a major highlight in the session and it shows up as a highlight on the recording as well!! "ALEXANDER'S BIG TIME BAND" opens with guitarist Mike Higgins showin' off again! This is followed by an ensemble and a very precise a cappella section. Here is a good chance to thank a few special people I haven't mentioned so far. Lead trombonist Charlie Moralis deserves a commanding amount of respect for keeping the precession and phrasing at its very best in the bone section. Trombonist, Alex Iles deserves so much credit for not only playing great, but rounding up a great bone section! Thanks to the unsung hero, Charlie Peterson for saving the trumpet players chops and lives. Paul Baker who never missed a low A while still being able to hear a pin drop. Bill Liston is a great saxophonist, great friend & avid angler. But, hay…WAIT!! The music is still playing! On "ALEXANDER'S", Jack Sheldon and Matt Cattingub get to do some solos - Matt is playing alto sax. As usual, check out that last ensemble - YO, BAND!!!! Let's a;; do it again next week! Tom Kubis
  1. Purple Porpoise Parkway
  2. Exactly Like This
  3. Play It Again, Sam
  4. Who Can I Turn To
  5. Slightly Off The Ground
  6. Which Craft?
  7. Ain't It Wonderful
  8. Teach Me Tonight
  9. Samba Dees Godda Do It
  10. When Your Smiling
  11. Imagine What A Change Will Do...
  12. Alexander's Big Time Band
"Keep Swingin'" - the Tom Kubis Big Band Plays Steve Allen Cover
  • "Keep Swingin'" - the Tom Kubis Big Band Plays Steve Allen
  • Jazz
  • The Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 12/31/2008
Liner Notes: The first CD collaboration between arranger Tom Kubis and composer Steve Allen was the highly-praised FAST CARS & FASCINATING WOMEN. Anything that good calls for a prompt encore and the present package, KEEP SWINGIN' certainly fills the bill. Of the band's leader Steve Allen says, "Tom Kubis is fully qualified to take his place alongside Neil Hefti, Bill Holman, Quincy Jones, Bob Florence, Ernie Wilkins and the other giants of big band jazz arranging. Although Tom is younger than the others he continues in that great tradition. But that's only one of his claims to fame. Tom – Who is a professor of music at Golden West College, near Los Angeles – also is a true leader, in the full sense of the word. He personally selects the musicians who perform and record with him and, as if that weren't enough, also is a fine tenor sax player" The CD's "Jumpy Blues" after a hard_swinging first chorus, features Kubis's tenor work. "One thing I like about Tom's playing," says Allen, "is that although it's quite modern, it's also firmly rooted in the grand tradition. Another facto is that like Tom's arranging, his playing exhibits occasional moments of humor." Humor is certainly evident in start-trumpeter Jack Sheldon's vocal on "Tango Blues," a Latino novelty number that also features Grant Geissman's guitar work. One of Allen's favorite composers – and America's, for that matter – is Hoagy Carmichael. Allen says, "I asked Tom to give that particular arrangement a sort of late 1930's feeling and that's just what he did." "Hoagy's Indiana" features fin solo work by George Graham on trumpet. In many of even the better orchestras each section has one star soloist, but the Kubis band, by way of contrast, seems to have a gifted solo-artist in every chair, witness Jeff Bunnell's trumpet work on "Le Jazz Hot." "Oh, That Face," an easily singable jazz waltz, features Andy Martin on trombone. Tom Kubis returns as soloist _ this time on soprano sax – on the catchy "Sultry Samba." "Cold September Morning" features a soulful alto-sax solo by Sal Lozano, which emphasizes the emotional richness of the song's melody. "Jump, John," after establishing its fresh melody, offers bassist Trey Henry, an extended solo. Tom Kubis playing soprano sax and the inimitable Jack Sheldon on trumpet share solo honors on another jazz waltz, "In The Winter, In The Summer." One of the most readily singable melodies in the package, which features Alex Iles on trombone, is Mama Used To Do the Cha Cha," for which Allen has separately provided a lyric. One of Kubis's own favorite melodies in the collection is "Something Mysterious" and the combination of his gifts as arranger and Stan Martin as trumpeter makes for a hauntingly emotional performance. On "You've Got To Have The Blues Sometimes," tenor-man Rusty Higgins and Tom Kubis share the solo honors. "Keep Swingin'," which does indeed, opens with a trombone-lead statement of the melody, after which trumpeter Jeff Bunnell plays a highly-pleasing muted horn solo. Another sprightly jazz waltz is "Happy Tuesday" on which pianist Jack Reidling, after establishing the melody with impressive chops, expresses his own creativity within the context of Allen's infectious harmonies. Those who provide album liner-notes use clichés barn-burner or flag-waver to describe recordings like "Chittlins." another highly melodic original. Guest-star Jack Sheldon demonstrates his famed prowess on trumpet, and Ray Brinker, on drums, firmly drives the whole ensemble. As regards "Payn' Your Dues," Allen explains, "This melody was originally written for a musical based on Chinese and Jewish history. There was a Jewish settlement in China about a thousand years ago. I did a lyric about the idiocy of anti-Semitism called 'Blamin' the Jews' but, rather than have to explain the title every time the number was performed, I just switched it to 'Payin' Your Dues.' By the way," Allen adds, "Don't miss the incredible trombone work here by Charlie Morillas, Andy Martin and Alex Iles. I also love what Tom Kubis did on the sax section chorus. It's the big band tradition at its greatest. "Lastly," Allen says, "So young ears shouldn't become too confused, we decided to close with a rock number called 'Livin' in L.A.' about modern culture as exhibited in Los Angeles." The rock-ish guitar solo is by Grant Geissman. Monroe Friedman Alto Saxophones - Sal Lozano, Gene Burkert Tenor Saxophones - Bill Liston, Rusty Higgins, Tom Kubis (solos only) Baritone Saxophone - Beverly Dahlke-Smith Trumpets - George Graham, Wayne Bergeron, Stan Martin, Jeff Bunnell, Jack Sheldon (solos only) Trombones - Andy Martin, Charlie Morillas, Alex Iles Bass Trombone - Rich Bullock Piano - Jack Reidling Bass - Trey Henry Drums - Ray Brinker Guitar - Mike Higgins, Grant Geissman (solos only) Percussion - Kurt Rasmussen Vocals - Jack Sheldon on "Tango Blues", Steve Allen on "Livin' In L.A."
  1. Jumpy Blues (Tom Kubis, Tenor Sax)...
  2. Tango Blues (Jack Sheldon, Vocal & Trumpet; Grant Geissman, Guitar)...
  3. Hoagy's Indiana (George Graham, Trumpet)...
  4. Le Jazz Hot (Jeff Bunnell, Trumpet)...
  5. Oh, That Face (Andy Martin, Trombone)...
  6. Sultry Samba (Tom Kubis, Soprano Sax)...
  7. Cold September Morning (Sal Lazano, Alto Sax)...
  8. Jump, John (Trey Henry, Bass)...
  9. In The Winter, In The Summer (Tom Kubis, Soprano Sax; Jack Sheldon, Trumpet)...
  10. Mama Used To Do The Cha Cha (Alex Iles, Trombone)...
  11. Something Mysterious (Stan Martin, Trumpet)...
  12. You Got To Have The Blues Sometimes (Rusty Higgins & Tom Kubis, Tenor Saxes)...
  13. Keep Swingin' (Jeff Bunnell, Trumpet)...
  14. Happy Tuesday (Jack Reidling, Piano)...
  15. Chittlins (Jack Sheldon, Trumpet; Ray Brinker, Drums)...
  16. Payin' Your Dues (Charlie Morillas, Andy Martin, Alex Iles, Trombone)...
  17. Livin' In L.A. (Steve Allen, Vocal; Grant Geissman, Guitar)...
Fast Cars & Fascinating Women - The Tom Kubis Big Band Plays Steve Allen Cover
  • Fast Cars & Fascinating Women - The Tom Kubis Big Band Plays Steve Allen
  • Jazz
  • The Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 01/02/2009
  • Fast Cars & Fascinating Women - The Tom Kubis Big Band Plays Steve Allen
Liner Notes: Steve Allen, who was most famous as one of the great standup comedians and talk show hosts, enjoyed writing songs. Of the thousands that he penned, only "It Could Be the Start of Something Big" made it to become a standard. Tom Kubis arranged 36 of Allen's better songs for his big band, recording two CDs of which this was the first one. Kubis' charts always swing and they certainly uplift Allen's obscure songs, giving them plenty of life. With such soloists as trombonists Andy Martin, Charlie Morillas, Alex Iles, and Rich Bullock, trumpeters Ron Stout, Stan Martin, George Graham, and Jeff Bunnell, and Kubis on tenor, flute, and soprano, there are plenty of fine individual moments throughout the spirited set. Steve Allen makes a guest appearance, singing "The Girl Can't Help It." Overall, this CD is one of the strongest recordings of Allen's music. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
  1. Fast Cars & Fascinating Women (Tom Kubis, Tenor Sax Solo; Matt Johnson, Drum...
  2. Zamba (Tom Kubis, Flute Solo)...
  3. Step This Way, Sir (Alex Iles, Trombone Solo)...
  4. In Memory of Bix (Ron Stout, Trumpet Solo)...
  5. The Girl Can't Help It (Steve Allen, Vocal; Charlie Morillas, Trombone Solo)...
  6. The Bluest Blues (Andy Martin, Trombone Solo)...
  7. I'm Kinda Crazy (Trombone Solos - Alex Iles, Charlie Morillas, Andy Martin, ...
  8. Bahia Yodel (Jack Reidling, Piano Solo; Stan Martin, Trumpet Solo)...
  9. Certain Nights I Have The Blues (Tom Kubis, Tenor Sax Solo)...
  10. I'm Gonna Tell (Tom Kubis, Tenor Sax Solo)...
  11. Say That Again (Brian Williams, Baritone Sax Solo)...
  12. Samba De Else (Tom Kubis, Soprano Sax Solo; Kurt Rasmussen, Percussion Solo)...
  13. I've Got To Get Another Baby (George Graham, Trumpet Solo)...
  14. The 5000th Song (Ron Stout, Trumpet Solo)...
  15. Downtown Clown (Jeff Bunnell, Trumpet Solo)...
  16. Street Strut (Mike Higgins, Guitar Solo)...
At Last Cover
  • At Last
  • Jazz
  • The Tom Kubis Big Band
  • 01/10/2009
  • At Last
Liner Notes: Tom Kubis has become a well-known arranger in the Los Angeles area, writing for the Jack Sheldon Big Band, Maiden Voyage, and other ensembles. His own big band performs on an occasional basis. This fine CD features Kubis' 1992 orchestra on a variety of material, some of which (such as "The Chinese Samba," "Bill Bailey," "Police Squad Theme," and "The Star Spangled Banner") is a bit offbeat. The music consistently swings and has spots for such soloists as trumpeter George Graham, trombonist Andy Martin, Rusty Higgins on tenor, and Kubis on soprano and tenor. Trumpeter Jack Sheldon guests on "At Last" (which he sings) and Leslie Lewis has two vocals. Solid swinging music. Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
  1. Marie's Shuffle
  2. At Last
  3. Play By Play
  4. The Chinese Samba
  5. How About Me?
  6. Bill Bailey
  7. The Star Spangled Banner
  8. St. Louis Blues
  9. Just a Pretty Little Thing...
  10. I'm Beginning to See the Light...
  11. Stella By Starlight
  12. I Thought About You
  13. No Greater Be-bop
  14. Police Squad Theme
Spring Is Where You Are Cover
  • Spring Is Where You Are
  • Jazz, Vocal
  • Carol Jolin
  • 01/24/2009
  • Spring Is Where You Are
Liner Notes: There's been a spate of "Songs of Steve Allen" albums, including ones made by Buddy DeFranco/Terry Gibbs, Andy Williams, Roseanna Vitro, and Frankie Randall, among others. Now comes another entry, Carol Jolin and husband Tom Kubis' fine effort for Sea Breeze Jazz. This album is good, more than for the playing than the songs due to the imaginative arrangements and orchestrations by Kubis which are executed by interested, talented musicians all mixed with the well-fashioned vocal styling of Jolin. Allen's songs have never sounded better. The arrangements and orchestrations are varied, and Latin rhythms are favored, including the kick off tune "Doin' the Samba," wisely selected to get attention, and "If You Ever Leave Me, I'm Going With You," where Allen is Cole Porter at his most cynical. Gallic is available on "Mon Ami" and big band swing on "Cupid (Aim at His Heart)" and "The Usual Place." Cute describes "Nice Little Girls" as Kubis and Jolin's daughter takes the last line asking "Am I a nice little girl?" But it's the romantic ballads that steal the show and catch the ear. Especially poignant is the rendition of a rarely heard Billy Strayhorn melody "I Never Knew Love Till You" (with lyrics by Allen), as Andy Martin's moving lyrical trombone blends with Jolin's breathy contralto. This cut is the highlight of the album followed closely by "That's What I'd Call a Dream" with Kubis' floating flute commanding attention. The only clinker on the set is the title tune which, despite the efforts of Jolin and Jack Sheldon's flittering trumpeting, comes out as bland and uninspiring. But that one bad spot is overwhelmingly made up for by the rest of the CD. Kudos to the fine support given to Jolin and Kubis. In addition to those already mentioned, there's the guitar by Michael Higgins, the solid trumpets of Gary Halopoff and George Graham, along with Wayne Bergeron's mellow flugelhorn on "They Said It Wouldn't Last." This album is a creative presentation of Steve Allen's music and is recommended. Dave Nathan, All Music Guide
  1. Doin' The Samba
  2. Nice Little Girls
  3. Mr. New York
  4. Tell Me Your Dreams
  5. They Said It Wouldn't Last...
  6. Mon Ami
  7. I Never Knew Love Till You...
  8. If You Ever Leave Me, I'm Going With You...
  9. Spring Is Where You Are
  10. The Day I Found You
  11. After You
  12. Cupid (Aim At His Heart)
  13. Blue Again
  14. The Usual Place
  15. That's What I'd Call A Dream...
EP Number One Cover
  • EP Number One
  • Rock, Alternative
  • Fighting for Nineveh
  • 08/31/2008
  • EP Number One
Liner Notes: Hey, all!! Well, here's a long overdue update about what has been going on in FIGHTINforNINEVEH land: First off, we'd like to say a huge loud "THANKS!" to all of you for your un-ending (and much needed) support! We thank GOD every day for giving us the ability to speak truths in the language everone understands and by His grace, we'll keep going forever. That said, we'd like it to be known that all of you have play a major role in keeping us alive and thriving in the local music scene as long as we have, and we definitely look forward to the future for much, much more!! We also know that you have all been listening to the same demos on our page for quite some time and we felt it was time for a change... It turns out that two years of gigging and honing our sound has finally paid off... we have made enough money to record our first EP!! The final mastering will be finished by the end of this week. After that, we'll send it to be duplicated and shrink-wrapped... and then... AVAILABLE FOR YOU ALL TO ENJOY!!! We love you all very much, -F.f.N.
  1. Dont
  2. Bad Week
  3. One Day
  4. Winter High
  5. Shotdown
Sonora Santanera De Carlos Colorado La Nueva Sangre Cover
  • Sonora Santanera De Carlos Colorado La Nueva Sangre
  • Latin
  • Sonora Santanera De Carlos Colorado La Nueva Sangre
  • 07/29/2008
  • Sonora Santanera De Carlos Colorado La Nueva Sangre
  1. Tita
  2. Yolanda
  3. El Mudo
  4. Perfume De Gardenias
  5. El Torero
  6. El Sonsonete
  7. A Muchos Años
  8. El Botones
  9. Luces De Nueva York
  10. La Boa
Sea Changes Cover
  • Sea Changes
  • Jazz
  • Vanguard University Jazz Ensemble
  • 12/28/2009
  • Sea Changes
Liner Notes: A Word About… Vanguard University… Vanguard University of Southern California (VUSC) is a private, co-educational, evangelical, comprehensive university of liberal arts and professional studios that provides a supportive and challenging environment in which to pursue a quality Christian education. Vanguard University is nationally-ranked in the top 10 of Best Comprehensive Colleges by U.S. News and World Report, and also ranked in the top 10 as Best Value: Great Schools at a Great Price. Vanguard was also named one of the Best in the West liberal arts colleges by the Princeton Review. As a small community of 2,200 students, the university offers a student-instructor relationship of a personal nature. The university was the first liberal arts college established in Orange County, California, and is affiliated with the Southern California District Council of the Assemblies of God. The university now offers over 40 majors within the undergraduate school, five master's programs (including the M.B.A. and the M.A. in Education), and a doctoral program Religious studies. VUSC is committed to providing an educational experience that integrates faith, learning, and living. Located in the heart of Orange County and five minutes from beautiful Newport Beach, Vanguard University provides a supportive environment for internship and ministries, as well as close proximity to all the arts, businesses, shopping, beaches, and amusement parks for which Southern California is known around the world. The Department… The Music Department of Vanguard University offers the Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in Music Education, Music Ministry, Music Composition, and Performance. Excellence in performance is encouraged through frequent general music recitals and participation in the department's choral and instrumental ensembles. Majors in other disciplines are encouraged to participate in the university performance groups, which include the University Concert Choir, Women's Chorus, Vanguard Singers & Band, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, and String, Brass, Wind Percussion, Guitar, and Handbell ensembles. The Ensemble… The university Jazz Ensemble is sponsored by the Department of Music in the School of Communication and the Arts at Vanguard University. This group has presented concerts at churches, schools, conferences, and conventions throughout Southern California. The University Jazz Ensemble is committed to excellence in music performance and is well-received be all audiences, due to its eclectic and inspiring range of jazz and big band literature. Members of the Jazz Ensemble are selected from the over 2,200-member student body from the University and are representative of the over 40 academic majors offered at Vanguard University. Although a large number of students at Vanguard University are from the state of California, many come from the other 49 states in the U.S., as well as several international countries and territories, including Guam, Romania, Sweden, China and South Korea. The Director… Dr. Kenneth R. Foerch is the Director of Jazz Studies and Assistant Professor of Music at Vanguard University joining the faculty in 2004. Dr. Foerch received his D.M.A. from the University of Southern California and his M.M. from Eastman School of Music. Teaching area include woodwinds studies and Jazz. He is a freelance performer and serves as adjunct faculty at both Pomona College in Claremont and Mt. San Antonio College. He also was the applied music instructor of saxophone, clarinet, and flute at Cerritos College, where he taught a class in music fundamentals. Dr. Foerch has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Rochester Philharmonic orchestras, and has appeared with some of today's leading jazz artists, including Shelly Berg, Carman Bradford, Ndugu Chancler, and Bill Watrous. Dr. Foerch was a co-founder of the Capitol Quartet, a Saxophone quartet specializing in orchestral pops. While a member of the quartet, he performed with numerous orchestras throughout the United States, including the Baltimore Symphony, Grand Rapids Symphony, Rochester Philharmonic, Williamsport Symphony, Butler Symphony, as well as with conductors Jeff Tyzik, Marvin Hamlisch, and Daniel Hege. He was also an artist/clinician for Boosey and Hawkes, performing concerts and conducting master classes throughout the United States on their behalf. Other accomplishments find Dr. Foerch appearing at the Ninth World Saxophone Congress in Japan, performing with the All-American College Band at Disneyland, and as a member of "The President's Own" United States Marine Band for eight years. While with the Marine Band, he served s principal saxophonist, soloist, and clinician. Dr. Foerch continues to enjoy a multifaceted career giving solo recitals, teaching, arranging, composing, and performing with numerous chamber groups throughout Southern California. He currently resides in LaVern, CA with his wife Michele and daughter Sophia. Dedication… Being a member of the Vanguard family, it is truly an honor to add to the rich blessings found here at the University. I would like to first and foremost thank my wife Michelle who has been so supportive and patient with all the hard work necessary to make such a project come together. Dr. James Melton who said "go for it" and surprised everyone involved that there would be this opportunity. The students who added their musical talents and played with the joy that is within them! IN only my first year, the idea of working on a recording was only possible because of the hard work of the students. Shree Carter, Sarah Scott, and the rest of the music staff that helped to provide the final details. Thank you to everyone! SEA CHANGES is filled with works that everyone can enjoy. From the Latin, Swing, Funk, Spiritual, and the post-modern title track we have and eclectic blend of styles that make up the genre of jazz. It is my hope that we will all rejoice in listening to this CD and know that the gift of music is from the Lord and that He is always in our midst. "Whatever things are noble, just, lovely, and of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praise worthy - meditate on these things." (Phil. 4:8) Dr. Kenneth Foerch - Director UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE Lewis Bradshaw, saxophone Jonathan Rowden, saxophone Jessica Strickland, saxophone Micah Adams, trumpet Jesse Kern, trumpet Phillip Maxwell, trumpet Ryan Smithson, trumpet Melissa Rickert, trombone Casssandra Surowski, trombone Mitchell Anderson, piano Amy Neville, piano Chris Cox, guitar Jared Rich, bass guitar Travis Goode, drums Stewart Ramsey, drums JAZZ COMBO MEMBERS Chris Cox, guitar Chris Garcia, drums Craig Garcia, bass Amy Neville, piano Jonahtan Rowden, alto saxophone Sergio Salinas, tenor saxophone Lauren Salamone, piano Joshua Smith, soprano/tenor saxophone Jeffery Suh, guitar/bass
  1. Let Us Break Bread
  2. Sea Changes
  3. Carneval Del Sol
  4. A Quiet Place
  5. Sing, Sing, Sing!
  6. Rock Of Ages
  7. 'round Midnight
  8. Two For The Road
  9. Moment's Notice
  10. I Love You
  11. Work Song
  12. Manteca
How About Me? Cover
  • How About Me?
  • Jazz
  • George Graham
  • 01/25/2010
  • How About Me?
Liner Notes: Although born in Chicago, George Graham grew up in the Los Angeles area ---at a time when the world's best musical talent was flocking to "Hollywood" ---and talented children were surrounded by great performers and teachers to study with and to emulate. His youth was spent playing trumpet with school bands and orchestras, as well as the prestigious Youth Symphonies of the area. Following graduation from highschool, he spent 3 1/2 years with Air Force Bands around the world, and while in the Philippines, he was ranked #2 in the Philippine Jazz Poll. After his discharge, he finished his education at L.A. Valley College, studying music composition and performance under the tutelage of Bob MacDonald, appearing with the College Jazz Band at the Monterey Jazz Festival, and performing around the L.A. area with combos and Jazz groups. George then joined the Si Zentner Band, travelling throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1963 he settled in Reno, Nevada, and spent the next 15 years performing in the clubs and showrooms of the Reno/Tahoe area, working with virtually every performer in the business, and travelling with such stars as Anthony Newley and Dionne Warwick as their 1st trumpet player. He returned to Los Angeles in 1980, and since then has established himself among the top studio musicians. Along with his schedule of TV and movie sessions, George also performs and records with many artists and bands.....i.e., Bob Florence, Tom Kubis, Gerald Wilson, Ray Anthony, Louis Bellson, Benny Carter, B.B. King, Diane Shuur, Rosemary Clooney, and the late Frank Sinatra. George has particularly enjoyed participating in major events, such as the 1984 Olympics (Opening and Closing Ceremonies), Liberty Week-end (in New York), The 200th Anniversary of the Signing of the Constitution of the United States (in Philadelphia), and annual award shows such as the Essence Awards (in New York), The Teachers Awards, the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz "Celebration of America's Music" at the Kennedy Center, as well as the Oscars and the Emmys. In 1999 George was a featured soloist for the sound track of the film "The Thomas Crown Affair." This year George can be heard on 2 Grammy winning CDs, first with Diana Krall under the baton of Johnny Mandel, and also with Bob Florence and The Limited Edition on Serendipity 18. George continues to work on his own projects. He has two releases on the Pippo Avenue label: "With More Help From My Friends," a hot big band CD, and a brand new release, "How About Me?", a poignant ballad CD on Flugelhorn with orchestral background.
  1. How About Me?
  2. What's New?
  3. But Beautiful
  4. Day By Day
  5. Willow Weep For Me
  6. Didn't We?
  7. Here's That Rainy Day
  8. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face...
  9. You Go To My Head
  10. A Foggy Day
  11. The Summer Knows
  12. Meet Mrs. Banning
  13. Star Eyes
  14. That's All