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Bill Hickey

Bill Hickey


The London-Irish singer/songwriter who draws his inspiration from the remote perspective that island life offers, off the rugged west coast of Scotland. Bill Hickey has been singing, writing and performing for many years.

Bill’s latest 11 track studio album Faraway Girl has just been released on Amazon.

The album has taken a number of years to complete and has evolved over two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Faraway Girl/I’m Really Someone Else

Recorded at Vital Spark Studios, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Produced by Chris Harley

Digitally programmed and engineered by Allan Cuthbertson

Lead Vocals Bill Hickey

Guitars Chaz Stewart

Bass guitar Morph Dobie

Backing Vocals and percussion Chris Harley

Phase 2: Gina / When It Comes To Love / Living In The Past / She’s My Friend / It’s Like It’s Never Happened / I Can’t Live Without My Baby / I Close My Eyes / Right At Home / Helping Hand

Recorded at Tarn Studios, Northamptonshire, England

with additional recording and engineering at Razorfish Recording Studios, Isle of North Uist, Scotland

Produced by Bill Hickey

Engineered by Will Lamb

Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar and harmonica Bill Hickey

Guitars, piano, percussion and digital programming Geoff Baker

Mandolin and guitar Will Lamb

Strange But True… To create the tracks in the second phase of the album, Bill Hickey emailed his good friend Geoff Baker the demos of these songs which were then used as the base for musical arrangement. Bill and Geoff corresponded by email over a period of months as tracks were built up and arranged. With tracks received from Geoff’s Studio in Northamptonshire England, Bill recorded and made further musical changes with the help of Sound Engineer Will Lamb on the remote Isle of North Uist in Scotland. It was not until the final album had been mastered in July 2009 that they met in London where Bill gave Geoff the first pressing of the album!

The title track and one other, I'm Really Someone Else, have been available to download on iTunes, Amazon, Napster (along with most other leading MP3 online retailers) since December 2008. The Faraway Girl album is now rolling out across these stores throughout September 2009.

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