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Ron "Black" Guidry, The Cajun singer song writer and swamp tour guide from South Louisiana.

Has been seen through out the world on television comercials documentaries and recently on MTV.

The creator of the classic Poo Poo Boudreaux.

Most of his songs tell a story, therefore he is known in circles as the "Cajun Story Teller."

Color Me Cajun Cover
  • Color Me Cajun
  • Alternative
  • Cajun Man Ron "Black" Guidry
  • 07/27/2007
  • Color Me Cajun
  1. Proud To Be A Cajun
  2. Honky Tonkin Louisiana Style...
  3. Jolie Blon
  4. Louisiana Man
  5. Alligator Annie
  6. No Room To Dance
  7. Cajun Man
  8. Boudin Day
  9. Mud Bug Boogie
  10. Jambalaya
  11. Crawfish Crawdads Mudbugs etc....
  12. Walkin In The Woods w/My Parain...