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Black Lab

Black Lab

In 1998, Paul Durham's band Black Lab was signed to Geffen Records and mesmerized modern-rock radio with the singles “Wash It Away” and “Time Ago,” both Top-40 hits on alternative rock and pop formats. The group’s intelligent, heartfelt lyrics and wide-screen guitar attack had them compared to U2. Radio programmers hailed the band and their debut, Your Body Above Me, as the Next Big Thing.

Contributions to soundtracks followed as their passionate vocals and huge sound landed them on the soundtracks of Can’t Hardly Wait, Varsity Blues, Permanent Midnight, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Unfortunately, on the cusp of world domination, their label went out of business, leaving the band’s dreams in disarray.

In 2002, after signing and un-signing with Epic Records, the band found themselves on the soundtrack of Sony Pictures' Spider-Man, opening another chapter for Black Lab – or at least for Durham, who produced the band's second album, See the Sun, with new guitarist/programmer Andy Ellis. Starting from scratch and taking on every aspect of the production, from recording and mixing to album layout and marketing, the band exploited the creative possibilities of being free from a major label. Songs from this era wormed their way onto the scores of Blade: Trinity, The Covenant, MTV’s Real World, ESPN's X-Games, ABC's “The Days” and “What I Like About You,” among others.

Five years in the making, Black Lab’s Passion Leaves a Trace (2007) found the band returning to the experimental foundation of their debut. The album bristles with dark melodies, and tracks from this self-produced album have been heard on FX’s promotion for season 6 of “The Shield,” ABC’s “6 Degrees,” and CBS’s “Numb3rs” and “Flashpoint,” as well as the films The Benchwarmers and Lovewrecked.

The band attracted national media attention through the single-day, world-wide viral campaign called "Bum Rush the charts," in which their song “Mine Again” was promoted through podcasting, blogs and email. The song peaked at #11 on the U.S. iTunes rock chart and broke the top 100 in fifteen other countries (#2 in Holland!).

As a follow-up new media stunt, Black Lab covered the 80's cheese-metal theme to The Transformers, cutting together a video from Dreamwork's HD trailers that earned them over four million on YouTube and drove people to their website, www.blacklabworld.com. The theme was included on Black Lab's collection of remixes and electronica called TECHNOLOGIE.

In 2009, the band's put out a b-sides collection called Give Us Sugar that collects all the rare mp3's that trickled out between the first two albums, as well as unreleased tracks from the last fifteen years, soundtrack-only recordings, and never-heard demos and live recordings. An 18-track version is available (like all of Black Lab's music) at iTunes and AmazonMp3, while the full 32 track version can be downloaded or shipped worldwide in CD format from the band's website.

Recently, Black Lab released its fourth proper album, Two Strangers, featuring twelve new songs that swing from vulnerability to devotion, from cold-wave desperation to indie-pop celebration to post-grunge thrust. Black Lab's music continues to find its place on TV (FX's "Dirt," ABC's "Private Practice," "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?"), film (Happy Tears), trailers (He's Just Not That Into You, Waiting for Forever), and commercials (Honda, McDonalds).

While Black Lab roars down the tracks, Durham continues to pursue a variety of musical endeavors, including side projects (Cake or Death, Stray Palace), producing (Gringo Star, Kristin Kelly), co-writing (Natalie Imbruglia, Rachael Yamagata, Ryan Cabrera), and playing live acoustic shows.

All things Black Lab, including streams and free downloads from new and past albums, CDs, posters, photos, videos, history, news, stickers, gossip, and back issues of the band's excellent Mp3 of the Month Club can be found at http://blacklabworld.com.

contact AT blacklabworld.com facebook.com/blacklabband

Technologie Cover
  • Technologie
  • Electronic, Rock
  • Black Lab
  • 06/12/2007
  • Technologie
Liner Notes: TECHNOLOGIE is the 2007's second album by Black Lab, twelve songs of new electronica plus the band's own version of the Transformers theme, just in time for the release of the big Dreamworks movie. Black Lab is a rock band with a serious secret life as techno hermits. Songs from TECHNOLOGIE have been featured in the film/soundtrack for Blade: Trinity, the trailer for the film The Covenant, and the TV show What I Like About You. After fleeing the world of major labels (Geffen, Sony), Black Lab has gone pure indy -- writing, producing, marketing and distributing their own music online. Their songs were all over the radio and MTV in the 90's and have been all over film (Spider-Man, Can't Hardly Wait, The Benchwarmers) and TV (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Numb3rs, The Shield season 6 promo) since then. Check out their three previous albums, Your Body Above Me (featuring 'Wash it Away' and 'Time Ago'), See the Sun, and Passion Leaves a Trace, as well as t-shirts, posters & the Mp3 of the Month Club subscription magazine, all at http://blacklabworld.com.
  1. Bulletproof
  2. New Prayer
  3. River of Joy
  4. Living Too Fast
  5. Lonely Boy (Miss Volatile Remix)...
  6. Hole in my Heart
  7. When Worlds Collide
  8. Ecstasy (Switchblade Remix)...
  9. Ghost in the Machine
  10. Remember (Motorboat Drama Remix by Alex Kemp)...
  11. A Stone's Throw
  12. This Blood
  13. Transformers Theme
Passion Leaves a Trace Cover
  • Passion Leaves a Trace
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Black Lab
  • 07/18/2007
  • Passion Leaves a Trace
Liner Notes: 'Passion Leaves a Trace' is Black Lab's third album, the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut 'Your Body Above Me' and their second album 'See the Sun.' Singer Paul Durham, Guitarist/programmer Andy Ellis, as well as friends Brian Paturalski and Marti Frederiksen, produced, recorded and mixed this album themselves over the course of five years. In an ecstatic state of creative freedom, with no one to answer to other than their own artistic demands, the band found a variety of voices through which to speak. The result combines the experimentation of their first album with the huge melodic hooks of their second, plunging through darkness and obsession into the light of pure passion. The song 'This Night' was featured in FX's season 6 promo for The Shield, and 'Mine Again' was picked by Bumrush the Charts, a viral campaign by podcasters and bloggers to place one song by an independent artist on the iTunes charts. All things Black Lab, including streaming and free downloads from new and past albums, can be found at blacklabworld.com. contact@blacklabworld.com
  1. Mine Again
  2. Ghost in Your Mind
  3. The Real You
  4. This Night
  5. Gone
  6. A Day Alone
  7. Weightless
  8. Pictures of People
  9. Broken Heart
  10. Sun and Moon
  11. Good
  12. The Window
See the Sun Cover
  • See the Sun
  • Alternative, Rock
  • Black Lab
  • 10/25/2007
  • See the Sun
Liner Notes: 'See the Sun' is the long awaited follow-up to Black Lab's critically acclaimed debut, 'Your Body Above Me.' Killed in its cradle by the dissolution of Geffen Records, 'Your Body Above Me' still managed to foster two hit singles, "Wash it Away" and "Time Ago," and contribute to the soundtracks of 'Can't Hardly Wait,' 'Varsity Blues,' 'Permanent Midnight,' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Black Lab, described by the 'San Francisco Chronicle' as "The American U2," toured internationally and then broke up. Paul Durham, the singer, songwriter and guiding force behind the band, got himself another deal with Epic Records and produced 'See the Sun' himself, with help from new guitarist Andy Ellis and Grammy award-winning Producer/Mixer Tom Lord-Alge. Black Lab was reborn. The first single, "Learn to Crawl," was featured on the 'Spider-Man' soundtrack and the album was scheduled for release in conjunction with the film. When the band's A&R guy, publicist and product manager were all let go in the same week, Durham found himself with the opportunity to free Black Lab from a crippled major label and take ownership of his record. Now 'See the Sun' is finding new life in the world of independent digital distribution. Check out the delicious madness of 'See the Sun's title track, plus free video & audio downloads, streams, cd's, t's and gossip, all at www.blacklabworld.com. 'See the Sun' has a depth and emotional range that boadens with each listen. Enjoy the liquid swirl of "Remember," the epic sweep of "Wide Open," the raging loss of "Without You," the heated irony of "Ecstasy," and the open-armed surrender of "Lonely Boy." 'See the Sun' is a desert island disc in the making.
  1. See The Sun
  2. Remember
  3. Lonely Boy
  4. Perfect Girl
  5. Ecstasy
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. Without You
  8. Dream In Color
  9. Learn To Crawl
  10. Wide Open
  11. Lifelike
  12. Circus Lights
Covers Volume I Cover
  • Covers Volume I
  • Alternative, Soundtrack
  • Mirror Ball Associates
  • 01/30/2008
  • Covers Volume I
  1. Hello Mudda
  2. Right Here Right Now
  3. On the Road Again (Slow Ride)...
  4. If I Only Had a Brain
  5. Opposites Attract
  6. Superman
  7. Your Ghost
  8. Walking on Sunshine
  9. Goodbye to You
  10. Promise of a New Day
  11. California Sun
  12. You've Got a Friend
Ten Million Years Cover
  • Ten Million Years
  • Rock, Americana
  • Paul Durham (of Black Lab)
  • 04/22/2008
  • Ten Million Years
Liner Notes: paul durham's "ten million years: songs from the nineteen nineties" is the sound of black lab's frontman in full singer-songwriter mode. recorded several years before forming black lab and securing his first record deal, these recordings trace durham's early evolution as a writer and experimentalist. with paul baker on bass, hershel yatovitz on guitar, and jim kassis on drums, durham tried to break new ground. in the end, he left in search of a big wall of guitar. this collection includes the mid-nineties recordings produced by acclaimed jazz producer lee townsend. it's a riveting mix of folk and rock, cut through with with shards of country and jazz, and reveals the early impulses that led to black lab. here you'll find the original versions of "time ago," "dream in color" and "walk slow" (from the director's cut of "your body above me" [Blacklabworld.com]). the collection also includes the acoustic black lab version of "wash it away," late-night recordings of an acoustic-duo performance of "can't keep the rain" and "sleeps with angels" by with friend d. joseph; and the beautiful solo demo of "ten million years" that got durham his first deal with geffen.
  1. Postcards
  2. Walk Slow '94
  3. Time Ago '92
  4. Sixteen
  5. Run Circles
  6. Home
  7. O' Maggie
  8. Something About
  9. Dream In Color '93
  10. The Ghost Tonight
  11. Mary
  12. Wash It Away (Acoustic Black Lab)...
  13. Can't Keep the Rain (Live Acoustic)...
  14. Sleeps With Angels (Live Acoustic)...
  15. Ten Million Years '95