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Bob Noxious UK

Bob Noxious UK

'Bob Noxious was born out of a hatred of Christmas and what it now represents. Every year we are forced to buy things which are too expensive, landing the population in debt and misery. Children are now asking parents for high priced electronic goods which also mean less fresh air and recreation for kids and more harm to the planet

Father Christmas was the ONE thing that BOB looked forward to every year, as a child. If he was good, he knew he would get a satsuma, a spinning top, a piece of lego and a chocolate orange...Now he takes his revenge on Santa, as he releases 'FUCK OFF SANTA' this Christmas. Join him in telling this ''2014'' Santa to 'GET YOUR FUCKING ACT TOGETHER' and BUGGER OFF BACK TO LAPLAND'' Bob Noxious 'FUCK OFF SANTA' VIDEO out NOW!!!!!

Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
Bob Noxious UK United Kingdom Notingham Bunkers Hill Dec 10, 2010
Bugger off Back to Lapland Cover
  • Bugger off Back to Lapland
  • Comedy
  • Bob Noxious UK
  • 04/08/2008
  • Bugger off Back to Lapland
Liner Notes: Bob Noxious was born in a time when Christmas meant something. The commercial hype of this time of year has angered Bob, who now thinks the true meaning of Christmas has been lost. To mark this, BOB NOXIOUS has returned to make sure you know his thoughts on Santa Claus!! Recorded at Charlton Farm Studio By Louie Nicastro, Produced by George Allen (The Wurzels) Thanks to the children of County Primary School for the backing vocals, Sil Wilcox for his backing vocals, Guitars by Alan Wilson, Max Bisgrove, Neil Taylor and The Wurzels for giving Bob a break on ' Never Mind the Bullocks,!
  1. Fuck off Santa
  2. Fuck off Santa (Bleep Version)...
  3. Where's Me Fucking Sherry??...
  4. They Dont Make Cider Like They Used To...