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God's Good Rocket Cover
  • God's Good Rocket
  • Christian/Gospel, Rock
  • Brett Williams
  • 11/20/2007
  • God's Good Rocket
  1. You Are God
  2. Shine
  3. Call Me Beautiful
  4. Where the Well Won't Run Dry...
  5. Christian
  6. Move Me
  7. Passionate Fire
  8. Yet You Are Holy
  9. This Must Be The Place
  10. Happy Here With You
  11. He Giveth More Grace
Curio Cover
  • Curio
  • Rock, Christian/Gospel
  • Brett Williams
  • 10/30/2008
  • Curio
  1. Curio
  2. Wings and Wheels
  3. Leaving Geneva
  4. I Wanna Be Different (Like Everybody Else)...
  5. There's the Cross
  6. Man Powered Submarine
  7. La Batay Bienvenido
  8. Something About You
  9. Let Your Yes Be Yes
  10. How Patient
Hideaway Cover
  • Hideaway
  • Rock, Christian/Gospel
  • Brett Williams
  • 10/30/2008
  • Hideaway
  1. Quantity
  2. Nothing
  3. When I Slow Down
  4. Hideaway
  5. Empty the Ocean
  6. My Offering
  7. Only
  8. Educate My Soul
  9. Undone
  10. Your Love Never Fails
  11. I Will Declare
  12. Send Me
This Is You Cover
  • This Is You
  • Rock
  • Brett Williams
  • 01/01/2001
  • This Is You
Liner Notes: Produced by David Zaffiro and Brett Williams Executive Producer: Brett Williams Recorded at Wiseman Studios, Bellevue, WA. Engineered by Mark Linger and David Zaffiro. Assisted by Timothy James Meaney Mixed by David Zaffiro at Puget Sound, Nashville, TN Mastered by Ross Nyberg at Studio X, Seattle, WA Artwork by Jim Jacobson Many thanks to David Zaffiro and Mark Linger for packing up your talent, gear and friendship and bringing it to Seattle. To Timothy James Meaney, you are a dear friend and master of a vast empire. To Jeff McCormack, Scott Burell, Jen Hirschman, Bonnie Foxley, Lisa Springer, Jason Ritchie, Ron Stephens, Craig Finley, Aaron Spiro, Mike Doran, Tammy Aubuchon, Rob Cochran, Billy Batstone, Richard Smokovich, you are all wonderful talents and the songs and performances could not have happened without you. To Jim Jacobson for another great cover. Eli Thompson and everyone at Maranatha Music for getting the music out there. Pastor Wayne Taylor, all of the worship teams that make this music every week and the family at Calvary Fellowship. Jesus, here is another batch. We commit these words and melodies for Your glory… This is You. Musicians: Vocals: Brett Williams, Craig Finley, Bonnie Foxley, Jennifer Hirschman, Lisa Springer Acoustic guitars: Brett Williams Electric guitars: Brett Williams, David Zaffiro Keyboards: Jason Ritchie Bass: Scott Burell Drums: Jeffrey McCormack Pedal Steel: Ron Stephens Loop programming: David Zaffiro Percussion: Brett Williams, David Zaffiro
  1. Real
  2. Who Is Like You
  3. This Is You
  4. Not By Might
  5. You Alone
  6. Jesus My Lord, My God, My All...
  7. Micah 7:7
  8. Wanna Talk About Jesus
  9. Father and Friend
  10. He Shall Reign
  11. I'm Hungry For You
Empty the Ocean Cover
  • Empty the Ocean
  • Rock
  • Brett Williams
  • 07/01/1999
  • Empty the Ocean
  1. I'm Amazed
  2. Whenever I Call Upon Your Name...
  3. When I Walk With You
  4. Good Hand of the Lord
  5. Oh My Redeemer
  6. Everlasting God
  7. Lord, I Come To Seek Your Face...
  8. When The King Comes Down
  9. Think On These Things
  10. Pilgrim's Journey
  11. The Trade
  12. The Matchless Name
  13. Empty the Ocean