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Brian Charles -We will lift our hands to you

Brian Charles -We will lift our hands to you

I am someone who used to be a heavy metal rocker until I had a life changing experience and I went from a rock star who performed on MTV's Headbangers ball To Jesus is my rock and My salvation!!!!After a Paul on the road to Damascus moment, I now glorify the Lord in all that I do and I preach the Gospel through song and ministry work, such as ministering to the homeless and addicted.To serve others and advance the kingdom is now my main goal.I am a Graduate of wisdom ministries and university in tulsa Oklahoma and I am looking forward to expanding gods reach in the world and also to release many more God inspired CD's. These songs were inspired by the Lord himself, and along with My friend Dan glaser( an awesome & talented composer) ,we put together a praise and worship filled 10 song CD, "we will lift our hands to you"!!! I hope you enjoy these tracks and be blessed always. p.s The link on the right will Take ytou to a slide show video of we will lift our hands to you.

Brian Charles

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