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Brian Gilbertson

Brian Gilbertson, world renown vocalist and vocal tutor.

Songs for Fathers Cover
  • Songs for Fathers
  • Vocal
  • Brian Gilbertson
  • 04/20/2009
  • Songs for Fathers
Liner Notes: Produced by Quentin Eyers and Brian Gilbertson © 2005 "This CD has hit a nerve. It's the first recording I've made where people who have made a purchase have then ordered several copies to pass on to others. I am humbled by the response." Songs for Fathers was not produced as a commercial project but rather as a personal project, hastened by the illness of Brian's father who is now well again. The first print run sold out and a decision was made not to print any more. However, the number of emails and letters and calls received requesting copies has prompted a digital release. So many people have found strength from the songs and intention behind this album.
  1. You Raise Me Up
  2. Cats In The Cradle
  3. Butterfly Kisses
  4. Not While Im Around
  5. Father & Son
  6. Let Me Fall
  7. Morning Side
  8. The Living Years
  9. A Man Is A Man
  10. Destiny
  11. The Prayer
  12. My Fathers Chair
  13. Anthem
  14. Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring...
  15. The Old Man
Top Hat and Tails Cover
  • Top Hat and Tails
  • Vocal
  • Brian Gilbertson
  • 04/22/2009
  • Top Hat and Tails
Liner Notes: From Leonard Bernstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Irving Berlin. Musical accompaniments by Members of The London Symphony Orchestra & The Vince Giordano Orchestra, New York
  1. Tonight
  2. Maria
  3. Something's Coming
  4. Unexpected Song
  5. Music of the Night
  6. Love Changes Everything
  7. Cheek to Cheek
  8. Let's Face the Music and Dance...
  9. Say It Isn't So
  10. Be Careful It's My Heart
  11. Change Partners
  12. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails...
Tek Sing-Across the Centuries Cover
  • Tek Sing-Across the Centuries
  • World, Soundtrack
  • Brian Gilbertson
  • 04/22/2009
  • Tek Sing-Across the Centuries
  1. Across the Centuries
  2. The Journey
  3. Across the Centuries (Reprise)...
United in One Dream Cover
  • United in One Dream
  • Vocal
  • Brian Gilbertson
  • 04/22/2009
  • United in One Dream
  1. United In One Dream
  2. If One Man Could Change the World...
  3. Destiny
  4. If One Man Could Change the World (extended Version)...
A Life's Journey Cover
  • A Life's Journey
  • Vocal, Opera
  • Various Artists
  • 04/22/2009
  • A Life's Journey
  1. Take Me Away <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  2. It Feels Like Home <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  3. The Prayer <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  4. Tell Me <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  5. Your Destiny <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  6. Time To Say Goodbye <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  7. Silver Wings <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  8. I Remember <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  9. Hero <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  10. Sometimes <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  11. Burning Brightly <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
  12. Amigos Para Siempre <span class="various">by Brian Gilbertson and Kaylene Graham</span>
  13. Magic Lullaby <span class="various">by Kaylene Graham</span>
Zero Degrees of Separation Cover
  • Zero Degrees of Separation
  • Vocal
  • Brian Gilbertson and Kaylene Graham
  • 06/29/2009
  • Zero Degrees of Separation
  1. Calling All Angels
  2. May It Be
  3. Whisper of Angels
  4. Because We Believe
  5. Angel
  6. You Are Loved
  7. How Do I Live
  8. Songbird
  9. Canto Alla Vita
  10. The Luckiest
  11. Fields of Gold
  12. At the Beginning
  13. Life Is Beautiful
  14. 100 Years