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Life Long Indie Guitar Player Goes Worldwide!

At an early age Brian Kassian listened endlessly to his Dad's record collection in Edmonton Alberta Canada. CCR, Steppenwolf, Duane Eddy, Rolling Stones, Beatles and Johnny Cash were always on. He wanted to play drums, but started playing piano at age 10 and listening to AC/DC. At 14 he discovered Tygers of Pan Tang, The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Frank Zappa. At 15 Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and The Ramones were the hero's.

He also started playing guitar in 1982 at 15 and immediately started his first rock band with friends, 3 Speed. His high school bands were Jess Thunder (1983) and Bacchus (1984). Then after high school he joined the amazing punk band Entirely Distorted (1985), which slowly evolved into Broken Smile (1987).

Grant Macewan Jazz Music College in Edmonton was the next step learning from Bob Cairns while playing in Broken Smile. After a year of music school Broken Smile moved to Montreal in 1988 and recored a self titled album in 1989.

He also started playing and still is playing in the legendary punk band My Dog Popper. Releasing albums: 668 Neighbor of the Beast (1988), Buenos Dias Jesus (1991), Greed (1993), Fifi (1996) and The Early Beers (2010)

He returned to music school in Edmonton in 1992 and reunited with former bandmates to form Jasper Place. They recorded and released one album, Wet Paint (1993). After school was over, Jasper Place was on pause and he moved to British Columbia. He formed, Starvins in 1995 a heavy improv 3 piece. Brian helped write and Recorded Fifi with My Dog Popper in 1996. Then in 1997 recorded an album with long time friends, Edmonton country band Old Reliable.

Then came Patio, a screamo revolution, was the next record in 1999. This lead to, The Deaf, which has Brian playing guitar and doing lead vox. They released a 3 song ep. Scream Therapy in 2002.

In 1999 he also formed and is currently in legendary tribute band BC/DC.

In 2007 he started writing, recording and releasing with his new project Kings of the Ice Age.

2009 has him working on new records for Kings of the Ice Age, My Dog Popper and Jasper Place as well as releasing all the material his previous bands have recorded.

2010 Brought the first reunion show of My Dog Popper in Montreal since 1998 and the release of a greatest hits cd 'The Early Beers' available on itunes. BCDC highlights included playing the X-Games private after party and jamming with Danny Carey from Tool and hanging out with Shaun White. Kings of the Ice Age continue to release incredible singles on itunes as well.

2011 Starts with Alice Cooper stating on his radio show that BCDC is the best ACDC tribute band out there. More old school My Dog Popper recordings on the way and the BCDC tour schedule is looking great. The Kings are recording some great new tracks as well and remixing the classics.

See ya out there!

Happy Birthday Cover
  • Happy Birthday
  • Pop, Holiday
  • Jasper Place
  • 07/17/2008
  • Happy Birthday
Liner Notes: Jasper Place Bass + Vocals: Trent Buhler Guitar: Brian Kassian Drums: Dave Rees Written by Buhler/Kassian/Rees Copywrite Jasper Place SOCAN Engineered by: Ian Armstrong, Tom Golub Produced by Jasper Place Mastered by Brian Kassian Cover Art: Angela Rees
  1. Happy Birthday