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CantAndino - De Sur a Norte

CantAndino - De Sur a Norte

Here it is! For all our friends and "fans", who keep asking us for an Album wherever we have a gig. Traditional Music from the Andes regions of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, fresh recorded and mixed.

Aca esta! Para todos nuestros amigos y "fans" que en cada actuacion nos piden llevarse un album de recuerdo...Musica tradicional de los Andes de Argentina, Bolivia, Chile y Peru.

Gaston Bejarano (Bolivia) - Vientos y arreglos

David Cruz (Bolivia) - Vientos - Vocal

Anita Bejarano (Bolivia)- Vocal

Alejandro Sanhueza (Chile) - Cuerdas

Fabian Nuñez (Chile) - Cuerdas, Bajo Electrico

Grabacion y Mezcla: G. Bejarano

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Tour Dates

Artist Country State City Venue Date
CantAndino Norway Stavanger Sola Center Sep 30, 2009
De Sur a Norte Cover
  • De Sur a Norte
  • Latin, World
  • CantAndino
  • 09/24/2009
  • De Sur a Norte
Liner Notes: Whenever we had a concert, enthusiastic fans and friends asked us for an album with our music. So we decided to take their good advice and produce this album. The innovative aspect this time was the opportunity to do everything by ourselves, from the recording up to the mixing. So here it is, original music from the Andes regions in South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, produced entirely by "Latinos" living in Norway. We hope our songs motivate you, dear listener, to visit any or our countries any time soon and discover their beauty and our diverse and rich cultural heritage. CantAndino: Gaston Bejarano - Flutes David Cruz - Flutes & Vocal Anita Bejarano - Vocal Alejandro Sanhueza - Strings Fabian Nuñez - Strings, Bass
  1. Canto De la Cuculi
  2. Desde Lejos
  3. Genio Sin Carton
  4. Al Amanecer
  5. Jach'a Uru (El Gran Dia)
  6. Leño Verde Reloaded
  7. Como Pajaros
  8. Palmeras
  9. Niña Camba
  10. Virgenes del Sol
  11. Rosita De Pica