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Cara-Mel, whose real name is Dana Lawrence is a female artist representing the Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan area known best as the DMV. Her style can be best described as a blend of Hip Hop, Down South, and Dance meets Trap.

The street promo song, “Broke” placed her on the map once it caught the attention of DJ SIDEREAL from Minnesota and landed a spot on the “Stamp of Approval” mixtape song bangers of the year. This song was written and recorded to reflect the frustrations of living check to check; which everyone can relate to at some point of their lives.

With dreams to utilize her gifts to demonstrate a positive perspective within the music industry, Cara-Mel is striving to incorporate her talent through networking and bringing change. As she states best, “We as females should not feel the need to remove clothing, get hair weaves or implants just to get a record deal and make a sale!" "Let your music speak for itself!"