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Caribbean Gospel

Caribbean Gospel

A source for "Gospel Music From The Islands".

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Yow 5 Reggae Street Gospel Cover
  • Yow 5 Reggae Street Gospel
  • Reggae, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 06/06/2011
  • Yow 5 Reggae Street Gospel
Liner Notes:
  1. Holy Ghost Gym <span class="various">by Dj Nicholas</span>
  2. Bind Dem <span class="various">by J. Lee</span>
  3. Represent <span class="various">by Sherwin Gardner</span>
  4. Never Turning Back <span class="various">by Ryan Mark</span>
  5. Hallelujah <span class="various">by Goddy Goddy & Kerron Ennis</span>
  6. Chaka Chi Remix <span class="various">by Goddy Goddy</span>
  7. Fallow Ground <span class="various">by J. Lee</span>
  8. Head Cyaan Hot So <span class="various">by Prodigal Son</span>
  9. Speak Life <span class="various">by Omari</span>
  10. One One Cocoa <span class="various">by Dj Nicholas</span>
  11. Nah Go Sin <span class="various">by Ryan Mark</span>
  12. Born A Winner <span class="various">by Katalys Crew</span>
  13. Nuh Fraid A Pharoah <span class="various">by Goddy Goddy</span>
  14. Nah Dead <span class="various">by Prodigal Son</span>
  15. Don't Have To Do That <span class="various">by Jason Mighty</span>
  16. One God <span class="various">by Moses</span>
  17. Praise God To <span class="various">by Shepherd</span>
  18. Prayer <span class="various">by Stevie B</span>
  19. Christian Soldier <span class="various">by J.Lee</span>
The Prodigal Son Cover
  • The Prodigal Son
  • Reggae, Christian/Gospel
  • Prodigal Son
  • 05/31/2011
  • The Prodigal Son
Liner Notes:
  1. Blessings
  2. Back To The Garrison
  3. Hustler (feat. Omari)
  4. Bongo Town
  5. Shake Off The Devil
  6. Lava Ground
  7. New Generation (feat. Micah Stampley)...
  8. It Hot, But Hush
  9. This Is How We Do It
  10. When God Is In The Building (feat. Junior Tucker)...
  11. Ketch A Fire (feat. Jason Mighty)...
  12. Love God Bad
  13. See Jesus Yah (feat. Jason Mighty)...
  14. Praise Now (feat. Perpetual Praise)...
  15. Hear Them Crying (feat. Richie Stephens)...
  16. They Dont Know
  17. Love Is The Key To Life
  18. Mi Nuh Stupid
  19. Crying In My Midnight
  20. Rougher
  21. This Place
  22. Dry Bones Live
Joy Cover
  • Joy
  • Reggae, Christian/Gospel
  • Chevelle Franklyn
  • 06/01/2011
  • Joy
Liner Notes:
  1. Radio Is Playing It
  2. Glory Hallelujah
  3. Firm Foundation
  4. Joy
  5. If You Confess
  6. Mirror You
  7. Magnify His Name
  8. Nottin" But Love
  9. I've Got The Glow
  10. Jesus Everytime I Think About You...
  11. Here Comes The Train (feat. Prodigal Son)...
  12. Another Saturday Night
  13. Shout To The Lord
  14. Joy-Spirit Filled Remix
Next Dimension Cover
  • Next Dimension
  • Christian/Gospel, Reggae
  • Reverend Goddy Goddy
  • 08/02/2011
  • Next Dimension
Liner Notes:
  1. Next Dimension Intro
  2. A Nuh Me Seh
  3. Warm Bench People
  4. Brimstone And Fire
  5. Nuh Fraid A Pharoah
  6. Hallelujah (feat. Kerron Ennis)...
  7. When Now
  8. Fill My Truck Lord (feat. Garfield Reid)...
  9. Try Jesus
  10. Rougher Than Dem
  11. Holy Gun
  12. Closer (feat. Jay Jay)
  13. Praise And Worship Time
  14. They Don't Know (feat. Horace Mason)...
  15. Go Goddy
  16. Bitten By A Serpent
Yow 3 Reggae Street Gospel Cover
  • Yow 3 Reggae Street Gospel
  • Reggae, Christian/Gospel
  • Various Artists
  • 09/12/2011
  • Yow 3 Reggae Street Gospel
Liner Notes:
  1. World Changer (feat. Jason Mighty)... <span class="various">by Prodigal Son</span>
  2. Pop Off The Word <span class="various">by Dj Nicholas</span>
  3. Lie <span class="various">by Ryan Mark A.K.A. Prodigy</span>
  4. We Are Marching <span class="various">by Mr. Gallimore</span>
  5. Something To Say <span class="various">by Jason Mighty</span>
  6. As We Trod (feat. Tnj) <span class="various">by Prodigal Son</span>
  7. The Devil Get Kuff <span class="various">by Shelly Thunder</span>
  8. Who Me? <span class="various">by Shepherd</span>
  9. Problem <span class="various">by Mr. Gallimore</span>
  10. All A We <span class="various">by Shepherd</span>
  11. Mr. Mention <span class="various">by Jason Mighty & Dj Nicholas</span>
  12. Always With Me <span class="various">by Katalys Crew</span>
  13. Fly Away <span class="various">by Prodigal Son</span>
  14. Jesus Boot <span class="various">by Ryan Mark A.K.A. Prodigy</span>
  15. Born Again <span class="various">by Shepherd</span>
  16. Jesus Party <span class="various">by Papa San</span>