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The Cascades

"Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain . . . "

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All the Way to Yesterday Cover
  • All the Way to Yesterday
  • Pop, Rock
  • The Cascades
  • 09/24/2007
  • All the Way to Yesterday
Liner Notes: "All the Way to Yesterday" is the first international release by the Cascades in decades. After many dormant years the Cascades regrouped in 2004, to find they were still wildly popular across the globe, even after a lengthy absence. According to BMI, their hit, "Rhythm of the Rain", written and sung by John Claude Gummoe, was the 9th most performed song of the 20th century. Gummoe's voice has aged only like the finest of wines, and his smoothe-as-silk vocals continue to shine throughout this album. In the mid-1970's, rumors spread that the Cascades had died in a plane crash, and indeed, the Cascades have hardly been heard from since. This new, magnificently produced album contains the stellar sounds of the Cascades today, who are still quite alive and well. For the original 1963 recordings, one has to search elsewhere. But for the sweet, pure, and up-to-date sounds of the Cascades, join them here as they take you "All the Way to Yesterday".
  1. All the Way to Yesterday
  2. Shy Girl
  3. Dreamin'
  4. Warm Manila Nights
  5. Lucky Guy
  6. Angel On My Shoulder
  7. My Manila
  8. She Delivers
  9. Was I Dreamin'
  10. I Wanna Be Your Lover
  11. There's a Reason (live)
  12. Rhythm of the Rain (live)
  13. The Last Leaf (live)
We've Still Got The Magic Cover
  • We've Still Got The Magic
  • Pop, Rock
  • The Cascades
  • 10/23/2007
  • We've Still Got The Magic
Liner Notes: It has been forty-four years since "Rhythm of the Rain" first graced the airwaves, and brought worldwide acclaim to the Cascades. The band toured incessantly through the 60's and 70's. When the touring eventually ceased, the members, though living thousands of miles apart, continued to come together and record. The Cascades gained new momentum in the mid-90's, performing large-venue concerts and making occasional television appearances. Appropriately titled, "We've Still Got the Magic", this album is the group's third release in recent memory, and it may be their best offering ever. Briefly celebrating their colorful past, they return to their roots with energetic renderings of some old Cascades favorites to include the beautiful "My First Day Alone", the tragi-comic "Punch and Judy", and the rowdy, rollicking "Let Me Be". Herein the Cascades also present the John Gummoe-Len Green penned, "She Was Never Mine", another perfect example of that classic, magic, Cascades sound. But with this album the group also comes of age, showcasing the musicianship and writing talents of founder John Claude Gummoe; long-time Cascades Gabe Lapano and Tony Grasso; and thirteen-year member Charles Crews. Gummoe's ballads, "Overwhelmed" and "The Strong One" are at once powerful and majestic. Lapano offers the romantic, lush bossa feel of "I'll See You in Cebu", along with his happy and exciting "Asian Girl", which will have the listener singing and tapping along in seconds. With "Look at You Now", Crews and Gummoe take you on a rocking journey reminiscent of the jingle-jangle 60's, where die hard fans will finally find out what became of the girl lost in the early Cascades classic, "The Last Leaf". Crews also serves up his fiery rendition of "Malagueña", always a crowd favorite at Cascades concerts. Finally, Gummoe delivers the title tune, "We've Still Got the Magic", with a sensual, smooth-jazz vibe which compliments his trademark warm, rich-textured vocals. This diversity of styles so intricately woven together by four musicians and prolific writers, who also happen to be the oldest of friends, will play an essential role in the Cascades' enduring legacy. Magic, indeed.
  1. She Was Never Mine
  2. My First Day Alone
  3. Asian Girl
  4. Look At You Now
  5. Overwhelmed
  6. Malagueña
  7. I'll See You In Cebu
  8. Let Me Be
  9. Punch And Judy
  10. The Strong One
  11. We've Still Got The Magic