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Chaplain & Gwen

Chaplain & Gwen, Gospel recording artist from Battle Creek, Michigan, Chaplain Dr. T. Joseph Hardy M.Div, D.Div and Pastor Gwendolyn-Oglesby Hardy.

For Immediate Release:

Anointed and gifted… A pleasurable Spiritual experience for all ages:

“Using their vocal and instrumental talents, Chaplain T.J. and Gwen Hardy have created a unique sound that combines original reverberations of jazz with the earthiness of pure gospel”

Pacific Press/Chapel Records

“Two Dynamic artists who have created a unique sound, which combines the soulful rhythms of jazz with the angelic voices of pure gospel music”

The CRITICAL REVIEW, Armando Canales

“What a genuine blend of voices and music! This husband and wife team is an inspirational representation of a genuine testimony”

BenMykel Productions