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I represent R&B 100% and I mix it up with hip-hop, jazz, techno, pop, neo-soul, and a little rock. Real name is Christopher Darnelle Butler, I'm hailing from Detroit, not representing a side, I represent all of Detroit. I am very original in my own music, very unique and creative. This is an introduction to who I am, the reason why I am the "Prodigy" are because of my unique gifts of productio

n, vocals, and exceptional songwriting abilities. I have always loved music, but now I think I can take on this career and be all that I can be. I promise not to disappoint. My influences in my own style of music are the great and late Michael Jackson, Prince, Joe, Ginuwine, Tyrese, Tank, 112, & a little bit of Usher. I had my first radio debut in the early part of the year 2012 on 88.1FM The Plug. I am here to bring back good music and to bring back the soul and meaning of music. I take great pride & I am very passionate in my music. I love all of my fans, supporters, loyalist, & supporters & I believe in trying to get to know my fans and connecting with them the best way that I can. I welcome you to who I am as a person through my music and work and who I am as an artist. Much love to the ladies of course because they make the prodigy who he is and somewhat a part of what he does what he does and a little of the reason he does what he likes to do. That's make good music and I want everyone to see that. I want to be remembered for not only the person that I am, but also someone who makes and made good music. So, join me on this ride and long journey. Every song is written by me and it does tell a little about me and to who I am. Welcome to my world everyone. Welcome to me, Chris, The Prodigy, Chris Prodigy, or whatever name you like to refer to me by. TO BE CONTINUED......

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