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CHRISTIAN STONE, singer/songwriter/contemporary artist, lives in Dothan, Alabama. Born and raised in Minnesota, Christian honed his songwriting and art skills while living and traveling in the south where he now calls home. From the shores of Florida to the streets of New Orleans, Christian is best known for his original "Americana" songs that tell stories of love gone right and love gone wrong plus songs telling of his personal beliefs in God. His lyrics are straight from the heart and he has a unique way of saying the most in every line of his songs. Christian has the ability to paint word-pictures in his songs similar to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Prine and other notable lyric writers. His phrasing and sometimes gravely voice have a quality that few singer/songwriters can match. As an artist (painting/mixed media, etc.) his work has been exhibited throughout the United States and his art work is included in a number of collections.

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